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US Fleet Tracking Exposes Beneficial GPS Tracker Routing Tips For Fleets

Release Date: 
Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 9:30am

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 20, 2016) -- Fleet business owners already know that they need an intelligent way to optimize their drivers’ routes on a daily basis. Having something that systematically calculates and displays routed paths in real-time is one of the most cost-effective, customer-friendly technologies. GPS tracker devices have the capability to provide convenient, live maps with planned routes. There are a few ways device users can utilize the map to view their routes in the most optimal, beneficial way.

US Fleet Tracking Provides Tips On How The Trucking Industry Can Create An Efficient Future With GPS Trackers

Release Date: 
Monday, March 14, 2016 - 3:15pm

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 14, 2016) -- A lot of trucking companies have already started wondering what the future of the trucking industry look likes. The truth is that many of the most successful trucking companies have started using GPS trackers and more companies may want to consider them as predictions say the trucking industry will be growing. The trucking industry is quickly becoming the backbone of the United States as nearly 70% of all the freight tonnage moved in the US goes on trucks.

US Fleet Tracking Provides Tips On How To Have A Fun Workplace Competition With GPS Trackers

Release Date: 
Monday, March 7, 2016 - 3:00pm

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 7, 2016) -- Many people may have heard that a little competition in the workplace is encouraged due to it’s power to enable motivation and productivity. According to Psychology Today a little competition increases chemicals like testosterone and that gives employees drive to achieve goals. Fleet business drivers may not be suited up businessmen in a confined office space, but that doesn’t mean they can’t incorporate a little fun into their work, too.


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