Live GPS Tracking Goes Mobile

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 9, 2012) – Vehicle tracking and asset management moves to mobile, Internet-connected devices with US Fleet Tracking’s recent release of its live GPS tracking technology for mobile devices.

This move to handheld devices and mobile platforms allows business owners to manage their mobile workforce live from the field and make decisions that save their business money and their clients’ time.

Accessing the company’s GPS tracking data from anywhere will help enhance the way Infomax Offices Systems has done business again.

“Our business instantly got smarter when we first got GPS tracking. We stopped wasting time and gas driving back and forth across town. We quickly plan our routes, which makes our current dispatch system and dispatchers that much more effective,” said Shawn Taylor, vice president of technical services at Infomax. “Now, with the mobile application, we smoothly work in those last-minute service calls. Our clients are blown away by our ability to respond so quickly to their needs.”

According to the software development team at US Fleet Tracking, it’s more than the increase in mobile computing prompting the company to develop its software for mobile devices.

“It’s not just the natural progression to mobile platforms, but our desire to anticipate our clients’ needs and develop the technology that impact their businesses, organizations and lives,” said Robert Gonse, vice president of software development for US Fleet Tracking. “Our clients track their mobile employees and are likely to be mobile themselves. They need to connect with their business’s inner workings anywhere. Our software allows for this.”

Current US Fleet Tracking clients already have access to the live GPS tracking mobile platform. They simply visit, click the Tracking Login button, use their current login credentials, and the system will automatically detect if the client is on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

US Fleet Tracking’s platform is optimized for mobile cellular and wireless connections to deliver GPS tracking data live as it is happening. Clients will track their vehicles and assets with US Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking hardware installed live on a high-resolution satellite map with options such as aerial, road and bird’s eye views. The map also shows live traffic situations in relation to the client’s vehicles.

The platform tells the client vehicle location, latitude, longitude, speed, heading, and depending on the model of GPS tracking device installed, options include lock and unlock doors, honk the vehicle’s horn, disable and enable the vehicle’s starter, and start the engine all from the web-enabled mobile device.

“We couldn’t do it without US Fleet Tracking’s technology,” said Taylor.

US Fleet Tracking is a GPS tracking manufacturer providing Internet-based access to live vehicle tracking and asset management, providing industry-leading sub-ten-second service. In addition to its experience tracking personal and commercial vehicles, the company provides tracking to numerous large-scale public venues including Super Bowls XLI, XLII, XLIII, XLIV, XLV and XLVI, the 2010 Pro Bowl, the 2011 NHL All Star Game and the 2010 Winter Olympics. For more information on US Fleet Tracking, visit and access a live demonstration with actual moving vehicles.

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