GPS Tracking Technology Helps with Winter Weather

OKLAHOMA CITY (Dec. 8, 2010) – Technology gave us the ability to predict severe winter weather and now it’s helping when it comes to dealing with the aftermath.

Due to the recent record of snow fall in the northeast, municipalities and snow removal companies are working overtime to clear away the white blankets of snow that inevitably slow down travelers and shoppers during the holiday season. The vehicles used to remove the snow now use GPS-tracking technology.

Much like the personal navigational devices people place in their vehicles; the systems installed in the snow removal vehicles tell drivers where they are and what direction they’re headed. However, GPS-tracking adds the ability to remotely track the fleet’s live position as it clears highways, streets or parking lots. GPS tracking also gives dispatchers the ability to know exactly what areas have been cleared.

US Fleet Tracking, the only company providing live GPS tracking, develops the technology permitting clients to know exactly where each vehicle is located, making dispatching simpler and improving response times while decreasing overhead costs such as fuel and personnel time.Snow Systems, a Wheeling, Ill. snow-removal company using US Fleet Tracking’s products, has improved removal response times and because of the historical playback features has the ability to show its clients the date, time and path its vehicle take to remove snow.

“We know the location of our equipment to within inches and monitor their position from our main office. Allowing us to visually dispatch our fleet without having to be on site,” said Jim Biebrach, president of Snow Systems. “We’re able to remove more snow in a shorter amount of time, getting people back to their normal holiday travels.”

Time and cost saving benefits may spark the interest of the average client, but US Fleet Tracking’s recent incorporation of weather overlay allows operators to keep their staff in the field safe. Launched in June 2010, the weather overlay gives users the most up-to-date radar and cloud cover images as they relate to the live position of its vehicles. Dispatchers have the ability to divert drivers that may be headed into treacherous weather conditions as well as guide them out of these situations.

“As we all know, bad weather can bring a city to a standstill,” said Jerry Hunter, CEO of US Fleet Tracking. “Our technology helps to alleviate the congestion brought on by winter weather and allows our clients to make the necessary decisions that return people to their daily activities.”

US Fleet Tracking, located in Oklahoma City, is the leader in live asset and vehicle tracking, providing industry-leading sub-ten-second service. In addition to its experience tracking commercial vehicles, the company has provided tracking to countless large-scale public venues including Super Bowls XLI, XLII, XLIII and XLIV, the 2010 Pro Bowl, and the 2010 Winter Olympics. For more information on US Fleet Tracking, visit and access a live demonstration with actual moving vehicles.

Snow Systems, Inc. provides commercial snow removal, ice control, snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling and ice removal to corporate and commercial clients throughout the United States. Snow Systems has provided the Chicago Metropolitan Area with professional snow and ice control services for over 31 years. For more information on Snow Systems, visit