ECM-Link ELD Device

The US Fleet Tracking ELD interpreter is a Bluetooth device that you connect to your vehicle’s ECM, to read engine data and transmit to the ELD application via Bluetooth. The tablet/smartphone which is paired to the Interpreter will provide the information the application needs to properly read the data from the device. – Compact size (mm): 84 (L) X 37 (W) X 22 (H) – Enclosure color: Black – Operating temperature: -40 ˚C to 85 ˚C – Storage temperature: -65°C to +150°C – Power supply: +9V~+36 V DC, 150mA max – Operation current: Max 50mA – Sleeping current: Max 4mA – 4 LED indicators: – Power LED: for power indicator – OBD TX, RX for BUS data indicator – DATA OUT LED: for Bluetooth event indication – 1 Reset switch: Not used in normal operation, used for RESET memory only. – 1 DB9 “BUS” Interface, connect to vehicle BUS.


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