You’ve probably heard about GPS tracking software before, with its application becoming more and more prevalent in today’s technologically advanced business world. Whether you’ve seen it on TV or in movies, read about it in trade publications, or heard about it from colleagues, it’s out there. And whether you’re responsible for the vehicle fleet of a large company, or a member of the public with only one vehicle to keep track of, a GPS tracking system can benefit you in all sorts of ways, from a financial standpoint to giving you peace of mind.

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking equipment consists of two parts. The tracking device that goes inside the vehicle and the software that interacts with it. The device in the vehicle transmits the location data to servers where the software reads and displays the information, allowing you to locate the vehicle, no matter where it is on Earth. Hence the name Global Positioning System, or GPS for short.

How does GPS tracking work?

The device sends out a signal at a pre-established time interval. That signal is transmitted out to a specialized software to read and interpret it as the location of the device. USFT's system updates every ten seconds, giving you a complete and unbroken picture of the location and route your vehicle is taking in real time.

Where is a GPS tracking device installed on a car?

While you certainly may not know how to put a tracker on a car, the beauty of USFT's system is that it’s so incredibly easy and intuitive to use. We have hardwired devices that only require three wires for base functionality, or simply plug our small, discreet tracking unit into your vehicle’s OBD diagnostic port, and that’s it! You’re ready to go! USFT's GPS system doesn’t require any proprietary software, simply access the website from any browser-capable internet device, enter your username and password, and you can begin accessing all the tracking devices and vehicles linked to your account. Read more about where to install a GPS tracker.

How does USFT's GPS system work to track a car?

How to track a car with GPS is as simple as can be with our system. Once you’ve installed the device in your car’s OBD port and you’ve accessed the website, all you need to do is use the functions on the website to track each of your vehicles, or generate reports on their activity. It’s as easy as that!

How much is a tracking device for a car?

This one may surprise you, but it’s not as much as you’d think. USFT has been in the business of providing vehicle tracking longer than any of our competitors, and our service supplies the fastest updates at the most affordable prices—with the largest wireless coverage area in the industry. A breakdown of service costs can be found on our GPS Tracking Service Pricing page. Discover our top-selling GPS tracking devices on our GPS Tracking Products page.

We developed our GPS trackers while servicing and working for emergency response systems, so you know our equipment is reliable and outperforms the competition. USFT has been trusted all over the globe and to track the vehicles of high-profile events like the Super Bowl. If you’re in the market for GPS tracking equipment, check out USFT and see why we’re the best.