USFT is committed to being a strong corporate citizen in communities, and invests in community initiatives that focus on education, entrepreneurial spirit, and community strengthening.

We believe that investing in these and other charitable initiatives will help the people, organizations, and communities to grow and succeed. USFT's Corporate Giving Program reflects the company’s desire to be a good corporate citizen – socially, culturally, and educationally.

USFT's Corporate Giving Program supports:

  • Advancement of science, math, and technology education
  • Bolstering of entrepreneurial spirit
  • Betterment of the arts
  • Strengthening community

Organizations requesting support from USFT must be registered charities or non-profit agencies and must be located in an area where USFT has a strong business presence.

Although they may be for worthwhile organizations, requests for the following may not be supported through USFT's Corporate Giving Program:

  • An individual sectarian or religious organization
  • Trade group
  • Advertising
  • Organizations focusing their efforts on a specific disease or illness
  • Individuals
  • Individual schools
  • Fraternal and partisan organizations
  • School clubs, bands or sporting teams

How to Apply

USFT accepts donation requests throughout the year. To request a donation for an organization, please complete the “Donation Request” application below and follow the instructions on the form.

Donation Request