Using GPS Tracker Devices For Seasonal Weather Updates

GPS tracker: Autumn weather conditions

Weather experts have predicted that cool, showery weather is in store for the Northwest region of the United States this fall. Similarly, the Southeast is expected to experience wet weather. While estimation such as these can help better prepare fleet drivers for their trips across the nation, it’s never one hundred percent accurate. Mother Nature has a way of surprising all of us, but those stormy days don’t always mean the work can stop. When the show must go on, GPS tracker devices make it possible to veer into the rain more safely.

Many fleets already take advantage of the GPS tracker weather updates. The feature known as the Weather Overlay is advantageous as it adds an extra level of safety, efficiency, and productivity to the mix of your daily activities. With this feature, you can have access to 10-second updates. That means that any time a storm might get too crazy for drivers to continue on their path the weather feature will allow dispatchers, managers, and drivers to see that information instantly.

Drivers don’t have to be stuck out on the road when a random storm brews up. The pre-planned routes and schedules can be easily manipulated so that drivers can either maneuver around a storm or changed until the storm passes. Being able to offer this kind of safety to employees is awesome. After all, safety is one of the top priorities for a fleet company.

For no extra cost at all, you can have access to the Weather Overlay program as it’s just a built in feature with our live GPS tracker service! If you haven’t started using this technology yet, there is still time to reap the benefits of a GPS tracker system.

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GPS Tracking For Service And Delivery Industries

GPS tracking: Gaining more customers

It doesn’t matter whether your business is associated with offering a service or pushing out the delivery of products to customers, because GPS tracking has qualities to suit both. These devices make gaining more customers a breeze, because they offer simple ways to make your customers trust you, grow to like you, and then they’ll rely on your business in the future. We’ll show you just what we mean about how GPS tracking can work for both.

The Service Industry Businesses: In this situation your customers are going to be waiting on your driver to arrive. It should be a goal of yours to keep that customer wait time to a minimum. If this sounds like your industry type, then your dispatching team can utilize GPS tracking software to their advantage to plan out the best routes for drivers. This can be the shortest path, avoiding traffic and other road hazards that may otherwise prevent your drivers from arriving timely. The Advanced Routing Planner is the best feature for getting this done! Getting to customers faster translates to happy customers.

The Delivery Industry Businesses: When your business’ main goal is to bring products to customers, you know that the arrival time is highly important to them. GPS tracking devices make it possible to track your inventory with a list that can be accessed and modified by users. To maintain that your drivers arrive in a speedy manner, while still adhering to the safety laws GPS tracking live map monitoring can be utilized as well as the Weather Overlay and traffic features.

Your fleet business wouldn’t exist without your customers so why not do something to make sure you keep the ones you have and make new ones happy, too. GPS tracking is a powerful way to gain advantage over your competition and get referrals. You can start seeing a difference within the first few weeks after installation.

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GPS Tracker Weather Overlay Benefits For Cement Layers

GPS tracker: Take control of your business

As spring approaches some people get antsy and start their spring projects as they’re looking to start fresh. It’s not doubtful that some people will be seeking assistance to spruce up their living spaces and possibly even their commercial properties by having some new concrete designs placed down. Companies that lay concrete have a very interesting position at this time of year, because the spring weather isn’t exactly stable. This is when a GPS tracker and US Fleet Tracking’s exclusive Weather Overlay feature becomes really convenient for concrete companies.

Obviously, concrete can’t be poured when it’s rainy and it’s not great to do it in unfavorable temperatures either. Concrete can, generally, be walked on 1-3 days after being poured, but it should be left to cure for at least 28 days, with the initial day being the most critical. In this profession, limiting the number of retreats and extra visits to job locations can literally be the difference between profit and loss. US Fleet Tracking’s GPS trackers and Weather Overlay feature lends, nearly, immeasurable value here. Here’s why:

US Fleet Tracking’s system will not only show the GPS tracker device on the map, it also integrates with the National Radar Service to offer directional looping of any weather activity coming your way. This allows cement layers to prevent themselves from pouring slabs of concrete and it being rained out within an hour. Not only would doing that be wasting time for the workers, but it would require work to be re-done, therefore; impacting your business’ bottom line.

If you’re already using GPS tracker devices you might as well compliment your company’s ability to pre-plan routes and schedules, and enhance your peace of mind with US Fleet Tracking’s groundbreaking Weather Overlay features that also allow you to react on the fly to unexpected weather occurrences.

Don’t let the weather get you down, take control with the GPS tracker Weather Overlay!

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GPS Tracking Helps You Avoid Road Trip Complications

GPS tracking: Keeping spring break safe

Road trips during spring break (or any time) are a fun way to get away, but nothing can diminish that excitement faster than complications. There is more than one way your road trip could be ruined, but in all of the scenarios presented here, GPS tracking could have helped to avoid these blunders. Let’s take a closer look at these road trip complications.

Road Trip Scenario #1: A couple wants to go on a skiing adventure for their spring break, but they get lost in the mountains, then they get stranded and their cell phones don’t have reception. What’s the couple to do? The only thing they can do is wait, hopefully, for a kind passerby, right? Wrong! GPS tracking would be perfect in this road trip complication as it would provide a real-time, live street map to prevent the couple from getting lost in the first place.

Road Trip Scenario #2: This driver is going through several states to get his group of friends to their spring break destination. Along the way, a tornado forms and the road trip is severely delayed on account of taking shelter and waiting for the storm to pass. Once again, GPS tracking would have prevented this road trip complication due to the Weather Overlay feature. It would have provided the driver with information about current and upcoming weather patterns, therefore; providing the opportunity for the driver to choose a safer route.

Road Trip Scenario #3: A woman wants to take a little trip for spring break and remembers the oil change, but forgets about anything else and it’s been about 4,000 miles since any tire maintenance was completed. After driving hundreds of miles away, the front, right tire blows. It turns out that the tire had uneven tread due to being imbalanced. GPS tracking maintenance reminders would saved this driver from ever leaving home without notice of the proper maintenance required. The GPS tracking system could have alerted the driver that tire rotations and balancing was needed.

Truthfully, GPS tracking is amazing technology that allow many different types of people to benefit from their usage. Don’t get stuck out there during your next road trip without it!

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