GPS Tracker Benefits For Waste Management Companies

GPS tracker: Let them work for you

Waste management companies play a very important role in our communities, because without them there would be heaps of trash accumulating in our neighborhoods. We have all come to rely on waste management company vehicles. It is for this reason and more that waste management companies could benefit from GPS trackers. We will give you just a few ways that GPS tracker benefits work for waste management companies. The GPS technology could assist company managers to make certain that drivers are picking up trash timely, validate their travel routes and guarantee that employees are utilizing company trucks properly.

People would be pretty upset if their trash didn’t get hauled off in a timely manner. GPS trackers grant your waste management company the ability to get the trashed picked up more quickly. Managers have direct access to a live map so that they can have a live view of where their truck drivers are at. This would surely help them to maintain that drivers keep to their schedule.

Another way that the GPS tracker’s live mapping feature makes waste management easier, is that the map displays areas of concern such as construction zones and traffic conditions. Being able to draw out the most effective route possible will help all drivers get to where they need to be quicker. Not only does the map allow you to validate travel routes of your drivers, but by doing so you will be saving on fuel costs.

Because waste management trucks are so large, they are more of an accident risk. It is vital to have guaranteed proof that your drivers are utilizing the company trucks properly. With GPS trackers you can monitor every driving habit. The goal is to make certain that drivers are being safe out there. GPS trackers can show you each driver’s speed and braking patterns so if someone isn’t obeying traffic laws, you can take action to remedy the behavior.

Adding GPS trackers to your waste management trucks can bring you many benefits. The payback makes these devices well worth the investment. Let GPS trackers work for you, so you can focus on being the best waste management company that you can be.

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Yes, GPS Tracking Is For You Too!

GPS Tracking: Made to fit all sizes

“But I’m a small business, I don’t need fleet tracking for my two vehicles!”

“With our small budget, we can’t afford GPS tracking…”

If either of these statements have gone through your mind, think again. First of all, businesses of all sizes can benefit from GPS tracking. And secondly, when you look at all the costs GPS tracking will help you cut, you can’t afford NOT to implement it?

We would like to highlight for you, a few businesses we cater to, that might give you reassurance that GPS tracking is also for you.

Food distribution – GPS tracking is not only great for making sure your deliveries arrive on time, GPS tracking can also keep tabs on the temperature in which your perishable items arrive.

Internet providers – With your customer base being spread out over a vast area, GPS tracking helps you make the most of your man hours and gas mileage through route management.

Plumbers – Your competitors leave your potential clients waiting around all day for a huge window of time they must be available. Instead of asking the same thing, cut that time down since you will have a bird’s eye view of multiple vehicles who can take the job.

Mowing Services – Your have rules on when you can start your day, and especially during the summer, only a small window of time to beat the heat. Take better advantage of that valuable window.

Roofing companies – Since you have so much heavy/expensive equipment you must carry around to multiple destinations, let GPS tracking coordinate your commute and keep security guard on your assets.

Big or small, we services them all. No matter what you are keeping track of, you are not alone. GPS tracking can save you time and money, leaving you more time to work out the details of gaining more clientele.

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Champion Your Industry With Web Based GPS Fleet Tracking

Live web based GPS fleet tracking is the only way to go.

Is your fear of technology keeping you from using web-based GPS tracking for your fleet? If so, what are you missing out on? Why have so many companies converted their manual fleet tracking to a web-based system?

First of all, you know change is inevitable if you value growth and profits. Of course, anyone in business is going to value both growth and profits if they want to stay in business, but sometimes change can be scary. We know this fact, and we want to do what can to help with the transition. We know what a game-changer web-based solutions are, and we want to help you champion your industry. This growth is going to come with your ability to be flexible and willingness take on change as your ally.

Implementing web-based fleet tracking will take your fleet management to a whole new level. With 24/7 access, you will be able to know where members of your fleet are at any given moment, you will have a snapshot of their location, and a detailed schematic of their journey. The user platform is incredibly user friendly, making even those not comfortable with technology feel at home. Web-based GPS tracking is as convenient as logging into your online portal and viewing everything you need to know about your fleet.

Since technology itself is ever changing, when software updates are necessary, there is no need to buy a whole new system, the web-based system applies updates as they are needed. Web-based GPS tracking also means that should trouble arise and your personal hardware fails, you will not lose your valuable information. If your computer crashes, you will lose the data that informs you of maintenance schedules, information about your vehicles, and those reports you have spent time creating.

Web-based GPS tracking is your solution to a more convenient, more organized, more efficient way of keeping track of your fleet, big or small.

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GPS Tracking Serves Businesses Large And Small

GPS Tracking for any company

The size of your business does not matter. Whether you are a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, you can benefit from GPS tracking. If you are in the market for a GPS tracking management system, make sure that you have done the appropriate research needed to make the best decision for your size of fleet. Not all GPS trackers are the same and not all product will include what your business might need. Rely on what you know is best for your company. Knowing what to look for is important so you do not end up with a system for a large fleet if you only have two trucks.

If you own a large fleet, not only will you be tracking multiple vehicles, but also their multiple moving parts that will need proactive maintenance. Customizing a system that can track and monitor these items will be most beneficial to your fleet and your bottom line. You will want to make sure your dispatcher has access to the needed tools to guide, track, and inform your drivers of weather alerts, road congestion, and maintenance alerts. With a large fleet, your dispatchers will need a streamlined process to cover all the ground involved.

For the fleet that is not large, but still significant in size, having the capability for your fleet to be tracked by multiple team members may be a feature you could benefit from. Incorporating custom dashboards that allow individuals to only have access to information that pertains to their job, would be an excellent feature.

Finally, for the small business owner, having a GPS tracker could make life simpler for you. As a small business, you more than likely have several employees who wear multiple hats. The more time spent manually tracking what could easily be done through a GPS tracker is more time away from other important tasks. This alone could make a huge impact on the way you do business.

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What is the best GPS Tracker for companies in the waste and recycling industry?

Environmental issues such as pollution and global climate change have been in the news for years now.  With all the media attention on the idea of going green, the waste recycling business is booming.  Unfortunately, even in the best of times, waste recycling is a low margin business.  Most recyclers operate by sending trucks to pick up recyclable materials from customers.  Not only are these specialized trucks very expensive; they are, somewhat ironically, not very fuel-efficient.  With a large vehicle running a route, every moment counts.  That is why GPS-based tracking and routing systems are so beneficial.  When you have better routing, you can make the most of every minute that your truck is running; this higher efficiency saves you time and money.  GPS tracking can also be useful for loss prevention.  A fleet tracking system lets you know where your vehicles are and what they are doing at all times.

About GPS

The GPS, or Global Positioning Service, depends on a network of satellites that communicate with a handheld or vehicle mounted receiver; by comparing its relative distance from three or more satellites, a GPS receiver can determine its position anywhere on earth.  The 31 GPS satellites currently in orbit and healthy were launched by the US Federal Government between 1990 and 2010.  The system was developed and put into practice at an enormous cost to American taxpayers.  According to Time Magazine the GPS system was installed at a price of more than $12 billion; the annual cost of operation is approximately $750 million, almost $2 million per day.  If you are a taxpayer, you are already footing the bill for the GPS system.  If you could realize a return on this investment, you owe it to yourself to do so.

The Best Trackers
The best GPS Tracker for the waste and recycling industry must have a few characteristics.

  • Accurate – If a GPS tracker is not accurate, it is useless.  It must work in all locations and weather conditions.
  • Robust – A GPS tracker installed on a commercial vehicle must be tough and reliable enough to depend on, day in and day out.
  • Discrete – In order to be useful for loss prevention, a GPS tracker must be small and easily concealable.  If a would-be thief spots your tracker, they will simply remove it and render your fleet tracking system useless.
  • Inexpensive – A GPS tracker must be inexpensive, or it will be too valuable to risk losing.

Great hardware is necessary, but a complete GPS system must have great software backing it up.  When you use a GPS Tracker for the waste and recycling industry as part of a fleet tracking system, you also need a great service team standing behind the system.  At US Fleet Tracking, we specialize in GPS tracking for any application you can imagine.  Our motto is “Anything that moves… anywhere”; and we have the hardware and skills to live up to that promise.  Contact us today at 405-726-9900 or send us an e-mail.  We will help you find just the hardware and software combination that you need, and arrange a live demo.  Our customer support specialists are ready to help you.