Jump Over Productivity Hurdles With A GPS Tracker: Part 2

GPS tracker: Make it happen

There’s only a few days left until Christmas and in the midst of the holiday scramble it can be easy to forget about important work related tasks. It’s sometimes difficult for busy fleet drivers to realize that if they don’t have time to do something right the first time that they just might not have time to fix the problem when everything goes awry. Luckily, GPS tracker data can be utilized to help drivers metaphorically jump over certain productivity hurdles. Today, we’re discussing one of the top problems that squashes productivity and how a GPS tracker system can help.

Vehicle Breakdowns: When you’re drivers are constantly on the go this holiday season, it may become commonplace to completely forget about or procrastinate on getting regular vehicle maintenance. For example, allowing an extra few hundred miles before getting that scheduled oil change may not seem as if it would be too cumbersome for the engine, but too many instances like this will degrade the engine overtime.

Likewise, tire rotations and other under the hood maintenance is important to keep vehicles running at their best. If drivers neglect to have maintenance performed when necessary this can lead to unnecessary vehicle breakdowns causing unscheduled work delays and that puts a damper on productivity.

GPS tracker data such as maintenance alerts can help drivers remember when vehicle maintenance is coming up so that they can avoid frequent breakdowns.

Time is of the essence for fleet business drivers and regardless of how distracted they may be with their personal lives, it’s vital to stay the course. If you’re looking for GPS tracker devices with 1, 5, or 10 second live updates, look no further than US Fleet Tracking for your next investment. We’ve been creating live 5- and 10-second vehicle tracking systems literally longer than any other company in the world! Not only do our GPS tracker devices help make productivity happen, but they also offer ROI within the first month. Are you ready?

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Improve The Workload By Using GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Control in minutes

GPS trackers may seem as though they’d be complicated to utilize, but in actuality the system is quite intuitive and you can have complete control over your fleet in minutes. It’s amazing what a few button clicks can provide. For example, dispatchers sitting in an office can help drivers in the field by maneuvering planned routes on the live map to direct drivers around traffic, construction, and other road hazards. Managers can see everything happening as well which makes the entire team able to function more cohesively. One of the best ways fleet managers can lighten the workload is by using the Advanced Routing option.

GPS trackers with Advanced Routing is optimal for entering all stops or locations that drivers need to get to and generating the quickest and shortest routes to save time. Workers getting to job-sites quicker allows jobs to be completed faster, as well. Work being completed quicker opens up the possibility of fulfilling more work requests and ultimately increases the bottom line. As a bonus to having shorter routes when arriving on scene is that it will also decrease fuel usage, thus saving the company more money.

What company doesn’t want to save money and make more of it simultaneously? Not only should most fleet managers want this for their company, but it would be surprising if they didn’t want to improve their overall daily operation. Getting down to it, GPS trackers make life a lot easier. Forget about manually organizing all of the drivers’ stops for the day, just plug and go! Verifying that drivers are on site when they need to be is as simple as glancing at the live map.

GPS trackers being in every vehicle is also great for automatically measuring mileage, idling times, whether a driver is speeding, and keeping up with vehicle maintenance. Think of all the time saved. Are you ready to see improvement in your workload by using GPS trackers?

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GPS Tracking For Environmental Solutions Companies

GPS tracking: An array of features

Environmental solutions companies have one main strategy in mind and that is to provide the most valuable resources, capabilities, and ideas for their customers to be able to protect the environment. In order to provide the best ideas to clients so that they can be environmentally compliant, it would make sense that these environmental solutions companies would work to make certain that they were on the forefront of technological advances themselves. For this reason that the greatest of these companies have decided to utilize GPS tracking.

When exploration and production companies (E&S) are seeking things such as transportation of fresh water to drilling sites, treatment of drilling wastes for recycle or disposal, and disposal of solid waste they are relying heavily on environmental solutions. The management team that monitors their environmental solution drivers have quite the task at hand. They have many things to monitor and thankfully, GPS tracking can help.

GPS tracking can help environmental solutions companies with things like:

  • Keeping up with vehicle maintenance
  • Keeping drivers from speeding, idling, and dawdling
  • Providing safety for drivers via various alerts
  • Navigating through traffic, construction, and weather
  • Keeping trucks safe after hours via Geofence alerts
  • Saving money on insurance rates
  • Getting 1, 5, or 10 second updates on field activity

While your company is dedicated to the protection and growth of environmental solutions for the energy and industrial end-markets you can let GPS tracking be the protectors for your company!

At US Fleet Tracking, we’re dedicated to providing a GPS tracking system that covers you anywhere! We, at US Fleet Tracking, are rooted in honesty, integrity and doing the job right the first time and we’d love to provide your environmental solutions company with a solution that perfect for you.

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3 Reasons Fleets Appreciate GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Great for managers & employees

Many fleet business owners have reservations about introducing something new to the crew. This is often the feeling towards GPS trackers, but the majority of company owners come to realize that they’re implementation was well worth the investment and they only wish they would have done it sooner. It’s difficult for someone without firsthand knowledge of GPS trackers to understand just how they will affect their business. For this reason, we’re going to spend a little time talking about 3 reasons fleets appreciate GPS trackers.

Employees Actually Like Using Them

Despite the common fear that employees will be upset by GPS trackers being installed to monitor their driving statics, doing so actually works in their favor. It’s beneficial for time tracking without illegible or lost paper time cards or payroll sheets. Additionally, features like the planned routing, alerts, and reports bring a new level of ease and security to the job.

They Can Save The Company Money

Yes, there is an upfront cost for investing in new units, but once those are paid for the return on investment opportunities can be quickly identified. Fleet companies report savings on fuel expenses, vehicle maintenance, labor costs, and lower insurance rates. Furthermore, many users actually notice an increase in revenue.

They Are Simple To Utilize

The installation process isn’t too time consuming or difficult to accomplish. Professional installation can have you up and running in one day. Utilization on a daily basis is very simple, as well. With ongoing training and technical support available to help there isn’t anything you won’t be able to master in a short time frame.

Perhaps, after learning about just these 3 ways that GPS trackers are great for both managers and employees your company will be the next one to come on board!

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Do Your Vehicles Have GPS Trackers To Be ELD Compliant?

GPS trackers: 1 year left

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation for over 70 years on duty truckers have been required to log their work time. Of course, in the past this documentation has been done via the pencil and paper method. Today, the idea of utilizing solely a paper trail for anything seems unfathomable. Technology has made so many leaps and bounds that it is now becoming part of a federal mandate for electronic logging devices (ELDs) to be utilized. By the end of 2017 all commercial truck and bus industries will need to have something in place capable of recording automated data or face penalties. Luckily, GPS trackers provide this benefit and so much more!

The ELD system you choose to utilize must include provisions to help prevent data tampering and harassment of drivers. ELDs such as GPS trackers are able to do more than just log hours and it isn’t a way to be bothersome to drivers, but instead a way to help drivers. GPS trackers make it possible to monitor vehicle maintenance, movement, miles driven, location information, gas usage, weather updates, traffic conditions, and more. With alert and report settings management and drivers can have vital information in a matter of minutes.

A lot of fleets are slow to make changes and others may think that one year from now is plenty of time to worry about making a decision later, however; fleets do need to be proactive to make certain that their drivers and trucks are properly equipped. This decision made by the U.S. Department of Transportation was done so in an effort to reduce industry paperwork, increase efficiency for the companies, and make the roadways safer.

If you need help deciding which GPS trackers are right for your company our sales support is available to answer your questions.

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EMS Directors Making Use Of GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking: Overcoming Everyday Challenges

An Emergency Medical Services (EMS) director has a vital role in providing specialized oversight in the improvement and daily organization of the EMS system. Thinking in terms of the medical realm, it’s understatement to say that administration must be run properly as every second for emergency health care counts. For many EMS directors, GPS tracking is becoming their go-to solution to ensure efficiency.

This role consists of many important decisions like being a liaison for entities that include, but may not be limited to; local EMS agencies, hospitals, professional organizations, and state and federal partners. Making the decision to use GPS tracking for emergency medical technicians (EMT) is one of the smartest choices an EMS director could make for saving time and money.

Possibly more than any other business, the emergency medical field has to make certain that they are implementing best practice. With patients waiting it’s a race against the clock and making sure to find the quickest route through traffic isn’t always easy.

Dispatching is already supposed to be on point with their directions, but at times city construction can seemingly pop up within a matter of hours, causing a need for a quick re-route. With GPS tracking the Advanced Routing option makes it possible to quickly update the planned path making coordination much simpler.

Money savings aspects of GPS tracking come into play when the technology is utilized to provide the best patient care possible while reducing overhead costs, including fuel, vehicle maintenance, and obtaining lower insurance rates. Saving money on the little things can add up and open up the possibility of having more funds for paying medical professionals to take care of the patients in need.

Are you tracking and monitoring your EMS fleet for increased productivity and savings?

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Restaurant Delivery Vehicles: Part 2

GPS tracker: Delivering more

The restaurant industry has changed rapidly over the years thanks to technology and a growing, hungry population. When it comes to food delivery, restaurants have several options they can choose from to obtain what the need to serve their customers. If they’ve chosen fleet delivery to cater to their market and you are part of the industry for restaurant delivery vehicles then you’ll need to be as ever-changing as the restaurant world. To keep up with the high demands delivery drivers could benefit from improving their own business. GPS tracker devices are one way to start and today, we’re going to talk a little more about that.

Improving Your Fleets

By utilizing GPS tracker historical playback data a fleet manager can easily review each vehicle’s route in real-time and see where routes can be improved. Additionally, while drivers are in the field the quickest routes can be generated to move drivers easily around traffic or other hazardous conditions. Statistics such as speeding, idling, stops, and starting times can all be reviewed via reports and alerts to maintain a healthy working environment.

Not only do real-time GPS tracker devices make it easy for food and beverage fleet managers to transport food safely and quickly, but the team can work better overall. Discovering where your drivers are losing time in the field is a huge benefit to leaping forward. Furthermore, improvement can be sought by saving your company some money on fuel expenses and vehicle maintenance with automated GPS tracker reminders.

It is suggested that restaurant businesses will have over 70% of food delivered from outside the restaurant by 2020. This means there will be more fleet delivery competition and it’ll be vital to be great at the job. Why not ride into the future with GPS tracker devices, making your business come out on top of this trend?

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Why Businesses Should Use A 3G GPS Tracker

GPS tracker: Newest technology

By this time most people are used to hearing about how smartphones have 4G networks and it may seem confusing to some consumers as to why the GPS tracker mentions the 3G connectivity being the newest technology. The simple answer is that these applications are different. Right now 3G connectivity offers the best speed of data transmission in a device. Are you still using the 2G network? Is it worth the upgrade? Let’s take a closer look at what 3G connectivity offers you that 2G doesn’t.

The GPS tracker with only 2G connectivity allows you to receive less than 50,000 bits. Take a GPS tracker with 3G network for comparison and you’d notice the speed is over 4 million bits per second. Thus, if your fleet business is still using old technology then you’re missing millions of data per second! Every second is worth it to a business trying to be efficient, make customers happy, keep costs low and make the bottom line increase.

Not only is having the best GPS tracker system important for business productivity, but having the fastest data can be helpful for protecting your vehicles in other ways. For example, Geofence alerts can be set to send alerts to management if a vehicle is moved without authorization. This can prevent vehicles from theft.The question is, would you rather get the alert transferred within seconds thanks to a 3G network or have to wait minutes or have network interruptions only to never even receive the alert thanks to an outdated 2G network?

With 3G connectivity you’ll have access to reports in a short time frame. Doing so will let you be that much quicker at tackling tasks like vehicles maintenance and reading full details of driver analytics. Get the newest technology and stay connected.

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Live And Scheduled GPS Tracker Alerts On Hand

GPS tracker: The lowdown on alerts

GPS tracker devices are one of the best tools to help fleets become really efficient. This is especially true now, thanks to the 3G network that allows for strong connection and accuracy. Taking advantage of the newest technology around makes it even easier to utilize live and scheduled alerts which are one of the greatest reasons to have GPS tracker devices. Here, we’ll explain a little more about why it’s so awesome having both live and scheduled GPS tracker alerts on hand.

1.) Live Alerts: This feature ensures safety and positively impacts your management team’s ability to monitor employee productivity. They can see locations of all vehicles, when they move, where they move and the way drivers are driving. Updates are rapid, keeping you in the loop at all times.

When live alerts aren’t necessary, that’s when scheduled alerts come in handy.

2.) Scheduled Alerts: With GPS tracker devices, you can say goodbye to tedious to-do lists and reminder checklists, because the system can be set-up to contain your reminders and send you emails or texts when it’s time to complete a task. Vehicle maintenance is the biggest reminder alert that comes to mind in regards to scheduled alerts.

The limit to alerts is just your imagination.

If you’re fleet business is in need of improvement and you’d like something that can ease the burden of stress all around, you might consider GPS tracker devices. They are a great investment and make your busy afternoons much simpler to handle. Get information like driver braking patterns, their speeds, vehicle fuel consumption and more. With the assistance of daily live and scheduled alerts the hard work will be covered so that business owners can focus on making sure management is working towards other ways to increase business profits while the fleet team is working effortlessly.

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3 Ways To Cut Maintenance Costs With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Saving more money

Fleet business owners have been using GPS tracking to save themselves a lot of money. Those that have saved thousands of dollars in just a few months after using these magnificent tools have submitted awesome testimonials. There are quite a few ways that GPS trackers can increase your bottom line and give you a return on the investment of your GPS tracking purchase. We know a lot of business owners are leery about the idea of implementing these devices, but doing so may mean cutting maintenance costs for your vehicles. Here are 3 examples of how you can use GPS tracking to help cut maintenance costs:

1.) Reducing Idling: By using the GPS tracking system, you can monitor idling times and reduce them by taking action. Doing so will reduce the amount of damage done to the engine and other parts under the hood, therefore; keeping your costs lower.

2.) Monitoring Usage: Setting geofence alerts will put a stop to unauthorized vehicles usage before, during and after work. Putting a stop to unauthorized vehicle use means decreasing the amount of miles a vehicle is driven which translates into less maintenance.

3.) Scheduling Reminders: The GPS tracking system allows you to schedule reminders of when your vehicles are due for tire rotations, part replacements, oil changes, filter changes and more. By keeping up with ongoing maintenance, means preventing larger problems down the line which will keep vehicles healthy and will save your business money.

These are three major ways that GPS tracking can help your business cut down on maintenance costs. It’s not fun having to put up with extra vehicle maintenance, especially when it was avoidable. GPS tracking could be there to save you the headache of dealing with high cost maintenance issues. Don’t let your vehicles break down and be stuck in limbo, get GPS tracking and keep on trucking!

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