3 Reasons Fuel Expenses Cost More Without GPS Tracker Devices

GPS tracker: Save fuel Fuel expenses are one of the most talked about fleet costs as many seek to understand how to decrease them. A lot of fleet owners feel they save more in the fall, but your fleet might still be spending too much on fuel no matter what the season happens to be. … Continue reading “3 Reasons Fuel Expenses Cost More Without GPS Tracker Devices”

Drivers Using GPS Tracking To Deliver Gifts: Part 1

GPS tracking: Helping at Christmas time Most people know the old story about how Santa delivers gifts to every good boy and girl on Christmas day, but how many people really stop to think about the reality of gift delivery? Delivery drivers are like the real life version of Santa. Think about it! Tons of … Continue reading “Drivers Using GPS Tracking To Deliver Gifts: Part 1”

GPS Trackers Increase Chances Of Road Safety: Part 1

GPS trackers: Safety is the key Road safety seems to be more difficult to achieve as time goes on. Are your fleets part of the statistics for traffic accidents? If not, isn’t it still worth looking into what you could do to prevent that from happening? Researching the top reasons for traffic accidents tells us … Continue reading “GPS Trackers Increase Chances Of Road Safety: Part 1”

GPS Trackers For The New Quarter

GPS tracker: Preparation station With this quarter coming to a close and the new one fast approaching, budgeting is an immense concern. With business expenses and taxes, sometimes fleet businesses can feel the strain. If you’re a fleet business owner, it may be a good practice to start reevaluating your budget and seek new ways … Continue reading “GPS Trackers For The New Quarter”

GPS Trackers Gain You More Business

GPS tracker: Win over your clients As a business owner you may have debated about the idea of getting GPS trackers. Perhaps, you are worried about upsetting your drivers. The truth is that GPS trackers do so much to save your business money that it is worth the potential backlash that you may receive from … Continue reading “GPS Trackers Gain You More Business”

GPS Trackers are Christmas Magic: Part 1

GPS tracker: Helping Santa Have you ever considered how Santa manages to deliver each and every gift to every boy and girl before they wake up on Christmas morning? While some suspect Christmas magic is involved, we are stuck on the belief that Santa has been using a GPS tracker long before it was ever … Continue reading “GPS Trackers are Christmas Magic: Part 1”