Pumpkin Deliveries Thanks To GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Improving Delivery Times

In the USA, it’s known that pumpkins are one of the most common symbols of everything related to fall. This time of year special delivery truck drivers will be making many delivery rounds for pumpkins. Just imagine how many weddings, social events and holiday parties will incorporate the festive pumpkin into their decorative themes. All of these reasons make one wonder just how can delivery companies make certain that those wonderful pumpkins get to their locations right on time? The answer is GPS tracking, of course!

GPS tracking is a simple way to help you provide wonderful customer service and make delivery times better. The way that this works is easy; if drivers know important information (which can easily be provided to them) recorded by your GPS tracking devices they can start to decrease their delivery times and make customers happy in the process. On any given day pumpkin delivery drivers have to put up with road blocks like weather conditions, traffic, and construction. Luckily, GPS tracking can make being a manager of delivery drivers much easier, meaning that the products will arrive in a very timely fashion. Obviously, you want to maintain your first-rate business image by making certain that pumpkin deliveries are well-timed and making customers happy.

With GPS tracking, managers will know things like drivers’ speeds, rest stops and when they are at a customer’s location. With this evidence you can have a meeting with your drivers to review their progress and seek to improve their performance. Also, thanks to the technology that GPS tracking provide you, customers can be informed with accurate delivery information. The live map with traffic displays can help dispatchers re-route drivers through the maze of construction, traffic or weather hazards. That means no wrong turns, fewer traffic delays and no rotten pumpkins!

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Advanced Routing Options With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: The smart way to plan and drive

A common task on a fleet manager’s to-do list is to ensure drivers are being efficient while conducting daily duties. Fleet managers understand better than anyone the intricacies of planning and delegating out the work load among all drivers. A great way fleet managers can streamline this activity is by having the digital aid of GPS trackers. With GPS trackers no phone calls are needed to coordinate the positioning of each driver to their next destination. Dispatching can utilize advanced routing options with GPS trackers so that drivers have a clearly planned path set before them.

Using advanced route planning is an optimization solution to finding the best route for fleets. GPS trackers with advanced route options allow you to set up pre-determined routes by placing them directly on the map. Not only is it super easy and smart for dispatching to plan out the path, but they can also program a route alert. With this function, a notification will be sent when a vehicles strays from the designated route. This isn’t just a means of keeping drivers on schedule, but also to ensure their safety as them veering from their marked path could mean something dangerous occurred. If an accident should occur you’d want to know about it right away and with GPS trackers you can.

What if dispatching decides they want to change the route? In case dispatching notices traffic conditions or construction will get in the way of a timely arrival for the driver the previously planned route can easily be changed. You can edit any route you have created at any time. If you want to delete a route you have created that can easily be done, also. If the path ahead appears to difficult to navigate solely with visual aid, the two-way communicator can be used to speak directly to the driver. With all the advanced routing options of GPS trackers, it’s inevitable that fleet managers will be able to assign tasks better. It also allows drivers to effectively complete jobs as there is no guess work as to where to travel to next.

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Fleet Managers Utilize GPS Tracking To Monitor Speeding

GPS tracking: How fast are they driving?

In the grand scheme of everything that a fleet manager has to worry about on a regular basis it may be easy for them to forget that speeding is an important issue. According to findings reported in the National Survey of Speeding Attitude and Behavior (conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation) one out of every five drivers admit to trying to get to their destination as fast as possible. On the same token, they were aware of the risks, but some admitted “speeding is something I do without thinking.” It’s important that fleet managers be aware that their drivers could be amongst those majorities. If they speed without thinking, how can they fix a problem they aren’t aware of? The solution to being able to help fleets control their speed is very simple; GPS tracking.

First, you may be wondering “is speeding really a big problem?” The same data gathered in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s survey also found that the reason speeding is such a problem is that deaths due to excess speed account for nearly a third of all traffic fatalities on our nation’s roads each year. GPS tracking for fleets can help take your drivers out of the nasty equation. Thanks to GPS tracking, managers can receive detailed reports about every driver’s speeding habits. The GPS tracking devices generate speeding reports which show if a vehicle went over a certain speed within a 90 day period.

Using the speeding report from the GPS tracking software, fleet managers can educate their drivers using their own statistics as a learning tool. Using GPS tracking to report on speeding is more than just a lesson. It also plays significant role on continuing to reduce incidents of speeding among all your drivers. Less speeding means less risk for accidents, less risk for speeding citations and less risk of spending the business’ income on vehicle repairs. Are you willing to make a change for the future and have better than average drivers?

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