GPS Tracking Testimonial Highlights Of 2015: Part 2

GPS tracking: Thankful for technology

We know that US Fleet Tracking is what it is thanks to our wonderful customers! With that being said, we also know how important it is to rely on testimonials from our customers about our GPS tracking system. The lifeblood of our business boils down to listening to customers, making changes to our system when we can and trying our best to accommodate what the people using GPS tracking actually need. In part one of this series we discussed how, in 2015, GPS tracking blessed some of our existing customers to the point that they wanted to share their stories with us. In part one, we listed two stories and here are a few more we feel humbled by:

“I’m very happy with the products I have from US Fleet Tracking. They have a great service and it suits my needs well. My company is so much better since we started using GPS tracking in our vehicles. Thanks for all the support along the way!” -J.W. (A Fleet Trucking Company)

“Dana took care of me from start to finish. I called upon her during our busy season and when she walked in the door I was frazzled with my hair on fire. Dana was able to put a calm into the air and gave a warm welcome and introduction to what her company could provide by describing how the units worked and the best part, how it would save the company money. She was very accommodating to our schedule to install each unit. US Fleet Tracking is by far one of the best tracking systems out there.” -B.F. (Texas Waterboys- An Irrigation and Drainage Company)

It is an understatement to say that these testimonials make our hearts happy, but we are also overjoyed that by using GPS tracking solutions, people have saved money and made positive changes within their own businesses. We want to send a special thank you to everyone that responded with such kind words. We do take note of everything mentioned to us in order to continue giving the best customer support that we can. If you have a GPS tracking story to share with us, please feel free to leave your feedback for us by clicking here.

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Tips To Help You Choose The Right GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS tracker: Making your business better

In part one of this series we talked about how, this year, there are business owners out there that have decided to implement GPS trackers for their vehicles for various beneficial reasons. We also provided you with a few tips about how you can begin to choose the right GPS tracker features for your business. In part two of this series we will discuss two more tips we have to offer. The two tips we will discuss are going to be about you choosing the right provider and implementing GPS trackers.

1.) Choosing the right provider: As a business manager, you don’t want to feel pressured into buying something that may not be right for your business. You want to be able to communicate with someone about purchasing options and you want to make sure you’re talking to someone who knows their products well, who has experience in the industry and provides great customer service even after you decide to purchase. More importantly, you want to receive updates on new training opportunities, have ongoing system support and account management options. These are the things that will ensure you are successful in using the GPS trackers to their maximum capabilities.

2.) Implementing GPS trackers: After you have chosen your service provider, it is important to make sure that you have the greatest success with your GPS trackers. In order to have the most success, you should consider offering a training program to your drivers so that they know how to use the GPS tracker system. You should also allow for ongoing training, check in for system support when needed and test your drivers before implementing the GPS trackers.

At US Fleet Tracking, our staff is available to receive calls about questions, comments or concerns you may have whether it be before a sale or after. We also provide you with ongoing, live training video sessions, customer support and account management. We hope the tips we have given you will help you decide which GPS trackers are right for you. Choosing the right provider and implementing GPS trackers correctly is important so that you may receive the most return on investment.

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Three Ways To Have Success With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Be prepared

GPS tracker systems have complex software and if you have decided to install them in your vehicles, it is imperative to understand how the software functions. In addition, it is important to know how to utilize the system to your advantage in order to solve business obstacles such as managing driver safety, vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, customer service and more. There are three ways to have success with GPS trackers: Offer training, allow for ongoing training coupled with support and test your drivers before implementing the GPS trackers.

If you were running a race you would want to do some endurance training first to make sure your body was prepared. GPS trackers are no different in that regard, you have to train for it. As a fleet manager you should arrange to train your drivers on how to operate the GPS tracker system. Furthermore, rather than just telling the dispatchers how to do things like schedule fuel reports or alert setups, it is essential to take it one step further and explain to the team why they should be doing them.

Another way you will have the most success with GPS trackers is by selecting a platform that grants drivers the opportunity to have ongoing training and support with the system. Some GPS tracker systems have features that allow drivers to access training videos on demand within the system. This would be a tremendous help for future questions that drivers may have about the GPS trackers.

Once you have your training sessions completed, drivers should be tested on their knowledge of the GPS tracker system to ensure the highest success with using them. Taking the time to implement this extra step will give you the most on return and investments. Not only does this enforce participation of your drivers, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the GPS tracker system will be used to the best of its ability.

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