GPS Tracking Benefits For Irrigation Landscapers

GPS tracking: Don’t wash away profits

Just as irrigation technology has come a long way since the first sprinkler systems were installed, so has GPS tracking. If your fleet is spread out all over the city, you hope that it means they’re completing assigned jobs timely, properly, and meeting the needs of the customers. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and how are you to really know if your workers are taking on unauthorized jobs for a quick buck?

Your answer is GPS tracking. This is the sure-fire way to know you’re not washing away profits. Irrigation installations and repairs provide your customers with efficient sprinkler systems and GPS tracking equips you with the ability to keep doing just that!

1.) Tracking Workers: Knowing where your employees are is vital to maintaining a tight-knit schedule. GPS tracking in each vehicle can be used to log when a driver arrives to the scene of a job-site, when they begin their work and when they leave.

2.) Tracking Weather: The weather will have something to do with the appropriate time to install a sprinkler system. GPS tracking with Weather Overlay is helpful for monitoring ongoing and upcoming weather trends to ensure that you don’t waste time sending workers out to complete a job during a time that a rainstorm is due to hit.

These are just some ways that you can eliminate the possibility of losing time and money from your irrigation landscaping business by utilizing GPS tracking. Know in a glance where your vehicles are located, what your workers are doing and when the best time to send employees out to a job would be invaluable. Set as many geofence alerts as you desire to know that your trucks are in the right location during the right time.

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