Only 23 Days Before 2G GPS Tracking Network Shuts Down

GPS tracking: 2G shutdown in 3 weeks, 2 days

It’s hard to believe how quickly time has gone by since AT&T officially announced that they were planning to shut down all 2G networks. This change has come as quite the shock to some people and others have embraced it wholeheartedly as they know it gives them a chance to benefit from the new and improved networks. Why does this 2G shutdown matter so much? Well, the fact is that our GPS tracking devices used to operate off of the 2G network, much like many cell phones did. The problem is that those who have not upgraded within the next 23 days will lose connection completely.

All US Fleet Tracking customers currently still using 2G network GPS tracking devices will need to upgrade to the 3G network prior to December 31, 2016 to be “in the clear”. We are working with customers on this transition by offering a few upgrade deals. You can either upgrade to any 3G device and get $100 off per device or upgrade for free to any 3G device with a 2 year agreement. Please click here for further details about these offers.

You may be wondering, just how much better is 3G GPS tracking network compared to the old 2G network? AT&T has explained that the newer, 3G advanced networks allow for GPS tracking features like real-time streaming and driver dash cameras for fleet trucks to function much better. The 3G network can support more radio technologies making it a smoother operating system and allows for instant data rather than customers having to wait several minutes for information to stream through.

When time is money, speed makes all the difference in the world! If you still need to upgrade to 3G GPS tracking, but you’re not sure which devices would be right for you please feel free to contact US Fleet Tracking for support.

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How GPS Trackers Can Improve Your Fleet Operations

GPS trackers: An investment opportunity

Using GPS trackers to improve your fleet operations may seem like too easy of a solution, but until you truly know the benefits you can’t make a proper decision. What if we told you that increased safety, inventory control, and vehicle monitoring were all goals that could be easily met using these devices? Here are a few ways that GPS trackers make all of those things a possibility.

1.) Monitoring And Increasing Safety: If “pit” stops are happening more frequently than they should be, management will know right away. GPS trackers have a live, real-time updating map that allows management to see the exact location of all their workers in the field. This also helps maintain a good eye on the company vehicles. With certain alerts set-up (like geofences) an extra level of protection is put into place so that vehicles can be kept safe after-hours.

2.) Generate Helpful Reports: GPS trackers record data such as driver speed, braking, idling, and more. All of this information can be helpful in the goal to increase safety. The data collected can be generated into reports that can also be helpful for cutting down on other expenses which may have been paid out for multiple maintenance repairs and speeding tickets.

3.) Inventory Monitoring And Control: Keeping company assets safe is important if you’re in an industry that relies on delivering products or goods. GPS trackers make it possible for fleet managers in these areas to know exactly when inventory is collected, moved, and dropped off at location.

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out in the fleet world, learning new tricks to keep your business operating up to speed is always a plus. It’s an increasingly efficient world we live in where people are always trying to strive towards being better. Why wouldn’t you want your fleet business to improve, too? GPS trackers being implemented is an investment opportunity that offers a great return. Are you ready for it?

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GPS Tracker Reports To Help Manage Your Data: Part 2

GPS tracker: Ideal solutions

A day in the life of a fleet manager’s work can be enough to make the average person’s head spin. These managers have to stay organized and be successful at running the operation. Luckily, GPS tracker devices have introduced simpler solutions to solving all kinds of conundrums. A big task for managers is sorting through a lot of data and that’s where GPS tracker reports really come in handy. In part one, we talked about 2 different reports than help to manage data. Today, we want to talk about 2 more reports.

The Zone Activity Report is helpful for checking the times and dates your GPS tracker devices entered and exited any zone or designated geofence that you have previously set up. You can select individual devices or all devices. Using this feature is a great way to make sure that your company vehicles aren’t being used for unauthorized activities. Moreover, it’s a fabulous safety feature.

Safety of employees, other drivers on the road, and the company vehicles are all just as important as making certain that workers get their jobs done. That’s where the Aggressive Driving Report comes into play. This GPS tracker report allows you to check on any aggressive driving your vehicles may be doing by reporting an increase or decrease in speed. It will allow you to see if a driver is accelerating normally to get on the interstate or is driving dangerously down a city street.

There you have it; some of the best reports to help you manage your data. With Standard Reports, Start/Stop Reports, Zone Activity Reports, and Aggressive Driving Reports there isn’t much you won’t be able to check up on. If you skip a day or a week of looking at reports you won’t have to worry, because you can see information saved for up to 90 days back. Are you ready to make your working days much easier?

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Snow Removal Companies: Part 1

GPS tracker: Let it snow!

Right now there are some states being covered in blankets of snow. While the majority of industries quiver in their boots as snow and winter weather storms blow through, snow removal companies thrive in those conditions. Even better, a lot of snow removal companies have turned to a high-tech approach to completing their jobs with ease. Enter GPS tracker systems. There are several GPS tracker benefits snow removal companies have come to realize. In part one of this series we are going to discuss two of those benefits.

1.) Knowing where drivers are located: Live GPS tracker maps are helpful for the snow and ice removal companies as inclement weather rolls in. With this helpful feature, managers know their crews are safe and arriving at their destinations using the clearest, safest routes. Using the GPS tracker live tracking map means being able to position your fleet to not only perform, but excel when speed and nimbleness is essential!

2.) Scheduling multiple stops: Being prepared for calls that come in is one thing; being equipped to instantaneously schedule multiple team members and lay out their whole day of stops so they focus solely on the task at hand (completing as many service stops as reasonably possible) sets you apart. Planning out routes for multiple drivers at once is as easy as clicking a few buttons, entering destinations and allowing the GPS tracker to generate a smart route.

No matter how cold it becomes, snow plowers are saying “let it snow”! Business is good when it snows, but it’s even better when they’re implementing the use of a GPS tracker system. We’re willing to bet that the winter season is still brewing up some delightful snowfalls. Whether you’re old or new to the industry, if you haven’t started using GPS tracker devices in your company trucks, it’s not too late!

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A GPS Tracker To Monitor Kids This Halloween

GPS tracker: The Halloween safety device

On Halloween some parents drive slowly alongside the curb line from house to house as their children load up bags with goodies. Some parents walk with their children, but remain at the end of the driveway while their children head up to the front door. Some parents don’t go with their children at all. That moment your child leaves your side you just never know what could happen. There can be quite large crowds in some trick-or-treat areas and it is possible for small children to disappear in the crowds. They’ll keep walking along hurriedly in excitement and in an instant a waiting parent becomes a panicked parent. While we are all about GPS tracker devices for fleet vehicles, we also marvel at any use for GPS tracker technology in special circumstances. That’s precisely why we’re talking about how GPS tracker software allows parents to monitor their kids for a safer Halloween.

How many times have you lost your child in what seemed to be plain sight? Right out in the open? Nothing can describe that feeling of sheer terror that a parent feels when they frantically search for their lost child. Many GPS tracker devices are small enough to clip right onto an article of clothing or in a backpack, but they may not have the most advances technology. Some of US Fleet Tracking’s devices are actually small enough to fit in a backpack and they do have advanced capabilities.

Capabilities of a decent GPS tracker include real-time updates and a live map. With the right device you will know your child’s speed, direction and you can set up a designated are your child is to stay in called a geofence. With the live map you will see the exact location on your child. The geofence alert will send you a message right to your cell phone if your child ever exits the boundary you have set. With GPS tracker software you won’t have to concoct 100 different scenarios at once about what happened to your child. The GPS tracker will tell you everything you need to know to find your child quickly.

Above all, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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Receive Important GPS Tracker Updates Via Mobile Phone

GPS tracker: Mobile-friendly for convenience

Thinking about the way Americans operate today makes it pretty easy to say that a large number of people couldn’t even go one day without their cell phone. The use of mobile devices has escalated over the years to the point that they are used for numerous, important life activities. Many people even rely solely on their Smartphone for access to online services and information. Fleet managers are among the population of busy workers who feel the need to constantly check their phones. For those individuals that feel like reviewing GPS tracker updates would be too much of a hassle, yet they are always on their phones, here’s a surprise. GPS tracker updates can be viewed via mobile phone!

Think about how easy obtaining reminders of scheduled vehicle maintenance could be. Having the information sent directly to managers empowers them to maintain that drivers are working efficiently with fewer breakdowns, accidents, and high-dollar repair bills. In addition, GPS tracker alerts can do much more for a fleet. For example, the panic button provides a level of safety for drivers as well, because like other alerts, when the button is pushed the warning is sent directly via text. The GPS tracker alert system enables you to create an endless number of alerts and the most convenient part is that the alerts can be set to send a text message and/or an email anytime the programmed event takes place.

Not only are alerts helpful, but you can also chose to run reports about various driver analytics including speed, idling, aggressive driving and mileage. Even though some reports are available to be sent via email only, that’s not a problem for the GPS tracker software that’s mobile-friendly! We all know email is accessible on a Smartphone, too. If your fleets are utilizing the GPS tracker software, there is no reason why cell phones couldn’t be used, even for work.

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How GPS Trackers Can Protect Firefighters

GPS trackers: Helpful during a hot summer

In this hot, dry climate that is typical in the southern states about this time of year, it is no surprise that wildfires pose a great risk. Where there are wildfires or grass fires, firefighters will be needed. The problem is that over the years, the National Fire Protection Association, has recorded data which reflects that there have been quite a lot of firefighter fatalities due to wildfires. It’s too easy for firefighters to get lost in large fields of sweeping fires. Other than the protective gear required for firefighters to do their job in the field, there are other ways firefighters need to be protected. Thus, something had to be done to keep better tabs on the squad members while they were fighting off the wildfires. It is for this reason that many firefighter squads have already implemented the use of GPS trackers for the team members as way to keep themselves protected.

Some firefighters have Fire trucks that have been equipped with GPS trackers. Data such as speed, location and direction of the Fire truck may be helpful to supervisors. In addition, GPS trackers are used for firefighters much like they are for the trucks. The number one way that GPS trackers have helped firefighters is thanks to the live map feature. The map feature shows supervisors a map with lit up dots representing each firefighter. While the firefighters are fighting off the blazing wildfire in question, the supervisor can have a live view of each person’s exact location. This increases the chance of rescue should a fire become out of control.

In time, GPS trackers have taken the industry to a new level. GPS trackers have powerful features to increase the supervisor’s visibility of firefighters from a distance, thus; keeping everyone safe. With technology so readily available there is no reason why Fire trucks and firefighters shouldn’t be better protected. The men and women putting their lives on the line for others deserve the best in safety standards.

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GPS Tracking Benefits For Taxi Cab Drivers

GPS tracking: Increased safety standards

As the population of the United States increases, so does the number of drivers on the road each year. According to the last recorded statistics from The Statistics Portal in 2012 there was a population over 313 million and just over 211 million of them are licensed drivers. With every new driver entering the roadway comes more risks for taxi cab drivers. For security reasons, taxi cab drivers could benefit from having GPS tracking devices installed in their vehicles. We’ll explain a little more to give you a bigger picture.

Alerts: GPS tracking offers security features for both the cab driver as well as the cab company with alerts. With speed, panic, ignition and route alerts there isn’t much cab companies wouldn’t know about. Speed alerts let company managers know when drivers exceed a set speed. Panic alerts can be triggered if there is an emergency situation, as drivers just never know what kind of passenger they will pick up. Ignition alerts will send information when the taxi is turned on and off. Route alerts will notify drivers or managers when drivers have veered from the user-defined path.

Reports: There are many reports that GPS tracking allow the cab company managers to pull. Managers can receive information sent from the GPS tracking software such as; driver speed, aggressive driving, excessive idling, fuel usage and more. Knowing this information could cut down on unnecessary costs associated with bad driving habits. This isn’t just for the cab company’s benefit, as most leased taxi cabs result in drivers paying a daily rate out of their incoming fares and the cost of fuel.

Visuals: By having GPS tracking, drivers, cab company managers and dispatchers can see detailed, live map views. When a passenger calls in to request a taxi, dispatchers will be able to see the live map and know which drivers in their fleet is closest to the passenger. This could save time from choosing a driver who is too far away. If by chance something goes awry such as traffic or hazardous road conditions, the GPS tracking map can be updated by dispatchers to send driver’s to the next safest path.

Having alerts, reports and live maps would benefit the taxi cab drivers and company by extending the life of the vehicles. It would also make passengers feel better about spending money on a taxi company knowing that their routes are being optimized. GPS trackers would increase the safety standard, because company dispatchers and managers would have firsthand knowledge of what is happening with their drivers and vehicles.

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