3 Conveniences Of GPS Tracking For Snow Removal Services

GPS tracking: Up to the challenge

While some states are enjoying the comforts of warmer winter weather at this moment, others are experiencing quite the opposite. When specific areas are cloaked in white sheets of snow a very special industry shines. From roadways to entry ways, snow removal services are counted on to ensure safety and luckily GPS tracking is there to makes this task a lot easier to manage. Here are some of the best ways GPS tracking helps snow removal service companies complete their jobs more efficiently:

1.) Live GPS Tracking Map: Snow removal service managers can keep track of their crews by seeing their exact location within the city on the live streaming map. Leveraging this means being able to position fleet drivers in the way that makes the most sense.

2.) Route Planning: Planning out routes for drivers is smart as it cuts out any backtracking that may have happened without the plan. It’s also as simple as clicking a few buttons, entering destinations and allowing the GPS tracking system to automatically generate the shortest, smartest route.

3.) Automatic Updates: Imagine having 1, 5, or 10 second updates. Even at 10 seconds one could hardly call that slow. These updates are extremely helpful for various alerts like geofences, speed alerts, or weather updates. These, of course, are all in an attempt to increase safety.

Bring on the snow, because GPS tracking is definitely up for the challenge with multiple features like live map, route planning, and automatic updates which provide efficiency, accountability, and safety for your drivers. When the snow has piled up outside and the population is relying on your snow removal services to help them get to where they’re going you can look to GPS to make things easier.

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GPS Tracker Turns Even More Profit for Snow Management Companies

GPS tracker: Snow days make a comeback!

Most of us know the overwhelming giddy feeling of seeing our school on the list of canceled schools. SNOW DAY! The delight of knowing the day will be spent going back to bed, feeling warm and cozy (or cold or wet after a long day of playing in the snow), is hard to contain.

That type of anticipation is timeless, and follows us into adulthood as we shift to the list of “closed businesses.” Snow days as an adult are great, unless that is, we work in a field, such as health care, which remain open come rain or shine.

During winter weather, these types of jobs rely heavily on another business that many times goes overlooked: snow management.

Winter months bring so much opportunity to the snow management field, and along with that, a lot of pressure. The quality of their job has a tremendous effect on the safety of the roads.

A GPS tracker can really assist a snow management company to complete their job efficiently and with smaller costs involved. For a snow management company, their job is to clear the roads around the clock, meeting the demands of the roads they are assigned to.

While doing their part to keep our commuters safe, a GPS tracker helps snow management companies stay in business and cut costs.

Less idling: Snow management companies tend to waste a lot of money on idling. While having a nice warm vehicle to jump into after a break is nice, the amount of fuel used during that hour break inside, can really break the bank. A GPS tracker can pinpoint those employees who are staying warm on the company’s dime.

Better navigation: When most people are warm in their beds, snow management companies are busy at work making the frozen wastelands navigable. A GPS tracker offers better navigation even when the roads are so covered they are hard to distinguish.

Before the busy winter months arrive, snow management companies should take advantage of the downtime to invest in a GPS tracker. All of the savings will mean much more profit. More profits leads to more money to invest in keeping those who don’t have a “Snow Day” safe.

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GPS Tracking Serves Businesses Large And Small

GPS Tracking for any company

The size of your business does not matter. Whether you are a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, you can benefit from GPS tracking. If you are in the market for a GPS tracking management system, make sure that you have done the appropriate research needed to make the best decision for your size of fleet. Not all GPS trackers are the same and not all product will include what your business might need. Rely on what you know is best for your company. Knowing what to look for is important so you do not end up with a system for a large fleet if you only have two trucks.

If you own a large fleet, not only will you be tracking multiple vehicles, but also their multiple moving parts that will need proactive maintenance. Customizing a system that can track and monitor these items will be most beneficial to your fleet and your bottom line. You will want to make sure your dispatcher has access to the needed tools to guide, track, and inform your drivers of weather alerts, road congestion, and maintenance alerts. With a large fleet, your dispatchers will need a streamlined process to cover all the ground involved.

For the fleet that is not large, but still significant in size, having the capability for your fleet to be tracked by multiple team members may be a feature you could benefit from. Incorporating custom dashboards that allow individuals to only have access to information that pertains to their job, would be an excellent feature.

Finally, for the small business owner, having a GPS tracker could make life simpler for you. As a small business, you more than likely have several employees who wear multiple hats. The more time spent manually tracking what could easily be done through a GPS tracker is more time away from other important tasks. This alone could make a huge impact on the way you do business.

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