3 Ways To Cut Maintenance Costs With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Saving more money Fleet business owners have been using GPS tracking to save themselves a lot of money. Those that have saved thousands of dollars in just a few months after using these magnificent tools have submitted awesome testimonials. There are quite a few ways that GPS trackers can increase your bottom line … Continue reading “3 Ways To Cut Maintenance Costs With GPS Tracking”

GPS Trackers Protect Assets Against “Tricks”

GPS trackers: Stopping the pranksters This Halloween week is in full force and there are activities well under way. While this is a time of year for some tasty treats and some outdoor fall fun, there will always be those late nights when some pranksters will take “tricks” a little too far. Fleet owners never … Continue reading “GPS Trackers Protect Assets Against “Tricks””

Store Customer Data With GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking: Your digital Rolodex After a crazy start to the adventure known as beginning your own fleet business you suddenly find yourself swamped with loads of customer information such as name, email, address, phone number, product or service details and fulfillment status. All of this information for one customer can be difficult to keep … Continue reading “Store Customer Data With GPS Tracking”