Traveling Into The Final Fiscal Quarter With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Going out with a bang

Time waits for no man and whether you’re ready for it or not the final fiscal quarter is upon us. Imagine if you were able to make your last quarter the best one of 2016 for your fleet business. Whether you’re part of an industry of sales, delivery, or services there is something that GPS trackers can help you with. Saving money and keeping your clientele satisfied are two very important topics for discussion that just so happen to be things GPS trackers can help your fleet business improve upon.

First of all, saving money is something that every business owner should want to do. If you find that your business is one of them, read on. Many fleets have a problem with too much fuel consumption, but they may not even realize it. With GPS trackers allowing the monitoring of gas guzzling driver behaviors such as idling, speeding, and aggressive driving better habits can be formed.

The system also tracks the fuel usage percentage to give a clear understanding of how much is being used by each vehicle. As if that wasn’t enough of a help already, GPS trackers also have Advanced Route Planning to help fleets optimize their daily driving plans, choosing the shortest or most fuel-efficient routes.

Aside from saving money on fuel, this technology has also helped some fleet companies save money by utilizing automated billing, accurate time keeping, and saved data that can be used for business accounting records. This makes business taxes easier to do!

When saving money isn’t on your mind, most likely keeping your clients happy will be. Building the bridge to trust starts with great customer service. It may sound crazy to think that GPS trackers can help in this instance, but they can! By being able to provide customers with an accurate arrival time for their delivery, service, or product is a great way to keep customers happy with your company.

Are you ready to begin traveling into the final fiscal quarter with GPS trackers? If you’re ready to keep your customers coming back for more and be provided with data that will let you save money, GPS trackers are the way to go. They’ll have you going out of this final quarter with a bang!

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3 Frequent Misunderstandings About GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Better than you think

GPS trackers have been used for all types of businesses over the years and fleets have become better than they ever were as a result. If you haven’t bought into the idea of GPS trackers yet, it may due to one of the frequent misunderstandings about them. In case you’re a manager stuck in the decision making stage, here are a few of those frequent misunderstandings we were talking about. Perhaps, identifying them and knowing why they are false claims will help you clarify your position on GPS trackers.

Misunderstanding #1: Employees Will Hate Them

The fear of upsetting employees is one the top arguments against GPS trackers, but the truth is that the majority of employees come to realize that the benefits outweigh the fear. GPS trackers provide planned routing, automatic timekeeping and added security with several types of alerts features for drivers.

Misunderstanding #2: GPS Trackers Cost Too Much

Upfront cost has a lot of fleet managers questioning the worth of GPS trackers. It should be known that most business owners see a return on investment pretty quickly; sometimes hundreds of dollars within the first month. GPS trackers help out in so many ways to save money on fuel, vehicle maintenance, labor costs and even lower insurance rates.

Misunderstanding #3: GPS Trackers Are Difficult

Many fleet managers believe GPS trackers will be too difficult to install and use. The truth is that professionals can install them for you, making getting them in your vehicles a breeze. Using them is pretty simple as well, but if you need extra help you can count on ongoing training to teach you more.

Many business owners have the wrong idea about how GPS trackers will affect their business. As you can see there are many benefits to having GPS trackers. We hope that by reading up on the truth about these devices that making your decision is a little easier. If you are ready to implement GPS trackers, just get ready to be better than you were!

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Monitoring Company Truck Usage With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Monitoring personal use

Are your drivers taking the company vehicles home or running personal errands while on duty? Are they doing side jobs? How will you know whether they do or not? If drivers aren’t currently having to account for their time in the field, it’s evident that the lines of ethics may become blurred. If employees are given the chance to operate company vehicles, unnecessarily, then your company loses out on valuable time and money. Monitoring company truck usage with GPS trackers is an easy solution to both.

Time: GPS trackers protect company time by ensuring that drivers are utilizing their work day for only the tasks at hand. With live mapping managers can supervise the location of every driver. They will know when stops are made and how long someone stays at any given location. Knowing they are being monitored tends to make employees perform better. As the old saying goes, “time is of the essence.”

Money: Free usage of company trucks increases the cost of repairs and fuel. It also decreases the income of the company if employees are off doing something other than work. GPS trackers automatically keep data such as idling time, fuel usage, start times, stop times and routes taken. With GPS trackers you will know that your drivers aren’t taking the trucks home, aren’t completing side jobs and are finishing assigned tasks.

If your only way to “track” your drivers’ work day is a punch in and out system back at the office, you may be missing vital information. It doesn’t have to seem as though you are being overbearing or cruel to your employees by enforcing GPS trackers. Instead, you could use the data gathered to recognize your hard-working team. Implementing the use of GPS trackers is no more than a perfect way protect your company trucks, time and money.

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How GPS Trackers Can Save Delivery Companies Money

GPS Trackers Are Providing Reduced Fleet Costs

Luckily, GPS trackers can save delivery companies money in a lot of areas. Realistically, every business owner relies on some type of delivery service at some point in their business career in order to continue operations. Even personal uses require delivery fleets to do what they do. This puts a lot of pressure on delivery companies to be fast and reliable. It also puts pressure on management to make sure the business doesn’t fail financially.

With a delivery business comes the responsibility of keeping vehicles safe from theft, paying off expensive fuel charges and combating false claims from customers, whether it be against the drivers or about reportedly missing products.

Responsibility: Keeping vehicles safe from theft

Solution: GPS trackers allow for automated alerts to be sent to managers via text or email when a company vehicle is moved from a designated geofence after hours. Thus, even if a vehicle did get taken it would be much easier to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle and retrieve it quickly.

Responsibility: Paying off expensive fuel charges

Solution: GPS trackers automatically record fuel usage percentages for analysis. GPS trackers also monitor excessive idling, driver speed and other gas-guzzling driving behaviors.

Reports generated with this information can help your team to make appropriate changes to prevent wasting fuel.

Responsibility: Combating false claims from customers

Solution: GPS trackers are integrated with the ability to keep a running list of inventory items. For a delivery business this is a huge deal! The list can help drivers to keep track of which packages have been delivered safely.

GPS trackers also have the capability to time-stamp when a driver stops and a delivery was made. Using this accurate information decreases the likeliness of false claims. The same goes with the previously mentioned recorded driver analytics. With those analytical reports, claims about how a driver was performing on the road will be easily thwarted.

While managing the fleets is a major aspect of the job, so is maintaining business costs. By keeping vehicles safe from theft, decreasing fuel costs and having the ability to reduce false claims against your delivery company, GPS trackers really do save your business money. If you’re ready to give GPS trackers a try, we’re here to deliver you some great options.

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4 Reasons To Use GPS Trackers For Mileage Tracking: Part 2

GPS trackers: Fleet management made easy

As technology has progressed many fleet businesses have found more efficient ways to stay afloat. Using GPS trackers fleet management has been able to scrap the use of loose leaf paper sheets for tracking important data such as vehicle mileage. In part one of this series we talked about how GPS trackers are easy on drivers as they automatically record the mileage as they drive. We also mentioned how easy it is to generate accurate reports via the GPS trackers’ software. GPS trackers have the ability to make mileage tracking a better experience. In part two of this series we’re going to tell you two more reasons to use GPS trackers for mileage tracking.

1.) Seeing your drivers: With the capability of live maps, GPS trackers allow fleet managers to see the location of every vehicle in their fleet. It even shows when they start and stop so there is no confusion about which drivers are parked at a customer’s location. You can see real-time driving routes, use the advanced route planner and dispatchers can help drivers avoid heavy traffic or construction zones. Seeing how and where drivers go is an easy way to see where you may be able to cut down on mileage!

2.) Save business money: Being able to use the GPS trackers will allow you to keep records of repairs, routine maintenance, fuel usage and more for your fleet. Having this knowledge can save your business money by being able to eradicate potential problems and have automatic monitoring of needed repairs. This, too, may help fleet managers to determine if routes need to be altered to cut down on mileage driven.

GPS trackers really are a great way to track mileage. As you can see, if you are able to track you mileage using GPS trackers you can save money, see your drivers on the road, make it easy on drivers and generate reports for accurate record keeping. All this ease comes to your fingertips with GPS trackers. By using this method you have a hands-free device which makes driving safer and prevents accidents. If you start using GPS trackers you could save your fleet business the trouble of manually tracking mileage.

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GPS Trackers Make It Easy To Give Drivers Recognition

GPS trackers: Give drivers positive reviews

Whether people want to admit it or not, they love to be praised for a job well done. On the flip side, customers love to give bad reviews. Research from M.Farouk Radwan states that people need to be emotionally charged and the result can often be a negative review. With that being said, if your company drivers are still driving around with a bumper sticker asking for customers to report in on their driving abilities, it would be a little difficult to trust those reviews as most people only like to leave bad reviews. GPS trackers are revolutionizing the way managers are controlling costs, monitoring vehicles and even drivers.

Thanks to live GPS trackers, companies have the ability to know a drivers etiquette. Even more importantly, the information can be used to give positive recognition to your drivers. The GPS trackers in each vehicle can alert managers of driver behaviors like recorded speed, braking and lane shifts. The live map shows all drivers in a fleet and alerts can be set to be sent every five seconds if need be, to managers or dispatchers.

This type of information can be used to emphasize the positive aspects, like increased safety, not getting lost, saving the company money and highlighting the great drivers you have on your team. With GPS trackers managers won’t have to worry about getting an outside perspective of driver performance. Furthermore, by drivers receiving positive feedback from their direct managers they are likely to value the opinions more. GPS trackers just allow for a better way for drivers to know they are being recognized for their importance.

It’s easy to see how GPS tracking gives companies an entire overview of their fleet team’s efficiency level. It is recommended to give drivers recognition on a regular basis and pinpoint specifically which areas your drivers are excelling. Remember, people love to be praised!

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GPS Trackers Protect Business Time

 GPS tracker: An automatic time keeper

The day in the life of a fleet driver is likely to change on a daily basis, that is if you are operating your business without the use of GPS trackers. With no monitoring fleet drivers can have the freedom to take all day to finish a job, making inefficient use of company time. Likewise they could also finish a job early and still log the hours for pay. Even more so, drivers may be tempted to take longer breaks and lunches or use the company vehicle to run personal errands.

Are your employees documenting hours of work when they aren’t really working? Are your drivers costing your business countless hours of productivity? Fleet businesses without GPS trackers may have a pretty tough time proving this type of driver behavior is taking place. With GPS trackers managers wouldn’t even have to entertain the thought of this happening. Historical information on mileage, total driving time and many other aspects of job performance statistics are logged automatically and are available for review at any time. GPS trackers could be your automatic time keeper, recording arrival times and end times at a job-site.

Having an automatic time keeper would certainly allow administration to process payroll quickly and managers have more dedication to other areas of the business. Employees are also afforded additional time to focus on the more important aspects of their job. Not only is it easier for everyone involved, but with the analytic reports, there is proof of what employees are doing with their time. This powerful tool measures fleet productivity while protecting the business’ time and money, which are both precious.

A key significance to having GPS trackers is that the fleet business can reduce lengthy, time wasting procedures, such as logging and manually inputting time sheets. Payroll must be done and GPS trackers makes this action effortless when it would otherwise be tedious.

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How GPS Trackers Will Improve The Trucking Industry

GPS tracker: Future changes for the better

GPS tracker systems have been through several changes in the last handful of years as occurrences have dragged the population down to a recession period and back up to the economic recovery. With things looking up, we have seen several advancements of GPS trackers that have changed the inner workings of trucking companies in many ways. Now, these company managers are looking ahead and wondering what the next few years will bring.

Trucking companies suffered during the recession period as they weren’t able to fill the demands of shipping freight. Luckily, this is no longer the case and the predictions being made are expecting shipping volume to increase over the next five years. This is fantastic for the trucking industry, but with more business, means more responsibility. With more runs being made, more driver and vehicle management is needed. For the best business savings, the future of fleet management revolves around fuel efficiency, regulations and smarter management.

With GPS trackers, management can monitor their vehicles more closely. The GPS tracker system can aid in decreasing fuel usage. Mangers can obtain reports of fuel efficiency. The reports can also be scheduled to determine areas that drivers may be wasting fuel. Fuel wasting might occur at times when there is needless idling, unapproved vehicle usage and speeding. Managers can eliminate irrelevant fuel expenses by using the GPS tracker system.

Some drivers may not like the idea of being monitored, but the overall savings to the trucking company will be worth potential grumblings. GPS trackers can help managers to regulate scheduled vehicle maintenance, monitoring drivers in real-time, logging actual work activity times of employees and billing accuracy. All of these aspects are important to saving the company time and money.

With all of the knowledge that GPS trackers award to managers, they will be able to complete their jobs more efficiently. If managers know exactly where their drivers are at, they’re able to keep customers happy by ensuring that delivery of freight is made timely and can provide accurate billing to decrease disputes. GPS trackers are the key to having smarter management.
Keep your minds open to the future of fleet management and the advances of GPS trackers as they improve fuel efficiency, regulations and smarter management.

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Five Ways GPS Tracking Will Save You Money: Part 2

Five Ways GPS Tracking Will Save You Money: Part 2

In our previous blog we established that you are concerned about your bottom line and that this desire to save money dictates the choices that you make point blank. Good news: We are on the same team. We too want to see you save money. We are on a mission to make sure that you are taking the most cost effective routes to your goal. Literally and figuratively.

So to review, we have chosen five ways you are currently losing money in order to show you have GPS tracking can assist you in turning these areas around to in turn save you money!

1. Less time in the shop: When GPS trackers are installed into your vehicles, you have the option of setting maintenance reminders that will notify you when your vehicles are due for routine work. These reminders are a proactive way of keeping your vehicles on the road and out of the shop for an extended amount of time. Less time in the shop means more time on the road,equating to more money in your pocket.

2. Pay for a job well done: While every employee may not work as hard as you do, this fact does not have to keep you from getting your money’s worth. With timecards and features installed in your vehicles for added accountability, employees are not as likely to play around on the job. You will now have a way to track their when, what, and where.

3. See the “Big Picture”: GPS tracking will give you the knowledge to know your business better. With a multitude of available features, gain an overall knowledge and presence in a number of departments with the click of a button. With GPS tracking, you can be in all places at one time, thus allowing you to navigate through cost savings on a grand scale.

4. Save money on fuel: GPS tracking will help you find the quickest route, will track your idle time, and will once again keep your employees from taking leisure trips on the clock.

5. Cut Insurance Rates: Many insurance companies will reduce your rates once you implement GPS tracking. Companies have reported saving more and more money due to cut insurance premiums once they installed GPS tracking.

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