How GPS Trackers Overcome Business Hurdles: Part 1

GPS trackers: Problem solvers

Business owners are always reinvesting income back into their business to make operations run smoothly and hopefully, to become bigger and better. Most fleet companies have come to realize that investing in GPS trackers is a no-brainer. There are many ways that these devices can help businesses see improvement. Today, we’re going to talk about two familiar business hurdles and talk about how GPS trackers can help users to overcome them.

Hurdle: Increased Fuel Prices

It’s that time of year again when fuel prices inevitably increase. The arrival of summer means more travelers on the road and more demand for gasoline. If your fleet company has already seen an increase in spending on fuel expenses, you may be surprised to learn just how much using GPS trackers can help you save! By using GPS trackers, managers can ensure that dispatchers plan out more precise routes for the drivers. Doing this will decrease the amount of mileage driven and, therefore; decrease expenses for fuel.

Hurdle: Unanticipated Vehicle Breakdowns

Of course, deterioration of vehicles is inevitable in time, but there is something you can do to decrease the chances of unanticipated vehicle breakdowns. GPS trackers can help here by allowing management to get a better handle on routine maintenance. Utilizing maintenance reminder alerts eliminates the chance of neglecting much needed maintenance on time so that your drivers don’t find themselves in a bind later on down the road.

Every fleet owner wants a successful business and every fleet business manager has the job of helping that happen. Working in an unsystematic fashion will only seek to increase the chaotic atmosphere putting fleets that work this way into a never ending loop of having to solve problems. With GPS trackers, there are fewer problems popping up and even if they do they are easily solved. To learn more, stick around for part two of this series.

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GPS Tracker Weather Overlay Benefits For Cement Layers

GPS tracker: Take control of your business

As spring approaches some people get antsy and start their spring projects as they’re looking to start fresh. It’s not doubtful that some people will be seeking assistance to spruce up their living spaces and possibly even their commercial properties by having some new concrete designs placed down. Companies that lay concrete have a very interesting position at this time of year, because the spring weather isn’t exactly stable. This is when a GPS tracker and US Fleet Tracking’s exclusive Weather Overlay feature becomes really convenient for concrete companies.

Obviously, concrete can’t be poured when it’s rainy and it’s not great to do it in unfavorable temperatures either. Concrete can, generally, be walked on 1-3 days after being poured, but it should be left to cure for at least 28 days, with the initial day being the most critical. In this profession, limiting the number of retreats and extra visits to job locations can literally be the difference between profit and loss. US Fleet Tracking’s GPS trackers and Weather Overlay feature lends, nearly, immeasurable value here. Here’s why:

US Fleet Tracking’s system will not only show the GPS tracker device on the map, it also integrates with the National Radar Service to offer directional looping of any weather activity coming your way. This allows cement layers to prevent themselves from pouring slabs of concrete and it being rained out within an hour. Not only would doing that be wasting time for the workers, but it would require work to be re-done, therefore; impacting your business’ bottom line.

If you’re already using GPS tracker devices you might as well compliment your company’s ability to pre-plan routes and schedules, and enhance your peace of mind with US Fleet Tracking’s groundbreaking Weather Overlay features that also allow you to react on the fly to unexpected weather occurrences.

Don’t let the weather get you down, take control with the GPS tracker Weather Overlay!

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How To Benefit From The Usage Of GPS Tracker Routes

GPS tracker: Paths made simple

As a fleet business owner, you already know that you need an intelligent way to optimize your drivers’ routes on a daily basis. Having something that systematically calculates and displays routed paths in real-time is one of the most cost-effective, customer-friendly technologies. GPS tracker devices have the capability to provide convenient, live maps with planned routes. There are a few ways you can utilize the map to view your routes in the most optimal, beneficial way.

First, you have to create the routes you desire your drivers to take. Logging in is the first step and then simply by clicking on the Dispatch/Routing tab and Routing button you will see a pop up of all routes in your list. If there aren’t any, it only takes minutes to create one! Then, you’re well on your way to viewing all the paths for your drivers.

1.) Street views: There isn’t just one map view to see routes how you want to see them. There is a simple map view that is basic, a birdseye view, a satellite view and a hybrid view. Having these customized options provides effective, intuitive GPS tracker usage for managers, drivers and dispatchers.

2.) Zoomed out: Upon entering the GPS tracker system, the map usually defaults as being “zoomed out”. This allows a nationwide or worldwide view of all your fleets and the routes you’ve created.

3.) Zoomed in: By zooming in on a specific location on the GPS tracker screen, you can get a more precise view and by checking the Small Icons box on map controls, you will even be able to distinguish the difference between any vehicles that may be slightly overlapping on the same routes.

Why are planned routes so helpful? When you need drivers to take a specific path due to road blockages or detours, routes become super helpful. You can even go as far as to set up variations or how far out from the set path it will take before an alert is sent to management.

Whether you’re in the delivery industry, the head of a maintenance crew or some other fleet company, the fact is that being on time is essential and having planned routes can help accomplish that goal. Not only do GPS tracker routes help management to know vehicles are moving as they should be, but there is an added measure of security so that vital issues can be attacked right away.

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GPS Tracking In Super Bowl Games Of The Past

GPS tracking: Event organizers

To many people there are few things more “American” than football and the Super Bowl is one of the greatest events to celebrate. Fans from all around will gather, dressed in their favorite jerseys and ready to eat, drink, chant and be lively! The Super Bowl tradition for fans is quite different than the one US Fleet Tracking became a part of in the past few years. In 2007, US Fleet Tracking started working with Super Bowl XLI by assisting with the first ever, established, live GPS tracking system.

It was determined that planning something as large as the Super Bowl required logistics that could give ground control, whether for celebrity players or general attendees. It was clear the answer meant live GPS tracking. For years to follow the excitement about GPS tracking continued to grow.

Each year, two teams prepared for what was sure to be a most intriguing game and we were there with GPS tracking software to aid with moving the crowd of people and equipment throughout the area effortlessly and efficiently. By 2015, more than 500 GPS tracking devices were in use during the weeks prior to Super Bowl, during the game, and after the champion team was crowned.

The GPS tracking system was used to monitor data such as location, movement and heading which allowed for strategic decisions to be made on the fly or in proactive route planning. Security, safety, accountability and live dispatching are all important and can be achieved with the use of GPS tracking. It’s no surprise that when the Super Bowl is being set up that certain streets may be blocked off. With routes showing on the live map, it’s simple for drivers to know which paths to take.

We’re humbled that our GPS tracking system was used so many times for an event as prestigious as the Super Bowl. The bottom line is that we, at US Fleet Tracking, are always looking to bring awareness and efficiency for all event organizers. We’re excited to see what this Super Bowl has in store!

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Monitoring Company Truck Usage With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Monitoring personal use

Are your drivers taking the company vehicles home or running personal errands while on duty? Are they doing side jobs? How will you know whether they do or not? If drivers aren’t currently having to account for their time in the field, it’s evident that the lines of ethics may become blurred. If employees are given the chance to operate company vehicles, unnecessarily, then your company loses out on valuable time and money. Monitoring company truck usage with GPS trackers is an easy solution to both.

Time: GPS trackers protect company time by ensuring that drivers are utilizing their work day for only the tasks at hand. With live mapping managers can supervise the location of every driver. They will know when stops are made and how long someone stays at any given location. Knowing they are being monitored tends to make employees perform better. As the old saying goes, “time is of the essence.”

Money: Free usage of company trucks increases the cost of repairs and fuel. It also decreases the income of the company if employees are off doing something other than work. GPS trackers automatically keep data such as idling time, fuel usage, start times, stop times and routes taken. With GPS trackers you will know that your drivers aren’t taking the trucks home, aren’t completing side jobs and are finishing assigned tasks.

If your only way to “track” your drivers’ work day is a punch in and out system back at the office, you may be missing vital information. It doesn’t have to seem as though you are being overbearing or cruel to your employees by enforcing GPS trackers. Instead, you could use the data gathered to recognize your hard-working team. Implementing the use of GPS trackers is no more than a perfect way protect your company trucks, time and money.

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