A Few Questions About GPS Tracking You May Not Think To Ask

GPS tracking: Understanding the software

When you’re introduced to something new it can be overwhelming. We understand that not everyone will know exactly which questions they should be asking when deciding whether to choose a GPS tracking platform for their fleet business. That’s precisely why we decided to go over 5 simple questions that are important to think about, but that you may not think about asking. The answers to these questions may also help you decide that GPS tracking is right for you after all.

1.) Does it integrate with other office programs?
Our GPS tracking system most certainly does integrate directly with popular office equipment service software packages such as e-automate™ and MWA Intelligence™, just to name a few. You’ll even have help from our support team to tie the tracking, dispatch and weather data directly into your ERP system.

2.) Can the program be accessed by cell phone?
We know you and your drivers are on the move that’s why we offer a mobile app for logging in to the GPS tracking software. You can even save your password so that you don’t have to type in every time you log-in.

3.) Are the alerts customizable?
There are standard alerts that are usual for just about every fleet, but there is no one-size-fits-all about our fleet management software. You can add in as many alerts as you see fit! Your imagination is the limit there.

4.) Is there any training available?
While the program is very simple to jump in and learn, we do offer installation, live chat support, call-in support, and ongoing live training videos to help your fleet get the most out of your GPS tracking investment.

5.) Do the benefits outweigh the cost?
We pride ourselves on being able to offer GPS tracking that has proven methods of reducing labor expenses, increasing revenue, stopping theft, eliminating personal vehicle use, and reducing wasted mileage. That with the integration of popular computer interfaces brings multiple possibilities for functionally and increased return on investment.

We hope these 5 simple, yet powerful questions and their answers help you to make the choice that will benefit your fleet business the most. Should that mean investing in GPS tracking devices, we’re here to help.

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GPS Tracker Benefits That Give Your Business ROI In 3 Ways

GPS tracker: Reasons to love these devices

Many business owners, that are in charge of fleets, spend time wondering whether GPS tracker devices are the right tools to help their company flourish. At the core of their struggle is often the idea that employees will not favor having the devices, but almost every business that starts using the system sees the benefits within the first few months. Employees eventually learn that these GPS tracker devices do more than just monitor their driving habits. Today, we’re discussing GPS tracker benefits that give your business a return on investment in 3 ways.

1.) Benefit From Cutting Fuel Costs: Fuel costs will inevitably decrease as a result of vehicle monitoring with GPS tracker devices, because no one will be able to get away with unauthorized use of company vehicles. In addition, the planned routing feature can allow for the shortest route to be pre-planned, therefore; cutting down on mileage driven.

2.) Benefit From Cutting Labor Costs: Management can monitor alerts, live map views, and recorded analytical data to know everything about a driver’s day. The GPS tracker system will also keep track of clock in and clock-out times for employees which will aide in keeping labor costs low due to employees being less likely to take extended breaks.

3.) Benefit From Increased Customer Service: Having data about fleet statistics is a powerful thing. This kind of data can lead to increased customer service as employees will feel empowered to be more productive.

Having the capability to track your fleet is a fantastic way to propel your business forward. By default, not only will costs be decreasing, but as customer service increases your company is sure to see an increase in profits. Every fleet owner wants an investment that keeps giving back and GPS trackers can be that smart investment you’re seeking. Are you ready to put it to the test?

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The GPS Tracking ROI Solution: Part 2

GPS tracking: All about the savings

Being a fleet business owner brings many responsibilities and requires completing tasks that will keep the business thriving and growing. GPS tracking has been proven by many fleet business owners to bring a true return on investment. In part one of this series, we explained a bit about how GPS tracking can help you see ROI in two different, important areas of your business. By using GPS tracking features fleet businesses can reduce labor expenses and increase revenue. In part two of this series, we’re going to discuss how you can see ROI with GPS tracking by stopping inventory theft and reducing wasted miles.

1.) Preventing Side Jobs: According to the National Labor Bureau, approximately 5.7% of workers engage in moonlighting or side jobs. This costs your business in lost income, more vehicle maintenance and extra fuel. GPS tracking is a wonderful solution to preventing fleet vehicles from being used on employee side jobs. With geofence alerts managers would know exactly where all vehicles are, at all hours of the day.

2.) Reducing Wasted Miles: The monitoring capabilities of the live map makes GPS tracking unbeatable. Not only can managers see their trucks in real-time, but the GPS tracking devices will record miles drive and which routes were taken. With the advanced routing option that GPS tracking has to offer dispatchers can choose shorter paths which can be programmed to prevent a continuation of wasting miles. Fewer nonproductive miles reduces the costs associated with fuel, oil changes, tires and repairs.

Improved management resulting from the use of GPS tracking aids in preventing income theft and dramatically reduces mileage. As mentioned in part one, GPS tracking is also useful reducing labor costs and increasing profits. When you have instant access to the whereabouts of your vehicles and staff at all times you can better monitor your business assets and start seeing a ROI right away. You could save hundreds of dollars in all areas mentioned just by using GPS tracking.

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The GPS Tracking ROI Solution: Part 1

GPS tracking: All about the savings

As a fleet business owner your ultimate goals revolve around doing what is going to be best for your bottom line. Perhaps you’re in love with the idea of utilizing GPS tracking, but you aren’t completely sure about the return on investment opportunities. The capabilities GPS tracking brings to your hands makes the upfront cost worth every penny. In part one of this series, we’re going to share you with how GPS tracking can help you see ROI in two different ways; through reducing labor expenses and by increasing your revenue.

1.) Reducing Labor Expenses: GPS tracking gives management the ability to monitor their employees’ work schedules. With the automatic start/stop times at job-sites there won’t be any need for an untrustworthy time sheet. Management can easily pull a report showing employee work times. This way, employees won’t have the opportunity to manually clock a full 8 hours of work if, in reality, they worked less.

2.) Increasing Your Revenue: By eliminating overtime hours or falsified work times, your fleet business won’t be shelling out more money than necessary. Thanks to GPS tracking you wouldn’t have all those wasted hours piling up each month which means you have more billable work hours per day. The extra capital could also allow you to put it back into your business.

As you can see, with improved fleet management, you can use fewer resources to do equal or more work. GPS tracking is all about the savings! It certainly has proven itself in many circumstances and multiple applications. The GPS tracking system easily pays for itself over time. You can even start to see results within the first month in most cases. Depending on your fleet size, in just the first month you can save up to hundreds of dollars in unnecessary labor expenses and drive your sales up. Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will discuss two more ways you can see ROI from utilizing GPS tracking.

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Why Hildago County Vehicles Were Equipped With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Aiding county officials

Hildago County officials of Rio Grande, Texas were striving to provide more accountability, to be more effective and to be safer while carrying out their daily operations. With these goals in mind the county officials discussed their options. It didn’t take long before the solution to their quarries was the implementation of GPS trackers. Local news reporters were all buzzing with the story about how the county-owned vehicles were assigned to five departments. Initially, GPS systems were installed in 70 vehicles belonging to several county offices. Of course, taxpayers were wondering how GPS trackers were going to help. The truth is, the benefits of GPS trackers are universal.

It’s no secret that there have been times when county trucks have been stolen or used inappropriately by employees. When thefts occur it costs the county even more money to replace the stolen vehicles. When employees take the county vehicles after hours for personal use that is another cost for the county that has to go towards fuel and unnecessary vehicle maintenance due to the extra mileage being driven. With GPS trackers, county officials can actually see a return on the investment and spend less of the taxpayers money.

The historical data stored by GPS trackers will allow management to keep a record of miles traveled, hours vehicles are in use, fuel usage and more. Text alerts and analytical reports can be generated from the GPS trackers so there will be no hiding what is really going on. With pinpointed details about the location of county vehicles, safety is a goal that is easier to achieve. County officials have agreed that the GPS trackers in their vehicles will help county departments be more effective and efficient.

Is your company struggling to keep track of your company vehicles? GPS trackers might be your answer, too!

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Truckers Gain Summer Savings With GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS tracker: True cost savings for ROI

As we mentioned in part one of this series, there have been all types of fleet companies that have started using GPS tracker software to help them save time and money. We went into detail about trucking companies benefiting greatly from GPS tracker devices by being able to reap summer savings on fuel and have improved scheduling. In part two of this series we will be highlighting another two ways that GPS tracker devices are true cost savers so that you can join other truckers who want to gain summer savings, too!

1.) Logistical efficiency: Without a product to haul what would delivery truckers do? That’s why what goes inside the trucks for distribution is important. It makes sense to want to know where drivers are at in order to keep your truck, trailer and product assets safe and delivery times on target. GPS trackers make for better shipping with the possibility of keeping an active, digital list of all inventory while tracking when and where it goes. It’s easy to monitor everything with as few as 1-second updates in some cases.

2.) Compliance with hours of service: Being a trucker means long hours out on the road, but even the trucking industry has regulations to follow as presented by the Department of Transportation. Motor carriers operating in interstate commerce and drivers of commercial motor vehicles need to comply or companies can face hefty fines. GPS trackers can act as an automatic time card showing start and stop times of a driver’s work day. It couldn’t be much easier than that to make sure drivers comply with the hours of service laws and make sure your company doesn’t pay fines which would bring down your bottom line.

We know that trucking companies have large expenses, but with GPS trackers these costs can be minimized. You have come to the right place if you want something that will save your trucking company money on fuel costs, improve your scheduling, give you logistical efficiency and comply with hours of service laws. GPS trackers are a return on investment due to all their benefits. If your ready to gain your summer savings, give us a call.

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Three Of The Newest GPS Tracking Features

GPS tracking: Technology at your fingertips

When you think of GPS tracking it is easy to believe that the software will be just another mapping system, but the added features provided to you are much more valuable than that. In fact, the best GPS tracking systems give managers a chance to receive a return on investment. When you are searching for the best GPS tracking features to fit your business needs you will want to see capabilities that give you a wireless data service. We will talk about three of the newest GPS tracking features you want to see.

1.) 3G connectivity: This is the next level in GPS tracking, with a stronger and broader network. The GPS tracking industry has grown strong and now wireless data service providers are updating their networks which in turn requires the newest GPS tracking devices. You can significantly enhance your daily activities by having the best live mapping and data management capabilities.

2.) Live alerts: When your drivers are out there on the road, every second counts. If you aren’t receiving live updates, you only have a sliver of information and you never know what happens in between those moments that you don’t have connectivity. Our GPS tracking systems offer you 10, 5 and sometimes even 1-second updates!

3.) Scheduled alerts: Truthfully, management doesn’t have to have live updates on everything. For example, maintenance reminders will obviously not need to be every second. It is for those needs that scheduled reminder alerts are available. All you have to do is program the GPS tracking devices to send an alert via text or e-mail when routine maintenance on vehicles is due.

GPS tracking can help you manage fleets more efficiently while offering you live and scheduled alerts with the most up to date 3G network technology on the market. Business managers have so many options to chose from in the digital age and if you don’t know what to look for it’s possible you may choose an inferior product. Choosing inferior products can be frustrating and turn out to be a nightmare. This is why US Fleet Tracking offers consultation; we can answer any question about any of our products to make certain you choose something that is best suited for your fleet business.

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Benefits of GPS Trackers for HVAC Companies

GPS tracker: Helping heat & air companies

GPS trackers are being utilized by multiple vehicles these days, including HVAC vehicles. Within each season there are multiple weather changes and sometimes the weather can even change from month to month. One never quite knows when their heat or air will give out and both are equally important. This is why HVAC companies are constantly on the move. All of the stop and go action causes wear and tear on trucks and drivers. It also causes an increase in company expenses, however; there is a better way to do business that will actually cut costs. Adding GPS trackers to HVAC vehicles is a smart investment as there are many benefits to using them such as creating more efficient routing, enhancing customer service and improving management capabilities.

HVAC drivers must always be ready to make service calls and even perform routine maintenance on HVAC systems. It’s natural that HVAC technicians will not always work in one specific area and it can get rather hectic to schedule drivers to attend to customer needs. We will explain two scenarios to give you a better understanding of how GPS trackers can be beneficial for the best routing efficiency.

1.) Scenario for HVAC vehicles without GPS trackers: You have a customer call come in so you schedule a technician to attend to the customer’s need, but you technician is on the opposite side of town. Meanwhile, you already had a closer technician who could have completed the job quicker for the customer. That would have been a waste of time for everyone involved.

2.) Scenario for HVAC vehicles with GPS trackers: You have a customer call come in so you check your live map, using the GPS tracking technology, to pin-point which vehicle is closest to the customer in need. Using the communicator capabilities for the GPS tracker, you inform the driver of the job needed. You can also plan the route that provides the greatest fuel efficiency, avoids construction or bypasses heavy traffic. This saves the company a lot of gas money each year, but also cuts down on wasted labor.

Enhancing customer service comes along with being able to respond to customer needs more efficiently. Not only do you have quicker response times, but with GPS trackers you will have proof that service calls were made so there will be less customer disputes. You can simply pull up the location of your trucks at the time the call was supposed to have been made to verify that the truck was at the proper address at the time.

Monitoring several vehicles can be difficult if you are relying solely on your memory or paper maps of the local setting. It may also be difficult to keep up with vehicle maintenance if you’re using paper list reminder, or no reminders at all.

Whether you are planning daily service routes, dispatching emergency repair services, or scheduling vehicle maintenance, it is no doubt that GPS tracking makes your job easier. It lends a hand to you so that you may find the most efficient ways to do business. Your HVAC company could see a true return on investment by having a way to manage your drivers and vehicles better, by having better customer service and by optimizing your routing.

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About GPS Tracker Telematics

GPS tracker: Be in the know

There are many things to know about GPS tracker telematics that will aid your business. According to the 2014 Fleet Guide, a Bobit Media publication, there are new technology trends coming. There is also helpful information in the guide which can be used to understand how to implement a GPS tracker telematics program and increase return on investment for businesses.

Telematics technology is constantly changing as new trends are developed. It is crucial for managers to stay informed of these upcoming changes as they will inevitability affect their business. One of the topics mentioned in the guide was about the switch from 2G networks to higher speed networks of 3G. Other upgrades include better integration such as smart phones, tablets, application-programming interface and social media.

Implementing a GPS tracker telematics program properly is vital in order to gain the most benefit for your business. The best steps to implement this type of program are by defining your business goals, setting expectations for those goals, gaining executive buy-in, doing your research on which GPS tracker telematics program will be right for you, starting a pilot program and making an installation plan. All of these steps are important for the GPS tracker telematics program, which can be a powerful way to gain insight into your fleet, and favors a speedy and ongoing return of investment.

Most managers are aware that a GPS tracker system can help them, but they do not know all the wonderful ways this technology can give them a return on investment. To evaluate actual return on investment, fleet manager should start by comparing costs before and after implementation. The first step is to begin by gathering information on GPS tracker telematics programs so as to know what the costs of operation expenses will be. Tracking fleet performance statistics before installation will allow business managers to see how much easier their lives become when GPS tracker telematics technology is able to help them monitor things like vehicle usage, idle time, fuel consumption, miles-per-gallon, number of trips per day and many other areas that influence driver performance.

It is important to be mindful of your options and the benefits GPS tracker telematic technology can offer your business.

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