GPS Tracking Is Your Inventory Control Solution

GPS Tracking: Protecting the goods

Use of technology always helps a lot in the growth of any business. If you’re a business with lots of goods, you want to make certain you know what is in your inventory and where it goes. Security of costly products or inventories is necessary in keeping the business running. GPS tracking is a great solution to gaining control of your inventory. By being able to keep track of your goods inside the warehouse, during transportation and during delivery this ensures satisfactory security. We will explain a little more about how GPS tracking can help with each of these areas of concern.

Inside the warehouse: In order to stay organized and efficient you need to know where your inventory is located. GPS tracking makes it easier to have an active list of goods placed in the warehouse and even helps to locate the items if they have been moved after being delivered.

During transportation: GPS tracking allows you to know when your inventory has left the warehouse. By setting up geofences you can receive alerts when products move out of the warehouse or the defined perimeter of your choosing.

During delivery: When your products leave the warehouse, you want to make certain they arrive at their destination safely. With GPS tracking on your goods, you could maintain real-time knowledge of where your inventory is located.

Investing in better inventory tracking systems might be a good idea to help reduce theft. GPS tracking also allows reports to be generated which can help management see if there are any areas of business that may need improvement. If you’re a business that manages a lot of inventory then you should consider investing in GPS tracking technology for monitoring your inventory with greater accuracy.

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The Skinny On GPS Tracker Alerts

GPS tracker: Live or scheduled alerts on hand

Fleet businesses have a lot on their plate while trying to make everything flow the way it should. If you’re in the market to make your business life a little less stressful, you should consider what GPS trackers can offer your fleets. Active GPS trackers are a great investment for more than one reason and they’re the best option for businesses interested in developing a more efficient team. GPS trackers allow managers to receive both live alerts and scheduled alerts.

With live alerts you can see things happening with your fleets in real-time. You can actually see the locations of your vehicles, when they move, where they move and how the drivers are performing. Receiving live alerts means that you will never miss out on what your drivers are up to. The updates can be set to every ten or five seconds. This option is not only for ensuring safety, but also for monitoring employee productivity. Of course, there are some things that don’t require live updates every day.

GPS trackers allow you to program them for scheduled alerts. These scheduled alerts will send a message via e-mail or text message to remind you of your future “to-do” list. One of the most important scheduled reminders is for vehicle maintenance. You can review reports that can be generated from the data collected by the GPS trackers in each vehicle. The data is there for viewing at any time so you won’t have to view it on a busy afternoon if you know that you have free time a week later.

For fleet efficiency, GPS trackers are tough to beat. This is especially true thanks to the new 3G network which allows for stronger connection and better accuracy. They are the drivers’ digital note takers as the record things like braking patterns, driver speeding, fuel consumption and more. With the benefits of daily alerts and future, scheduled alerts GPS trackers will have the business needs covered. The advantages of live and scheduled GPS tracker alerts will do the hard work for the business so that managers can focus on ways to increase the business’ profits.

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Telematics: How GPS Trackers Work

GPS tracker: What telematics is used for

When many people think of GPS trackers, all they can picture is a mapping option, but there is so much more to GPS trackers than that. A great deal of technology goes into the inner workings of a GPS tracker. Telematics is at the core of what makes GPS trackers function. While searching for GPS trackers, you may have scanned across this word more than a few times. We’re here to help you unravel the mystery of what telematics actually does.

The scholarly definition of telematics is that it is the blending of computers and wireless telecommunication technologies. Telematics leads with the goal of competently transmitting information over vast networks to improve a business functions. In more basic terms, that means that through the use of telecommunications, you would be able to send, receive and store data about your fleets as they are out in the field. As an added bonus, the GPS tracker telematics make it possible for you to utilize the devices for jobs inside the office, too.

Thanks to telematics business managers can receive live, real-time updates from the GPS trackers installed in your company vehicles. With real-time feed updates, you can manage your fleets more efficiently. The data received from your team of drivers can also be used for administration needs such as customer billing and payroll. This makes the information you get from GPS trackers incredibly powerful.

Imagine GPS tracker telematics allowing you to know exactly when one of your vehicles is moving, in idle, or turned off. You would also be able to see where it was located, for how long it was there and if it was in route as well as how fast the driver is going. Every truck in your fleet would be displayed on a live-streaming map. This information is useful, because with this data it will make it possible for you to cut down of fuel costs, labor and improve customer service through better route planning. GPS tracker telematics make everything you need to do a better possibility.

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Track Company Assets With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Keep equipment safe

Theft of vehicles and other important equipment can be a serious, high cost endeavor that no one wants to have to go through. You will be stuck with having the expenses of vehicle replacement and also pay the price of business downtime. Moreover, you may even have increasing insurance rates. These are just a few reasons why it is so important to monitor your vehicles, trailers, freight, heavy equipment and other assets. Using GPS trackers, you could help protect your fleet against theft.

GPS trackers help you to tackle a number of issues on a regular basis. You may find it challenging to keep up with where your drivers are and what they are doing. With the installation of 10-second live GPS trackers, you will acquire the ability to keep tabs on the vehicles within your fleet. From one dashboard, you will be able to see when your drivers start your vehicles, how long they idle, what speed your drivers are going, and any unauthorized usage. With the open channel established between your dispatcher and drivers your team will be more efficient.

GPS trackers can also maintain a list of your vehicles and other equipment. You can log which vehicles, trailers or other heavy equipment tools are being used and which ones remain behind. You can set-up geofences on a map to indicate where these items are allowed to be used or the location of where they are not to be used. Alerts will keep managers up to date about where their vehicles go. Even in non-business hours, alerts can be set up to inform managers if the vehicles or other equipment tools are being used or are outside of their designated geofences.

By adding a GPS tracker system you could have firsthand observation of your fleet’s whereabouts and the knowledge needed to reclaim your stolen property in a quick fashion. With a GPS tracker you will be watching your assets, which means surveying your bottom line and irrefutably means saving you money.

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How Cupid Uses A GPS Tracker

GPS tracker: Love monitor

GPS trackers have been used by many, including Santa, but what about Cupid? Valentine’s Day would not be complete without Cupid, one of the most recognized symbols of love. The little, winged guy is famous around this time of year. It is said that if Cupid shoots his arrow and hits you, that you will fall helplessly in love with the next person you meet. How do you think Cupid knows who to shoot every Valentine’s Day?

While some suspect that Cupid simply shoots at random, what if he started using a GPS tracker to monitor the perfect candidates? Using live GPS tracking alerts, Cupid will be able to complete his job in record time and be satisfied that it was a job well done. Receiving alerts in real-time means that Cupid will never miss out on what his targeted candidates are up to. Just call him the love monitor.

Cupid can use his GPS tracker to maintain a list of the people he has left to shoot and who he has already shot. He can schedule alerts to remind him when someone needs to be shot with the arrow of love. This will eliminate the need for him to have paper lists filling up a file cabinet. He’s light on his feet, so it makes sense that he’d want to keep his work load light as well.

With a GPS tracker, Cupid doesn’t have to worry about other objects in the air like flying birds or planes getting in his way, either. He can monitor the air traffic conditions and make adjustments to his flight route as necessary. This keeps him and everyone else safer.

The world is a big place for such a little guy like Cupid and flying around all day only to get lost would surely be exhausting. GPS tracker features aid Cupid in getting around most efficiently. He can view the real-time map for directions and even in the event that Cupid’s targets are on the move, GPS tracker alerts can lead Cupid to the exact location needed.

Rest assured, if you’re meant to receive an arrow of love from Cupid, he will find you thanks to the powerful technology of GPS tracking.

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Monitor Idling With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Cost efficient

GPS trackers have helped many business owners with their ability to monitor the movement and location of their vehicles. They have been able to save managers business dollars by keeping an eye out for their drivers and maintaining best business practices. In addition to being able to monitor the vehicle movement, GPS trackers can also detect when drivers are sitting idle. This is significant, because problems like increased fuel costs, additional vehicle maintenance, and being environmentally unfriendly can be bad for business and ultimately bring down your bottom line.

Your company’s fuel costs are sure to increase if your trucks are forced to remain idle, because as the motor runs it is burning up fuel. With the high cost of fuel, you definitely do not want to be wasting business expenses on more fuel than is necessary. Of course, it is practically impossible to assume that idling at traffic lights will decrease, but idling unnecessarily at job sites or for employee personal use can be brought to a minimum with the GPS tracking monitoring system. When a driver arrives to their destination, rather than leaving the vehicle running, they should turn the engine off. If drivers aren’t compliant, managers could chose to receive real-time alerts from the GPS tracker.

Not only does idling burn fuel, but leaving the motor running while in park can cause engine wear. There are the usual expenses to deal with when it comes to tire changes, oil changes, and under-the-hood preservation. Then, there are the other expenses associated with extra maintenance needed brought on by idling too long. Vehicle maintenance expenses can add up in a hurry and tacking on more maintenance costs just because your drivers were idling unnecessarily is inefficient.

As if burning fuel and additional maintenance expenses weren’t enough, vehicle idling is also terrible for the environment, which may become an issue among government regulations. While your vehicle is sitting there, the engine is releasing pollutants into the air making your company environmentally unfriendly. If mangers know where the vehicles are by use of GPS trackers, then they will also know what their drivers are doing. GPS trackers can help you to monitor unproductive time and unjustified usage.

With GPS trackers, you can have the power to monitor idling, which will drastically decrease fuel costs, reduce extra vehicle maintenance and improve your ecological footprint. If you choose to be more cost efficient with GPS trackers, you will soon be able to account for the fact that the benefits quickly pay for themselves.

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Benefits Of GPS Trackers With Panic Alerts

GPS tracker: For the safety of drivers

GPS tracking offers many helpful tools to enhance business practices. One great aspect of GPS trackers are their alert system capabilities. More specifically, they are not just money savers, but safety enforcers. The GPS tracker alert system creates the opportunity to have an endless amount of event alerts, which aid drivers and help managers to stay alert. In seconds you can receive a text message or email when an event takes place. One of the most useful features of a GPS tracker, for personal safety, are panic alerts.

Given that you’ve purchased a specific type of GPS tracker device with the ability to access panic alerts, you can establish “safe zones” (geofences) for your drivers. By doing so, you can be notified if your drivers leave your specified geofences. This is a good feature to have in order to properly monitor the safety of your drivers.

What if something should happen while your drivers are within their designated geofences? There is no reason to fear, because panic alerts can still be useful inside the outlined geofences as well. The panic alerts are activated when the panic feature is initiated. With the press of a button, a GPS tracker user can instantly alert others if a driver is in an emergency situation. On most GPS trackers, the feature will send rapid-fire location alerts followed by automated cell phone or email alerts. The live tracking map system will show a digital display of your vehicle’s location. GPS tracking panic alerts, if possible, also display the exact type of emergency situation you’re facing.

Safety is very important for business. The key is to purchase GPS trackers with panic alerts and you can have real-time GPS tracking once the button is pressed. If your a business manager with fleets, you’ll find that GPS tracking devices with panic alerts are a great way to provide peace of mind.

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How GPS Trackers Involve Football Players

GPS tracker: Bringing the “A” game

GPS tracker technology is a rapid-growing trend and it is now being used for some NFL football players. It is amazing to think that technology has made such great strides in the last few years. In the 1990’s, GPS tracking was hardly even thought of, but in 2015 we are all about what the new trends will be. This technology can be used to tell which football players are putting their best foot forward and which ones are lagging behind.

By watching the football players, coaches and staff can keep tabs on bio-mechanical data. The GPS trackers offer real-time monitoring which can be used to put players on the sidelines if they require a much needed rest. GPS tracker technology is being used for football practices as well for the safety of the players. It is being used to monitor vitals so as to prevent them from getting to a state of fatigue. In addition, players can monitor their injuries during conditioning, practices and games. Currently, fifteen out of thirty two NFL teams are managing their players with GPS trackers.

The GPS trackers are essentially collecting data over a period of time so coaches and trainers will have a basis to predict when players are peaking. The GPS tracking monitor is small enough to fit into a pouch underneath the shoulder pads and measures many stats per second. The GPS tracker, then, relays the information to monitoring software on a computer, turning it into an easy to read number. The higher the number is, the greater the exertion level of the player is.

Besides monitoring vital statistics, the GPS trackers can also measure a player’s running speeds, speed changes and directional changes. Knowing a player’s behaviors can add value to the types of plays coaches can plan out. It can also let coaches know which players are doing their best.

GPS trackers are definitely bringing their “A” game, are you?

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GPS Trackers For Winter

GPS tracker: Preparing vehicles and drivers

It is still winter and GPS trackers will become your best friend when the icy storms are upon us and the roads become dangerous to navigate. While personal vehicles can remain at home with their owners, most fleet trucks will be out on the roads, because drivers are expected to stick to their schedules. Preparing vehicles for the winter usually starts earlier in the season, but there are always some that wait until later. If you still haven’t prepared your vehicles there is something you should know; a great way to get started is by utilizing GPS tracking. The fantastic thing about GPS trackers is that they can aid in keeping drivers actively safe.

GPS trackers help management keep track of scheduled maintenance. It is evident that some vehicle preparation for winter will need to be completed. This can include things like ensuring that coolant and heaters work correctly. It is important to get each vehicle a thorough check-up with the mechanic, because vehicle breakdowns in the cold weather cause more risk of terrible accidents. A checklist should be developed to determine which vehicles will be making certain runs.

A GPS tracker system will make this type of work much quicker, easier and cheaper by recording fault codes and engine diagnostics. Managers will have every bit of information needed in their hands. When complications arise, managers will have immediate access to the problem in order to take action.

GPS trackers can show management important information about how well the drivers perform. In addition, GPS trackers can be programmed to give live updates every few seconds if need be. This will allow management to address any safety concerns on the spot or save data for later viewing.

In the unfortunate event that a storm does keep a driver from reaching their customer’s destination in a timely manner, it is important to warn the customer. Since the GPS tracker system allows management to see where their drivers are they can quickly relay the message by calling the customer to let them know the driver’s estimated arrival time. Management can also see potential hazards on the road and can redirect the driver to a safer route thanks to the GPS tracker system’s software with live weather overlay capabilities.

Clearly, GPS trackers improve the communication between drivers and managers as well as make it much easier to prepare both for the winter season.

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Advantages of Real-Time GPS Tracker Alerts

GPS tracker: Live alerts

GPS tracker systems offer fleets an abundance of data for managers to monitor and it is fantastic to be informed. US Fleet Tracking offers GPS tracker systems that send live alerts as they happen. This is a great way to stay on top of business needs and for managers to monitor fleets effectively. This is a huge advantage over some of the other systems that do not allow for updated alerts in real-time. With GPS trackers, you could change your working world by getting information to you that is most important to your business.

Receiving alerts in real-time means that you will never miss out on what your drivers are up to. If you want to be notified of how many stops a driver makes in between job-sites, you will be able to track that. Other types of alerts you would want to send to management would be things like speeding alerts. If you have drivers in your fleet well-known for speeding then setting a speeding alert to be notified when drivers are over the speed limit is the obvious choice for you. The drivers can then receive specific instructions from the you based on what you learned from monitoring the GPS tracker system. You can also set schedule reminders for vehicle maintenance. Some GPS trackers systems can even be customized to send alerts only to the individuals that the alert is intended for. The reality is sending the alert as it happens to the right person is what clients truly need.

If a vehicle is spending too much time in idle it can consume fuel. The rising costs of fuel make idling a serious problem. The more money wasted on excessive fuel costs, the more your business’ bottom line suffers. By monitoring the true idle time of drivers through GPS tracker alerts you can enhance daily routes and reduce miles driven. This could, in turn, increase your bottom line.

Let the advantages of real-time GPS tracker alerts work for you.

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