Using A GPS Tracker Reminder For Engine Air Filter Changes

GPS tracker: Keep the motor running

Fleet trucks require a lot of maintenance to stay operational. The most thought about preventative maintenance that every vehicle needs includes tire rotations, oil changes, and other fluids. One simple, yet often forgotten component is the engine air filter. When changed properly on a regular basis, your air filter can “breathe” new life into your engine. This small part is customarily underestimated in its vital role for your fleet vehicles. Since it isn’t the first thing most people think about when they hear the words “routine maintenance” it’s understandable that knowing when to change it can be forgotten. GPS tracker reminders can help you remember to do so and keep the motor running.

While every vehicle manual should tell the owner when scheduled maintenance is needed not everyone takes the time to read the manual or they tend to get lost. Most air filter service is required every 9,000 to 12,000 miles, but your fleet vehicles may need their engine filters changed more often if they drive a lot more, especially in stop-and-go traffic or have really long commutes.

If you go too long without changing the engine filter then dirt, pollen, and debris can be sucked up into the engine and it will burn inside the combustion chamber. This causes harm to the combustion chamber as well as to the vehicle’s emissions components. The easiest way to remember to change your engine filters on time is by using GPS tracker reminder alerts. With GPS tracker devices, maintenance reminders are as simple as pushing a few buttons.

On the GPS tracker interface screen you can click into alerts and enter baseline data to set up the maintenance alert which will be used to calculate the proper mileage or time to alert you. Once the criteria has been entered, you can decide whether to receive your alerts in a text message, an email, or both. Furthermore, you can choose whether or not to enable this particular alert. GPS tracker software makes changing engine air filters an easy thing to keep up with so that you won’t have more problems than necessary down the road.

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