GPS Trackers Helping Police Keep Criminals At Bay: Part 1

GPS trackers: Law enforcement friendly

There are many ways that GPS trackers are making tasks easier and even aiding to save lives. No, we don’t mean that the trackers physically save lives on their own, but we see newsworthy articles showing how GPS trackers have helped police officers to catch criminals, therefore; helped to protect citizens. Improving quality service is something that is simple with real-time monitoring. Today, we’ll talk about just a few ways that these great devices have helped answer many questions police departments may ask on a regular basis.

Which squad car or officer is closest to a crime scene? Utilizing GPS trackers, dispatching can see all registered vehicles displaying in real-time on the map. With numerous units in the field at once, knowing their exact location cuts out a lot of guesswork and down time, allowing officers to serve the public quicker. What might have been a 20 minute wait for a police officer can easily be cut down to a 5 minute wait!

Are officers sticking to their assigned areas? Geofence alerts are a great feature within the GPS trackers which will allow chiefs to keep track of the officers of lower ranks. The alert can be sent via text or email if an officer leaves his or her assigned area. This is important for maintaining efficiency and safety. For example, in the event that a criminal were to hijack a police car, someone back in the office would know immediately and be able to track the whereabouts of the driver.

These are just a few ways that law enforcement can use GPS trackers to be able to keep criminals at bay. When the public thinks of their local police department, the first words that should come to mind are safety and protection. Being able to keep officers organized can help them maintain a high level of safety and commit to protecting their community. Want to learn about a few more ways GPS trackers can help law enforcement? Stick around for part two of this series!

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