GPS Tracker Technology Trends

GPS tracker: Trends drivers should know about

GPS tracker systems can be utilized for many things such as to monitor the hours a vehicle spends driving, idle time and fuel usage. By recording this data for your drivers, you can manage them much easier. As stated by the Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus, “everything changes and nothing stands still.” This is very much true of the ever-changing GPS tracker technology trends. According to an article published in Automotive Fleet Magazine, some of the most important technology trends for GPS trackers are prognostics for vehicle maintenance and integration.

For years it has been possible to collect engine diagnostics data, but using GPS tracker technology to prevent vehicle breakdowns is becoming the way of the future and is setting the new standard for vehicle maintenance. It is without a doubt that having breakdowns can be costly due to the repairs and the employee downtime. The GPS tracker can help you keep up with maintenance by having scheduled, automatic reminder prompts.

Having the most up-to-date GPS tracker technology can certainly improve your customer service. What business manager wouldn’t want that? With that being said, it is important for drivers to know that Application Programming Interface (API), map overlays, data connect and data dump integrations are becoming progressively popular. These software platforms will make your business run more smoothly and it is technology that is very easy to use. The most important benefit of API integration would be the ability to add a customer map, which shows your vehicles’ real-time locations, on your website or mobile device for customers to see any time. This, too, will make your customers happy.

As things change, it is important to be on the lookout for updates to keep your business working with the best technology out there.

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GPS Tracker Maintenance Alerting Features

GPS tracker: Automated reminders

If you are a large fleet company in the market for a new GPS tracker system, you should be alerted to the fact that there are different types of GPS trackers. A large fleet will have different needs than a small business with only two or three work trucks. One of the most strenuous things a large fleet company manager must deal with is ongoing vehicle maintenance. So, if you have many vehicles and you aren’t sure which GPS tracker is right for you, a smart choice would be a GPS tracker that makes it easiest for you to keep on top of vehicle maintenance. It is no doubt that it would be bad for business should a vehicle break down on the job.

When dealing with a large fleet it can become quite overwhelming to keep track of vehicle maintenance schedules on such a large scale. Going from vehicle to vehicle to manually write down odometer readings is very time consuming. Running your business has enough time constraints without adding to them unnecessarily. If you have a programmed GPS tracker to send you automated maintenance alerts you can plan ahead for the maintenance you need rather than relying on old-fashioned paper documents to keep yourself informed of vehicle needs.

A GPS tracker with maintenance alerting features can allow you to enter in any type of maintenance reminder based on mileage, run time hours or set dates. This could include reminders on services like the next oil change, tire rotations and other preventative maintenance routines. Additionally, you could schedule reminders for warranty expiration or vehicle tag renewal dates.

By being able to control the vehicle maintenance you will save on the extra costs associated with breakdowns and employee downtime. With GPS trackers you could have the knowledge you need at your fingertips within minutes, allowing you to better spend your time doing more productive activities to help the overall success of your business.

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GPS Trackers For Winter

GPS tracker: Preparing vehicles and drivers

It is still winter and GPS trackers will become your best friend when the icy storms are upon us and the roads become dangerous to navigate. While personal vehicles can remain at home with their owners, most fleet trucks will be out on the roads, because drivers are expected to stick to their schedules. Preparing vehicles for the winter usually starts earlier in the season, but there are always some that wait until later. If you still haven’t prepared your vehicles there is something you should know; a great way to get started is by utilizing GPS tracking. The fantastic thing about GPS trackers is that they can aid in keeping drivers actively safe.

GPS trackers help management keep track of scheduled maintenance. It is evident that some vehicle preparation for winter will need to be completed. This can include things like ensuring that coolant and heaters work correctly. It is important to get each vehicle a thorough check-up with the mechanic, because vehicle breakdowns in the cold weather cause more risk of terrible accidents. A checklist should be developed to determine which vehicles will be making certain runs.

A GPS tracker system will make this type of work much quicker, easier and cheaper by recording fault codes and engine diagnostics. Managers will have every bit of information needed in their hands. When complications arise, managers will have immediate access to the problem in order to take action.

GPS trackers can show management important information about how well the drivers perform. In addition, GPS trackers can be programmed to give live updates every few seconds if need be. This will allow management to address any safety concerns on the spot or save data for later viewing.

In the unfortunate event that a storm does keep a driver from reaching their customer’s destination in a timely manner, it is important to warn the customer. Since the GPS tracker system allows management to see where their drivers are they can quickly relay the message by calling the customer to let them know the driver’s estimated arrival time. Management can also see potential hazards on the road and can redirect the driver to a safer route thanks to the GPS tracker system’s software with live weather overlay capabilities.

Clearly, GPS trackers improve the communication between drivers and managers as well as make it much easier to prepare both for the winter season.

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GPS Trackers are Christmas Magic: Part 2

GPS tracker: Helping Santa

“Oh what fun it is to” think that the medium used to successfully navigate the commuting aspect of your business might just be the same technology used by Santa on Christmas Eve. To us, GPS tracking and Christmas Magic are one in the same.

There are few more ways we can imagine the Jolly Old Soul using our GPS Tracking services. For example, maintenance reminders for the sleigh. Christmas Eve is no time for the sleigh to break-down. With maintenance alerts on the sleigh, the elves are able to maintain the health of the sleigh all through the year so it is in tip-top shape for the big night. If a hiccup did occur for a reason out of his control, Santa’s GPS tracker would alert the North Pole to send help on the way.

Another service Santa uses is geofences. The option for geofence saves Christmas in several ways. First of all, setting a perimeter around the sleigh while Santa is going down the chimney adds security to the gifts and sleigh. Should a bad girl or boy attempt to steal the gifts or take off with the sleigh, the unsanctioned perimeter breach would set off an alert. GPS tracking would be responsible for giving Santa and his elves ample time to take action.

Nothing is worse than when a good little girl or boy wakes up to an empty Christmas tree, because Santa overlooked them on the list. Even Santa can be forgetful at times, so he utilizes his GPS tracker reminders to makes sure that no one is forgotten. With a watchful eye on “The List,” the dispatcher elf at the North Pole can keep an eye on Santa’s location and should he leave a certain area before every child is checked off the list in that area, they can notify Santa.

Air traffic is not a problem for Santa thanks to GPS tracking: The hustle and bustle of the season certainly does not slow down on Christmas Eve. Normally, this might slow Santa down since he really likes to work without being seen. From the dispatch at the North Pole, elves are able to see where the traffic is located, thus sending Santa on a different route.

Thanks to the technology of a GPS tracker, Santa is able to make lots of children happy.

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How A GPS Tracker Can Help Fleet Executives

GPS Tracker: Defeats Business Obstacles

Every good business manager has a mission for success. Did you know a GPS tracker can help fleet executives, like you? There are many ways a GPS tracker can help fleet executives achieve business success such as; improving customer service, routing, productivity, vehicle maintenance and decreased fuel usage.

Of course, your first priority should be all about the quality of customer service, because without customers there would be no business. It is practically effortless to bestow noteworthy customer service when you have all the information that is essential to you right at your fingertips. As a fleet executive, you can improve customer service by utilizing a GPS tracker to provide detailed time of arrivals to your customers; managers will instantly know when a driver will be early, on time or late and all it takes is a simple phone call to let the customer know.
GPS trackers can also improve routing of your fleets as it grants you the ability to send drivers down the best path based on things like current traffic conditions or avoiding streets with construction. GPS trackers will let you directly communicate with drivers in the field and send them turn-by-turn directions. Furthermore, if you always know where your vehicles are at it can increase business productivity.

If you are able to see all of your vehicles on a live access GPS tracker map then you will able to make a rapid decision about dispatching the driver closest to a job site. A GPS tracker can also aid you in monitoring how long it takes for your employee to complete a job, which will increase performance and allow time to service more customers more quickly.

Another relevant concern about fleet vehicles is the maintenance needed to keep them running at their best. With busy business it can be a struggle to recall when the last time a vehicle was repaired or serviced. A GPS tracker can take on the task of remembering for you based on hours of use or miles driven. A GPS tracker can send automatic reminders of scheduled maintenance and even pinpoint which vehicles are past due for being serviced. It can be very expensive to replace or repair fleet vehicles once the damage is done so it would be fantastic to have a GPS tracker help you schedule preventative maintenance no matter how large or small the maintenance is.

Finally, a GPS tracker can aid in decreasing fuel usage. Using the right kind of GPS tracker you can obtain reports of fuel efficiency and percentage of fuel in the tank. Reports can also be scheduled to determine areas your fleet may be wasting fuel. Fuel wasting might occur at times when there is needless idling, unapproved vehicle usage and speeding. By utilizing a GPS tracker to monitor fuel usage, you can help eliminate irrelevant fuel expenses.
Overall, as a fleet executive, you have many things to ponder. Perhaps a GPS Tracker can help you defeat your most important business obstacles.

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The Way GPS Trackers Have Changed Our World: Part 2

GPS Tracker: Keeping those you love safe.

GPS trackers have changed our world in many ways. Even 10 years ago, we never would have dreamed about the conveniences that GPS trackers offer. Not only are our lives easier, we have a better sense of security like never before.

Protecting our family members with special needs: How many sad stories have we heard on the news of an elderly person or a person with special needs wandering off from safety and into of harms way? GPS trackers can help us protect those we love by indicating their location at all times. With the implementation of GPS tracker devices, even if he or she elopes from safety, their exact location will be clear within the click of a button.

Eliminate the need for “Lost Dog” posters: Young children learn the sting of loss early on when a treasured friend leaves the yard forever. Instead of wrapping the neighborhood with “Lost Dog” posters, knowing full well that the dog will most likely not be found, GPS trackers can cut out the leg work, and the heartache, and lead us right to our four-legged friend.

Add security to places of worship: Sadly enough, churches are big targets for theft and vandalism. GPS trackers have given places of worship a better sense of security through asset protection.

Know the road ahead: We have learned that multiple cities across the US have implemented GPS trackers to notify News channel viewers of which roads have been cleared for driving. This adds a better element of safety to commuters everywhere.

Know where your kids are after they leave for school: For a first time parent, the first day of school can really be a difficult day. The uneasy feeling that accompanies that little one getting onto the bus for the first time can leave a pit in the stomach all day. GPS trackers give parents an awareness of their child’s location even from their desks at work.

Though our line focuses on GPS trackers for businesses, we will continue to be in awe of all the ways that GPS trackers are being applied to change the world as we know it.

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Attention Small Business Owners, GPS Trackers Benefit You Too!

GPS Tracker: A powerful tool for any size business.

Many small businesses have the misconception that a GPS Tracker system is only for large scale companies with tons of vehicles in their fleet, but this could not be further from the truth. While we do have our larger clients, we also know the value that GPS trackers adds to the small business. Whether you are managing 200 vehicles or managing 2, a GPS tracker system is the solution for you.

You might ask yourself how the same GPS tracker software that is used on fleets in the hundreds could be relevant to your fleet of a few and we understand your concern. At US Fleet Tracking, we understand that a small business encounters a unique set of challenges which is why our GPS tracker software is designed to cater to all sizes.

Discounting the addition of a GPS tracker system to your business because of size, could really be holding you back. We understand that one of the biggest challenges you face as a small business is that you have to wear so many hats. Where a large company employs hundreds of professionals to keep each department running efficiently, to cut costs, you are managing these departments on your own. The problem we see with this type of system is that you are not only taking away time from other time-sensitive tasks, your burning of the midnight oil leaves you open for more errors.

We give you access to many items that will simplify the way you do business, which intern offers you the commodity of time. Some of these items include:

Maintenance reminders
A user-friendly system interface with 24/7 access
Live traffic and weather reports
Turn-by-turn directions
Geofenses that notify you if a vehicle has left a set perimeter
Employee reports
Timesheet and payroll
Gas mileage/speed/idling reports
Driver behavior reports
Interactive maps that grant you a snapshot of your business in real-time

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The GPS Tracker Tool Belt: Part 2

GPS Tracker: The right tools for the job!

GPS trackers offer companies everywhere a robust collection of reporting tools that really come in handy for those looking to eliminate unnecessary expenses and beef up their bottom line.

If a driver report card and Geofence technology were not enough to convince you of how beneficial GPS a tracker can be, here are a few more ways that GPS trackers will revolutionize the way you do business.

Multiple state reports: If you are a nationwide company and require your employees to keep track of information from each state, a GPS tracker system will make your jobs so much easier. We offer reports that will give you a breakdown of all the information you will need without room for error that occurs through guess work. State miles report will save you so much time and offer you better accuracy across the board.

Mileage: Upon accessing your mileage report, you will notice gas mileage, maintenance schedules, vehicle reports, and much more. At one glance, you will have the GPS tracker tools and info that could potentially keep you from liabilities down the road.

Driver speed behavior: When this report is opened, the GPS tracker system will display charts that highlight by color, your driver’s speed habits. If you see certain drivers are continuously going too fast, you can proactively mitigate the problem before it causes too much wear and tear on your vehicle, or even worse, causes and accident. By creating a safer driver, you are also less of a liability to your insurance company. If you notice that your drivers are continueing to go lower than the speed limit, you have the opportunity to look into the possibility of a better route to and from that destination.

Nip excessive idling in the bud: Idling is one of the biggest ways to watch your money go out the window. Many people have a misconceptions about the waste of fuel involved in idling. We have heard, “If I’m not driving, I am not wasting gas,” or, “stopping and then restarting the engine wastes more gas than if I just leave the engine running.” These falsehoods lead to more money loss than we care to discuss. A GPS tracker, will provide the proof you need to those stuck in this incorrect mentality.

Believe it or not, this is not the end of the list of features and reports we offer at US Fleet Tracking. Our GPS tracker systems offer our clients many more tools for their tool belts. We would love the opportunity to visit with you about your business goals for the upcoming quarter, and how implement a GPS tracker system can help you get there.

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Our Favorite Ways A GPS Tracker Saves You Money: Part 2

GPS Tracker: Save your hard earned cash

Saving our customers money is one of our very favorite things to do. We love to hear the countless success stories of how a customer started using a GPS tracker for one reason and found it helped greatly in another area as well. We never get tired of that kind of news.

If you are in the market to save money, we hope our favorite ways to save you money will strike a cord for you.

Cut down those pesky maintenance costs: No maintenance cost is fun, but the worst kind is the one that could have been avoided. Those are the kind that make you want to repeatedly kick yourself. A GPS tracker will save you from that kick by offering you maintenance alerts that will remind you when your vehicles are due for routine maintenance. Prevention is key. If you can keep up with areas that could be problematic down the road, you are going to save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Employee Accountability: A GPS tracker is a way to discover if your employees are doing what they should be doing when they say they are doing it. Businesses of all sizes know the importance of their employees putting in an honest day’s work, and a GPS is tracker the accountability everyone needs.

Cut the Gas Costs: How much money are you wasting in gas costs? If you take closer look, you are probably losing more money than you care to think about! A GPS tracker helps you stretch that gas dollar by giving your drivers more efficient route to and from their destinations and keeping track of your idling time.

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GPS Tracker Solutions for the Proactive Business: Part 2

GPS Tracker: The proactive advantage.

As a fleet manager, you must be proactive in planning, so when something unexpected comes up, you are not thrown off guard and left in a bind.

We have identified a few problems that can and will occur. Without a GPS tracker, you could be left with major problems. We believe a GPS tracker system is the solution in almost any case, best and worst.

Problem: One of your drivers has a breakdown on the side of the road before arriving to the location of an emergency service call. There is no way they will make the appointment in time.

GPS Tracker Solution: With a GPS tracker, our hope is that breakdowns are less likely to occur because of our maintenance alerts that keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. If a breakdown occurred because of a problem in the road, a GPS tracker could locate a replacement for the job, based on the location and you can send help to your stranded driver.

Problem: One of your driver’s arrives at the job location… minus an important tool needed to complete the job.

GPS Tracker Solution: Instead of that driver having to leave your client to drive all the way back to your hub to get the tool, with a GPS tracker, one click is all it takes to find out who is in close proximity to the job site. Once located, send this driver over with the tool. This will save you time, money, and face. The client does not even have to know that the crucial tool is missing.

Problem: One of your drivers scheduled for an early morning job calls in sick.

GPS Tracker Solution: This scenario really has the tendency to wreck the entire day, leaving everyone with a sense of disorganization while playing catch-up. A GPS tracker system allows you to locate where your service vehicles are and which is closest to the job. If that individual is already taking a job, figure out if switching assignments would be a better use of time and fuel, if so re-assign the job. GPS tracking is a way to make better use of the time you have available during the day.

A GPS tracker system once again saves the day. Your clients are happy, your workers are happy, you are happy.

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