Using A GPS Tracker Reminder For Engine Air Filter Changes

GPS tracker: Keep the motor running

Fleet trucks require a lot of maintenance to stay operational. The most thought about preventative maintenance that every vehicle needs includes tire rotations, oil changes, and other fluids. One simple, yet often forgotten component is the engine air filter. When changed properly on a regular basis, your air filter can “breathe” new life into your engine. This small part is customarily underestimated in its vital role for your fleet vehicles. Since it isn’t the first thing most people think about when they hear the words “routine maintenance” it’s understandable that knowing when to change it can be forgotten. GPS tracker reminders can help you remember to do so and keep the motor running.

While every vehicle manual should tell the owner when scheduled maintenance is needed not everyone takes the time to read the manual or they tend to get lost. Most air filter service is required every 9,000 to 12,000 miles, but your fleet vehicles may need their engine filters changed more often if they drive a lot more, especially in stop-and-go traffic or have really long commutes.

If you go too long without changing the engine filter then dirt, pollen, and debris can be sucked up into the engine and it will burn inside the combustion chamber. This causes harm to the combustion chamber as well as to the vehicle’s emissions components. The easiest way to remember to change your engine filters on time is by using GPS tracker reminder alerts. With GPS tracker devices, maintenance reminders are as simple as pushing a few buttons.

On the GPS tracker interface screen you can click into alerts and enter baseline data to set up the maintenance alert which will be used to calculate the proper mileage or time to alert you. Once the criteria has been entered, you can decide whether to receive your alerts in a text message, an email, or both. Furthermore, you can choose whether or not to enable this particular alert. GPS tracker software makes changing engine air filters an easy thing to keep up with so that you won’t have more problems than necessary down the road.

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4 Ways You Lose Money Without GPS Tracking: Part 1

GPS tracking: Reducing the waste of profits

GPS tracking truly is a wonderful form of technology that can make running a fleet business so much easier. The 3G connectivity provides data quickly and keeps you connected without a hassle. What happens if you don’t have GPS tracking? Quite frankly, without this technology on your side your bottom line can be depleted by having too much overhead cost. Today, we’re going to shed some light on 2 out of 4 ways that you lose money without GPS tracking.

1.) Unorganized fleet: Without GPS tracking your fleet drivers could be wasting company time without you even realizing it. For example, let’s say you’ve lined up jobs for one worker while another has a few hours of downtime. That’s not a very efficient way for everyone to be spending the workday. An unorganized fleet is one surefire way to waste profits quickly.

2.) Vehicle repairs: Without GPS software it can be difficult to keep up with every vehicle that needs routine work done. Manually tracking it on paper requires time to double check the figures. Tracking it on an app means you actually have to open the app to check it periodically. If you can’t remember the maintenance in the first place, will you remember to open the app and check?

Spending more than necessary on expenses is a problem many fleet companies face. A few ways that GPS tracking can help you avoid wasting profits include live maps to keep tabs on your drivers at all times and automatic maintenance reminders to help you remember to take care of some of your most important company assets. The system is also very simple to use and within weeks you could see the money saving difference. Are you ready to stop wasting your profits?

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2 Ways GPS Trackers Can Help Catering Companies

GPS trackers: Summer event coordinators

The summer season is about to kick off and with the warmer weather comes more people planning large scale events like weddings, birthdays, and anniversary parties. To make these events go off without a hitch, people tend to hire catering companies. There is a lot to do when trying to balance food orders coming and going while maintaining that the staff is on point. GPS trackers can help catering companies cook up a great game plan. Are you curious how they could work for your catering company? Here are 2 ways these devices come to the rescue.

1.) Expense Management: With GPS trackers, it’s easier to keep a close eye on where money is being spent. This makes it possible for you to reduce wasted dollars, when need be. Not only do you need to know about food purchases, but you need to know that every mile driven to a customer’s big event is being optimized for savings. GPS trackers help you monitor fuel usage and plan routes efficiently. Another way to manage expenses is by being able to record the time your employees work, which can be automatically recorded as soon as a vehicle starts up.

2.) Schedule Optimization: Driving anywhere and arriving on time is a gamble with traffic conditions constantly fluctuating. At least with GPS trackers, there is a chance for you to plan routes around heavy traffic congestion and road hazards so that your catering team can arrive timely to deliver food to customers. Getting live 10, 5, or 1 second updates makes a big difference. Food delivery isn’t the only schedule you have to worry about! You also have to remember to set aside time for vehicle repairs so that those deliveries can be possible. Easily schedule maintenance reminders so that you can keep your catering vehicles in good working condition.

Taking control of your catering company is as easy as a few clicks on an easy to operate screen. GPS trackers make providing catering for summer events a breeze. Keeping track of your expenses and maintaining a tight schedule are only a few benefits that come from owning these wonderful devices. In the first 30 days, you could already see return on investment! Get started, today.

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GPS Trackers Can Help Fleets With New Year’s Resolutions: Part 1

GPS trackers: Resolving common fleet problems

You’ve barely made it out of Christmas mode and perhaps you have yet to even remove every decoration at the office, but that doesn’t stop the inevitable adoption of a “fresh” attitude when January rolls around. The personal list of resolutions usually consist of keeping your body healthy or staying in touch with loved ones. Deep down, these New Year’s resolutions aren’t much different than what fleet businesses want in 2016; they just take on slightly different titles such as “keeping trucks healthy” and “staying in touch with customers.” A great way to stick to these New Year’s resolutions is by using GPS trackers. In part one of this series we will talk about how GPS trackers can be used to keep your fleet trucks running at their best.

Keeping trucks healthy: The top maintenance needs for vehicles consists of regular oil changes, tire rotations, air filter changes and brake pad changes. Larger vehicles may require maintenance more often, of course. No matter what your ongoing needs are, GPS trackers can help you organize all your maintenance reminders. The system automatically calculates from the beginning mileage you input to when the next oil change will be needed and so forth. No longer will you have to rely on sticky notes, paper pads or clipboards full of listed information. The GPS tracker system can store all the data you need and send you alerts via text or email when necessary maintenance is due.

GPS trackers are great as resolving common fleet problems and helping fleets stick to their 2016 New Year’s resolutions. It’s a plan simple enough that you don’t have to risk breaking promises to yourself or your company. Installation is relatively easy, training takes little time and ongoing training is easily found streaming, online or with a quick phone call. Are you prepared to make the leap into 2016?

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Utilizing GPS Tracking Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

GPS tracking: Device and vehicle management

There are a lot of seasoned business owners making great use of GPS tracking devices and for every one company that has mastered utilizing these devices, there are a handful of them still working through the process. Trust us, the process is worth it in the end! One of the most robust, yet worthwhile functions of GPS tracking is the ability to set up vehicle maintenance reminders. Utilizing GPS tracking vehicle maintenance reminders is a great way to maintain healthy vehicles on the road which keeps drivers working and making you money.

The best part about GPS tracking vehicle maintenance reminders is that there are no limits as to what type of reminders you can create for your fleet. If you want to create separate reminders for tire rotations, oil changes, wiper blades, brake pads or more, that’s not a problem! By clicking into the device management area of your GPS tracking device, you will find multiple options.

If you have a one time reminder you would like to set you can chose to do so by clicking under maintenance options. If you’d like to have ongoing reminders after you perform routine maintenance, to keep things current, that is also an option. You don’t even have to be a mathematician to figure out when the next reminder should be set, because once you enter the initial vehicle mileage into the system it automatically calculates the mileage at which the next service will be required.

With a quick glance into your GPS tracking device’s Device Maintenance area, you can easily see what the status of vehicle maintenance for all vehicles in your fleet. You will be able to see s status of “over due” if maintenance is needed right away, “warning” if maintenance is coming up soon or “current” if everything is fine. After that you can chose to have the alerts sent to you via email, text or simply view the information online. Truly, utilizing your GPS tracking device for vehicle maintenance reminders couldn’t be easier.

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How GPS Tracking Helps You Remember Tire Rotations

GPS tracking: Treading with intelligence

The most difficult part of making sure your fleet vehicles get regular maintenance is actually remembering to have it done, but GPS tracking can help you continue to tread on. With all the miles a fleet truck travels, it’s no surprise that they require so much maintenance. One of the easiest, yet most vital parts, of vehicle maintenance is getting tires rotated. When done properly, rotating tires can give longer life to your tires, improve gas mileage and makes driving safer. It’s an understatement to say that tire rotations are important!

Every vehicle manual should tell the owner when scheduled maintenance is needed, but lets face it, not everyone takes the time to read the manual. A good rule of thumb is to change the tires around at every other oil change. Rotating tires to a different corner of the vehicle keeps the tread from wearing unevenly. If you leave tires in the same place for long periods of time the outside edges on the front tires will wear down quicker than the rest. Inevitably, you’ll have to replace the tires miles sooner. The easiest way to remember to rotate your tires on time is by using GPS tracking reminder alerts. With GPS tracking, maintenance reminders are as easy as pushing a few buttons.

In the GPS tracking device you can enter baseline data to set up the maintenance alert which will be used to calculate the proper mileage or time to alert you. Once the parameters have been set, you may choose to receive your alerts via text message, email, or both, and whether or not to enable this particular alert. GPS tracking makes tire rotations an easy thing to keep track of so that each tire wears out at, relatively, the same rate as the other tires. GPS tracking is what we like to call treading with intelligence.

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Are You Wasting Money Without GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers: Ending the money pit

The rise and fall, the earnings and expenses; all of these are just a natural part of doing business. Of course, spending more than you need to be can take a toll on your fleet business and your bottom line. Have you ever thought about the money pit you’re throwing your money into? Truthfully, if you’re not using GPS trackers for your fleets then there are numerous areas you’re most likely wasting money. Some of the most costly endeavors stem from unnecessary fuel usage, idling, vehicle repairs and inefficient employees. Let’s take a look at how you could be suffering without GPS trackers.

Fuel usage: Without GPS trackers you won’t really know how fast drivers are driving, if aggressive driving is taking place or if harsh braking is a habit. These are all actions that burn fuel faster.

Idling: Leaving fleet trucks running idle for long periods of time forces the engine to operate inefficiently while increasing the need for maintenance. Without GPS trackers you wouldn’t have automatic data to tell you which drivers are idling excessively, causing your engines to eventually degrade and reduce mileage.

Vehicle repairs: Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is important. Without GPS trackers to help you automatically schedule maintenance reminders, you’re left to keep track of repairs manually via time consuming methods.

Inefficient employees: Do you know where your drivers are at throughout the whole day? How can you really be sure? Without the GPS trackers, you don’t have a digital, live map to actually see the location of all drivers.

GPS trackers are wonderful technology which can do many things to make your business easier to run. With 3G capability you’ll have a strong connection to all the data you need. It’s clear to see how fuel usage, idling, vehicle repairs and inefficient employees can bring your business down by costing you far too much money. GPS trackers can be the answer to ending the money pit.

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Navigation System Got You Lost? You Need GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Superior mapping with serious results

Has one of your drivers ever typed in a desired address into their personal navigation system only to find that the system took them the long way around? What about the times the GPS navigation system was totally off base and sent a driver somewhere they weren’t even trying to go? These are the woes that trouble your drivers when your company chooses to use GPS navigation systems rather than true GPS tracking devices. Personal navigation devices may be a cheaper option, but they aren’t superior. Here’s why you need GPS tracking for serious map results.

1.) Updated maps: GPS tracking devices aren’t just equipped with pre-set maps. GPS tracking maps are kept up to date and a minimal fee goes into keeping them preserved and maintained.

2.) Instantaneous data: GPS tracking devices relay information via cellular service to a tracking platform and converts its coordinates into a point on a map. The best part? GPS tracking is live and with US Fleet Tracking’s products you get as little as 1-second, live updates.

3.) Automatic reminders: Can’t remember to rotate the tires every few thousand miles? Or maybe you can’t remember when the last oil change was? With GPS tracking you can schedule maintenance reminders of all sorts so there is no forgetting.

Think your personal navigation system can do all that? Think again. The personal navigation system is set up to be nothing more than a pretty face with a map and, if you’re lucky, a talking voice. The problem stems further than that, however; as GPS navigation systems don’t have maps that automatically update to show current traffic conditions, road hazards or other structural changes. GPS navigation systems simply don’t allow your fleet to operate as efficiently as they could. It’s clear that with so many benefits, GPS tracking is the smarter way to go. They offer you superior mapping with serious results.

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Benefits Of GPS Trackers For Swimming Pool Cleaning Companies

GPS trackers: Making a big splash

Managing a pool cleaning company has it’s ups and downs for sure, but this is the perfect season for your maintenance guys to get out there. While your pool cleaners might be the hardest workers you know, wouldn’t you like to make all of your jobs a little easier? One of the most important aspects of any business is keeping an open line of communication. GPS trackers can help bridge the gap between managers, employees and customers. Here are a few ways that GPS trackers can benefit your swimming pool cleaning company.

1.) Job tracking: Our GPS trackers have a live map which displays exactly where your vehicles are parked or driving to at any given time. GPS trackers have the ability to provide you with time-stamped evidence of jobs completed from start time to end time. This really cuts down on discrepancies. This great for both the customer and you to have accurate reports.

2.) Inventory control: Keep track of pool cleaning chemicals that you have in stock by creating the digital list using GPS trackers. Also, know exactly where equipment is located. Being able to control inventory will cut down on expenses for replacing items that might have gotten lost.

3.) Vehicle maintenance: GPS trackers allow managers, like you, to set up automatic maintenance reminders on vehicles. So, when your employee is out cleaning a swimming pool, he doesn’t have to worry about the oil being changed. The reminders can be for oil changes, tire rotations, under the hood replacements and more. GPS trackers can also show reports on idling, harsh braking habits, speeding and other aggressive driving which can be used to decrease these actions and save money on repairs associated with them.

Your swimming pool cleaning company already has enough paperwork to keep track of which is why with GPS trackers paperless data has never been easier. There are many benefits to using GPS trackers that far outweigh the initial cost. They are simple to operate and provide you the information you need, when you need it, at your fingertips! GPS trackers have been making a big splash with all types of businesses, will yours be one of them?

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Three Of The Newest GPS Tracking Features

GPS tracking: Technology at your fingertips

When you think of GPS tracking it is easy to believe that the software will be just another mapping system, but the added features provided to you are much more valuable than that. In fact, the best GPS tracking systems give managers a chance to receive a return on investment. When you are searching for the best GPS tracking features to fit your business needs you will want to see capabilities that give you a wireless data service. We will talk about three of the newest GPS tracking features you want to see.

1.) 3G connectivity: This is the next level in GPS tracking, with a stronger and broader network. The GPS tracking industry has grown strong and now wireless data service providers are updating their networks which in turn requires the newest GPS tracking devices. You can significantly enhance your daily activities by having the best live mapping and data management capabilities.

2.) Live alerts: When your drivers are out there on the road, every second counts. If you aren’t receiving live updates, you only have a sliver of information and you never know what happens in between those moments that you don’t have connectivity. Our GPS tracking systems offer you 10, 5 and sometimes even 1-second updates!

3.) Scheduled alerts: Truthfully, management doesn’t have to have live updates on everything. For example, maintenance reminders will obviously not need to be every second. It is for those needs that scheduled reminder alerts are available. All you have to do is program the GPS tracking devices to send an alert via text or e-mail when routine maintenance on vehicles is due.

GPS tracking can help you manage fleets more efficiently while offering you live and scheduled alerts with the most up to date 3G network technology on the market. Business managers have so many options to chose from in the digital age and if you don’t know what to look for it’s possible you may choose an inferior product. Choosing inferior products can be frustrating and turn out to be a nightmare. This is why US Fleet Tracking offers consultation; we can answer any question about any of our products to make certain you choose something that is best suited for your fleet business.

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