Typical Fleet Problems And How GPS Trackers Help: Part 1

GPS Tracker: Champion against obstacles

Every fleet manager is strapped with the task of making the business successful. Hiccups are inevitable from time to time, but an unorganized fleet business probably sees double the amount of unexpected problems than those that utilize GPS trackers. Every business owner should want to see improvements in their overall performance and with GPS trackers progress can be made. In part one of this series we will discuss two typical fleet problems and how GPS trackers can help.

1.) Increasing Gasoline Prices: According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, it just so happens that gas prices increase during the summer months, starting around Memorial Day. Now that we’re in June, fleet companies are sure to feel the sting of having to pay the higher, summer gas prices. By using GPS trackers, managers can ensure that dispatchers plan and relay shorter routes to drivers, which will decrease mileage driven and therefore; decrease money spent on gas.

2.) Unexpected Vehicle Deterioration: Wear and tear will happen eventually, but having a better handle on routine vehicle maintenance extends the period between repairs and vehicle downtime that can be caused by neglecting maintenance practices. GPS trackers make this task a cinch to handle, because managers can schedule maintenance reminder alerts which are sent via e-mail or text for convenience.

Even if your fleet business has “deep pockets” that doesn’t mean you want to have to shell out capital that could be better spent elsewhere or reinvested in your business. Using the right kind of GPS tracker you can obtain reports of fuel efficiency and percentage of fuel in the tank, plan routes and talk to the driver via the two-way communicator. You can also simplify maintenance routines with the alert set-up. How great is that? GPS trackers are like champions against all business obstacles. Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will give your a few more ways GPS trackers can help your fleet business.

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