Jump Over Productivity Hurdles With A GPS Tracker: Part 2

GPS tracker: Make it happen

There’s only a few days left until Christmas and in the midst of the holiday scramble it can be easy to forget about important work related tasks. It’s sometimes difficult for busy fleet drivers to realize that if they don’t have time to do something right the first time that they just might not have time to fix the problem when everything goes awry. Luckily, GPS tracker data can be utilized to help drivers metaphorically jump over certain productivity hurdles. Today, we’re discussing one of the top problems that squashes productivity and how a GPS tracker system can help.

Vehicle Breakdowns: When you’re drivers are constantly on the go this holiday season, it may become commonplace to completely forget about or procrastinate on getting regular vehicle maintenance. For example, allowing an extra few hundred miles before getting that scheduled oil change may not seem as if it would be too cumbersome for the engine, but too many instances like this will degrade the engine overtime.

Likewise, tire rotations and other under the hood maintenance is important to keep vehicles running at their best. If drivers neglect to have maintenance performed when necessary this can lead to unnecessary vehicle breakdowns causing unscheduled work delays and that puts a damper on productivity.

GPS tracker data such as maintenance alerts can help drivers remember when vehicle maintenance is coming up so that they can avoid frequent breakdowns.

Time is of the essence for fleet business drivers and regardless of how distracted they may be with their personal lives, it’s vital to stay the course. If you’re looking for GPS tracker devices with 1, 5, or 10 second live updates, look no further than US Fleet Tracking for your next investment. We’ve been creating live 5- and 10-second vehicle tracking systems literally longer than any other company in the world! Not only do our GPS tracker devices help make productivity happen, but they also offer ROI within the first month. Are you ready?

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GPS Tracking Enticing Hard Working Individuals: Part 2

GPS tracking: Retain the finest workers

According to the 2015 Truck Driver Shortage Analysis Report, the first driver shortage was documented in 2005. By 2011, it slowly recovered only to fall again. By 2014, the shortage skyrocketed to 38,000. Now, more than ever it is vital to retaining the finest workers possible, but doing so takes some work on the fleet owner’s part. In part 1, we talked about how GPS tracking has ways to please the best drivers and entice hard working individuals to stick around. Today, we’re going to talk about 2 more ways GPS tracking technology makes being a fleet worker better.

Providing Safety: Showing that safety is a top priority shows that you care about protecting your drivers from harm. GPS tracking can help drivers become more aware of their driving habits like speeding and harsh braking. Knowing is half the battle, so once drivers know there is an issue it can be addressed, making certain that drivers remain as safe as possible in the field. Panic alerts provided by GPS tracking, provide an extra level of safety for drivers, should they ever find themselves in a compromising position. Additionally, maintenance alerts can help everyone to remember when vehicle maintenance is due. Doing so will ensure that all company vehicles are safe to stay in operation.

Increasing Incentive: Keeping the finest workers around may take the implementation of an incentive program. Measuring driver performance might be difficult if you’re doing things manually, but if you’re using GPS tracking this can be achieved easily. Simply utilize the recorded data for up to 90 days back and award the driver with the best statistics. If you’re worried that you won’t have to funds to have an incentive program, think about the fact that your dedicated employees will be more likely to work more productively, therefore; increasing the chance for more jobs to be completed and more revenue to come in.

By allowing GPS tracking to provide an organized work environment, protect employee reputations, provide safety, and increase revenue opportunities for incentive programs you’re doing more than enough to retain the finest workers. Enticing hard working individuals may not be any easier! Now are you ready to get started with GPS tracking?

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GPS Tracking For Rental Car Services: Part 2

GPS tracking: No risky business & very efficient

Summer road trips sure do bring in the business for car rental companies, but doing so can also bring some risks. Your doors are only open for so long, leaving your company rentals unwatched during the hours that your office is closed. In part 1 of this series, we talked about how using GPS tracking can help in the retrieval process of stolen vehicles. Additionally, we also talked about how the live map can be used to see a vehicle’s actions. In part 2 of this series, we’ll be explaining a few more ways GPS tracking can be useful for car rental companies.

(1.) Door Unlock: Some cars have keyless start and remote door unlock features built in. If your rentals aren’t upgraded to this standard you may face the possibility of a customer locking the keys in the car. You might have a spare key should the set get stuck inside a locked car, but what if the situation isn’t ideal and it’s not where the car is? GPS tracking can take care of you. Device Commands can have your rental car unlocked in seconds.

(2.) Maintenance Alerts: Rental cars get driven a lot. The more a car is driven, the likelihood of increased maintenance is very high. How does your rental company remember to rotate the tires, change the oil, check for proper alignment, and tune-up everything under the hood? GPS tracking maintenance alerts can save a whole lot of headache by automatically reminding users of any scheduled maintenance due.

If you don’t have GPS tracking your company runs the risk of spending more company cash on replacement vehicles and higher insurance premiums. Could your car rental company benefit from being able to make sure vehicles are safe and that maintenance is properly completed? If you feel that deterring theft of rental vehicles and keeping maintenance up to date is important, then GPS tracking can do wonders for you. Keep your company’s income where it needs to be and protect assets at the same time with GPS tracking.

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How GPS Tracking Helps With Vehicle Inspections

GPS tracking: Keeping vehicles functioning

Keeping track of vehicle diagnostics, for fleet businesses, is a pretty important aspect of the job, because without vehicles running in top shape it would be impossible to be a fleet business. No matter the industry or the size of the fleet business, managers have to have vehicle inspections, at some point, in order to keep vehicles functioning. Rather than having to manually keep track of every aspect of the vehicles, GPS tracking is a wonderfully easy way for fleet managers to handle this routine task. Listed below are a 2 common areas that GPS tracking really helps with when it comes to inspecting fleet vehicles.

Maintenance Alerts: Managers don’t have to keep paper files with vehicle mileage sketched out all over the place in order to know when oil changes, tire rotations, tag renewals and other regular maintenance is due. GPS tracking alerts can be set and the program will automatically calculate, based on mileage, when the next round of maintenance is coming up.

Vehicle Activity: Making sure vehicles stay running at their best doesn’t stop at routine maintenance. Knowing vital information such as fuel efficiency can also help as it will reduce costs and greenhouse emissions. GPS tracking reports can be used to keep a close eye on this as well as idling times, speeding, start/stop times and more.

GPS tracking allows managers to analyze everything that contributes to keeping vehicles functioning and business flowing. The great news is that the reporting and alert features are easy to use, producing data that can be glanced at when managers are in a hurry or thoroughly reviewed when they are able to sit for longer periods of time. Keeping tabs on the way the vehicles are being driven will help reduce the amount of unnecessary maintenance while reminder alerts will help keep track of maintenance that is needed on a routine basis.

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How GPS Tracking Helps You Remember Tire Rotations

GPS tracking: Treading with intelligence

The most difficult part of making sure your fleet vehicles get regular maintenance is actually remembering to have it done, but GPS tracking can help you continue to tread on. With all the miles a fleet truck travels, it’s no surprise that they require so much maintenance. One of the easiest, yet most vital parts, of vehicle maintenance is getting tires rotated. When done properly, rotating tires can give longer life to your tires, improve gas mileage and makes driving safer. It’s an understatement to say that tire rotations are important!

Every vehicle manual should tell the owner when scheduled maintenance is needed, but lets face it, not everyone takes the time to read the manual. A good rule of thumb is to change the tires around at every other oil change. Rotating tires to a different corner of the vehicle keeps the tread from wearing unevenly. If you leave tires in the same place for long periods of time the outside edges on the front tires will wear down quicker than the rest. Inevitably, you’ll have to replace the tires miles sooner. The easiest way to remember to rotate your tires on time is by using GPS tracking reminder alerts. With GPS tracking, maintenance reminders are as easy as pushing a few buttons.

In the GPS tracking device you can enter baseline data to set up the maintenance alert which will be used to calculate the proper mileage or time to alert you. Once the parameters have been set, you may choose to receive your alerts via text message, email, or both, and whether or not to enable this particular alert. GPS tracking makes tire rotations an easy thing to keep track of so that each tire wears out at, relatively, the same rate as the other tires. GPS tracking is what we like to call treading with intelligence.

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