Why Law Enforcement Should Use GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Saving lives and arrests made easier

Law enforcement is in place to uphold the law which is meant to keep criminals at bay. When people think of police officers, they should be able to associate them safety. GPS trackers have started to help many law enforcers maintain a level of safety that is expected by the public. There are still some police stations that have not made the commitment to use GPS trackers and this leaves them at risk. For example, it wasn’t too long ago that the news reported a man in Springfield, Massachusetts stole a police cruiser and took it for a joyride. In that incident the police admitted they did not have a GPS tracker device installed and they had left the keys in the ignition.

Had the police not been able to catch the criminal, they would have a very pricey recovery on their hands. It would have taken much less time to reclaim the stolen cruiser with the use of a GPS tracker device. Dispatchers would have been able to view the live tracking map and pinpoint exactly where the missing cruiser was located. GPS trackers are helpful for the dispatchers in other ways, also. With live dispatching, the team has the ability to send officers out quickly to areas of need. It’s as straightforward as opening the tracking map screen and visually locating the closest officer to the call’s location. In the event of a high speed chase, dispatchers can watch everything unfold with 10, 5 or 1 second updates. While the officers are driving, dispatchers can provide turn-by-turn directions or guide officers through paths that may be unfamiliar to them.

On top of making dispatching easier, GPS trackers can increase officer productivity with analytical reporting of driving behaviors and alert functions. Nothing will get by the commanding officers or Chief of police when GPS trackers are installed in each vehicle, because the data is historical; recorded for viewing at any time. This kind of information can help law enforcement agencies with making the necessary changes to improve driver safety.

GPS trackers can help your dispatchers and officers. The bottom line for any law enforcement agency is about protection and the way to do that is by keeping themselves and others as safe as possible. GPS trackers help law enforcement in many ways to make achieving this goal more obtainable.

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GPS Trackers Vs. The 1-800 Number Bumper Sticker

GPS tracker: Benefits beyond a phone call

While driving down the highway you have probably seen a bumper sticker or two that asks fellow drivers to call the 1-800 number in order to weigh in on how a truck driver is doing. Here’s the problem, not all fleet companies want stickers on their vehicles. An alternative would be GPS trackers. You may be wondering how GPS trackers can replace the program associated with the 1-800 number safety hot-line?

Let us give you a detailed explanation, here. The underlying purpose of having a 1-800 number bumper sticker is that the phone number is actually linked to an attempt at preventing further aggressive driving and future accidents from happening out on the road. That is all the program is good for, but GPS trackers have the capability to allow managers to monitor driving behaviors and so much more!

Dispatchers or managers can view the live tracking map at any time to see where all of their vehicles are located and what they are doing, based on recorded analytic statistics. This way, managers will know, almost instantly, when a driver isn’t behaving and they don’t have to wait for a phone call to come in. Using the two-way communicator feature, the manager can warn the driver. If a driver has veered off course for any reason, the dispatcher can digitally draw a new path on the GPS tracker screen for the driver to follow.

GPS trackers allow for the drivers and managers to have control and responsibility rather than relying on a bumper sticker to “work” for them. The best part about GPS tracking software is that it is, inevitably, going to empower the employees to do things the right way simply because they know they are being monitored. It’s not about the fleet company boss being the “big brother,” it’s about increasing the safety of drivers. What will you choose?

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Three Businesses That Use GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Going everywhere

Old habits die hard, or so they say, so it’s understandable that many companies have not yet started using GPS trackers to improve how their businesses functions. While it is understandable why you might not have started using GPS trackers, that doesn’t mean that it’s the most brilliant plan to ignore all the ways that these devices could be saving your business money and time. You may know that large fleet businesses use GPS trackers, but they can also be used by many different types of businesses, too. Here are some examples of businesses (that you might not expect) which use GPS tracking devices to improve their daily activities.

1.) Art Museums: Museums hold some of the most valuable artifacts and pieces of art work. It makes sense that they would want to take extreme precaution in protecting their assets. GPS tracking software is hard at work here when large art museums have to transport their precious cargo. The GPS trackers offer the museum curators peace of mind as they can use the live map tracker to monitor their transport vehicles.

2.) Universities: GPS trackers have been aiding Ivy League colleges that have grown large in population, beyond their initial capacity. It is because of this growth that many colleges have had to make use of buildings further away from the main campus. GPS tracking helps monitoring of shuttle vehicles that are responsible for carrying student back and forth across campus and to the other buildings.

3.) Bike Rentals: Some locations are popular for bike riding as the cost of renting a bike is much cheaper than paying for gas prices or other forms of public transportation. The companies that own the bikes want to make sure that they get the bikes to their rental locations, safely. Some companies have started using GPS trackers to monitor the location and of their transported bikes. This cuts down on the possibility of theft and keeps track of employee accountability.

GPS trackers are going everywhere these days! They have made businesses all over the United States much more efficient. So, if you’re a smaller business or you do something entirely different than manage large fleet vehicles then you may be able to benefit from GPS trackers as well.

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Live Map Control Functions For GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: The map tracking system

It has been said many times that fleet business owners can benefit to a great extent by implementing GPS trackers. One of the best features about GPS trackers is their ability to provide live map tracking. Do you know where your drivers are or what they are doing? With GPS trackers, you wouldn’t have to second guess whether your drivers were doing their job. Ready to know more?

Proper GPS tracking for trucks requires recent and clear mapping. In addition, you should be able to get live traffic information via the map in order to help drivers avoid delays. The goal is that you want to be able to see, clearly, what is going out there on the road. Our GPS trackers have accurate and up-to-date maps in order to be the most user friendly. There are different types of views you can choose from in the live tracking web-based system: Map view, Hybrid, Birdseye and Satellite. These options are available to you to help you manage your fleet better.

In each of these views, you may move the map and toggle the display of helpful information. Immediately below the view type buttons, there are checkbox options as well. A few of these include Center and Traffic. When the Center box is checked, the view will automatically center on your selected vehicles. You will be able to see where they’re all located on the live map. You can even optimize your drivers’ routes by seeing which places are heaviest in traffic and give your drivers directions to a path with less traffic. This could save so much time and keep drivers from idling, unnecessarily in long traffic lines. In addition, re-routing can be accomplished if there is construction blocking a driver from reaching his or her destination.

Perhaps an even greater aspect of GPS trackers with live mapping is that if you have any questions about your map control options, you can always click on the Live Support button near the bottom of your control panel. There are so many possibilities for the best monitoring thanks to GPS tracker live mapping features. Businesses that utilize GPS trackers with live map options can truly realize the benefits and gain complete control over their fleets in order to significantly reduce costs and produce productivity.

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GPS Trackers Help Managers Improve Safety 

GPS tracker: Monitoring for driver safety

Driver safety should be on the top of any managers list, because not monitoring this can lead to an accident. There is no doubt that the costs of an accident can be gruesome. You might be wondering how are you going to monitor all of your drivers at once? GPS trackers can be your simple solution.

Drivers who have been in an accident are costing the business money for vehicle repairs or replacement and company downtime. What you want is safe drivers and to reduce the amount of accidents. GPS trackers can help you have the proof that your drivers are being safe so that you can keep your mind at ease. With a GPS tracker monitoring your fleets you will have evidence that your drivers are following driving laws and that they are in compliance with speed limits. If your drivers know they are being monitored, they tend to work more efficiently.

GPS trackers can help you see where all of your drivers are at, always, with the live tracking map feature. You can also pull reports from the GPS trackers to see things like harsh braking habits, acceleration levels and ongoing driving speed. By auditing drivers you can keep facts that your drivers really are being the safest drivers that they can be while they’re out on the road. If drivers aren’t being safe, you will have evidence to show them and take the appropriate follow-up action if the behavior isn’t corrected.

As an added bonus, many insurance companies will even give businesses that utilize a GPS tracker system in their vehicles a discount. They will do so, because they know that GPS trackers improve safety. Leave it to a GPS tracker system to help you improve the safety of your drivers.

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Benefits Of GPS Trackers With Panic Alerts

GPS tracker: For the safety of drivers

GPS tracking offers many helpful tools to enhance business practices. One great aspect of GPS trackers are their alert system capabilities. More specifically, they are not just money savers, but safety enforcers. The GPS tracker alert system creates the opportunity to have an endless amount of event alerts, which aid drivers and help managers to stay alert. In seconds you can receive a text message or email when an event takes place. One of the most useful features of a GPS tracker, for personal safety, are panic alerts.

Given that you’ve purchased a specific type of GPS tracker device with the ability to access panic alerts, you can establish “safe zones” (geofences) for your drivers. By doing so, you can be notified if your drivers leave your specified geofences. This is a good feature to have in order to properly monitor the safety of your drivers.

What if something should happen while your drivers are within their designated geofences? There is no reason to fear, because panic alerts can still be useful inside the outlined geofences as well. The panic alerts are activated when the panic feature is initiated. With the press of a button, a GPS tracker user can instantly alert others if a driver is in an emergency situation. On most GPS trackers, the feature will send rapid-fire location alerts followed by automated cell phone or email alerts. The live tracking map system will show a digital display of your vehicle’s location. GPS tracking panic alerts, if possible, also display the exact type of emergency situation you’re facing.

Safety is very important for business. The key is to purchase GPS trackers with panic alerts and you can have real-time GPS tracking once the button is pressed. If your a business manager with fleets, you’ll find that GPS tracking devices with panic alerts are a great way to provide peace of mind.

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