How Police Use Fleet Tracking Systems

Today, 69% of U.S. law enforcement agencies use GPS tracking systems. Fleet management systems are effective at helping first responders such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics be quick and resourceful. With law enforcement GPS tracking, police are better equipped to serve the community.

Officer Safety

If an officer is injured, dispatchers can locate them quickly and send backup. GPS improves safety on many levels, from the dispatch of ambulances to the scene, to instant location of vehicles. If a criminal steals a patrol car, a GPS tracker can pinpoint exactly where this expensive piece of equipment is.


Police GPS tracking boosts efficiency because:

  • Dispatchers can route calls to patrol cars closest to an incident.
  • Pursuits are monitored in real time, so criminals are apprehended faster.
  • Efficiency and 24/7 monitoring also save money.


With GPS tracking for police cruisers, fleet trackers can issue alerts when officers exceed the speed limit, drive aggressively, get into an accident, or neglect their duties.

Fleet tracking also aids communication. Dispatchers can direct, warn, and navigate patrol cars. Officers traversing unfamiliar areas can remain in direct communication and receive accurate instructions, thanks to their GPS location always being known.

U.S. Fleet Tracking has the expertise, experience, and dedication working with law enforcement. Our Back the Blue program demonstrates our support for law enforcement nationwide. Read more about our police GPS tracking solution below.

infographic - how police use fleet tracking systems

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GPS Trackers Helping Police Keep Criminals At Bay: Part 2

GPS trackers: Law enforcement friendly

In part one of this series, we talked about how GPS trackers can be used to track police vehicles for efficiency and safety purposes. What many may not realize is that while GPS trackers for vehicles are a great benefit, they can also be helpful for individual police officers to utilize. Enhancing the police force doesn’t stop at monitoring vehicle usage. Today, we’ll talk about a few more ways that these devices have helped answer a few questions police departments may ask on a regular basis.

Can my officers easily log evidence for prosecution? Everyone that has access to the system can view the data stored there. This becomes incredibly useful for showing the captain back at the office when illegal cargo has been confiscated or evidence has been collected for prosecution. Officers can log this information in the device for easy retrieval later. Being able to simply efforts can aid in the activities that lead up to convictions in court.

Has the evidence made in into the appropriate storage lockers? Evidence can be logged while officers are still out in the field. From there, using the technology provided by GPS trackers, information can be updated to show cargo as stored away, properly, inside the evidence lockers.

These are just a few more ways that law enforcement can take advantage of GPS trackers. When information enters the system everyone gets updated immediately rather than waiting hours or days to be in the loop. Now, police departments can strive to meet their goals and be better than they ever were. Whether it means providing safety, efficiency, tracking vehicles, or helping officers keep track of vital information, GPS trackers are certainly law enforcement friendly.

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GPS Trackers Helping Police Keep Criminals At Bay: Part 1

GPS trackers: Law enforcement friendly

There are many ways that GPS trackers are making tasks easier and even aiding to save lives. No, we don’t mean that the trackers physically save lives on their own, but we see newsworthy articles showing how GPS trackers have helped police officers to catch criminals, therefore; helped to protect citizens. Improving quality service is something that is simple with real-time monitoring. Today, we’ll talk about just a few ways that these great devices have helped answer many questions police departments may ask on a regular basis.

Which squad car or officer is closest to a crime scene? Utilizing GPS trackers, dispatching can see all registered vehicles displaying in real-time on the map. With numerous units in the field at once, knowing their exact location cuts out a lot of guesswork and down time, allowing officers to serve the public quicker. What might have been a 20 minute wait for a police officer can easily be cut down to a 5 minute wait!

Are officers sticking to their assigned areas? Geofence alerts are a great feature within the GPS trackers which will allow chiefs to keep track of the officers of lower ranks. The alert can be sent via text or email if an officer leaves his or her assigned area. This is important for maintaining efficiency and safety. For example, in the event that a criminal were to hijack a police car, someone back in the office would know immediately and be able to track the whereabouts of the driver.

These are just a few ways that law enforcement can use GPS trackers to be able to keep criminals at bay. When the public thinks of their local police department, the first words that should come to mind are safety and protection. Being able to keep officers organized can help them maintain a high level of safety and commit to protecting their community. Want to learn about a few more ways GPS trackers can help law enforcement? Stick around for part two of this series!

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Why Law Enforcement Should Use GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Saving lives and arrests made easier

Law enforcement is in place to uphold the law which is meant to keep criminals at bay. When people think of police officers, they should be able to associate them safety. GPS trackers have started to help many law enforcers maintain a level of safety that is expected by the public. There are still some police stations that have not made the commitment to use GPS trackers and this leaves them at risk. For example, it wasn’t too long ago that the news reported a man in Springfield, Massachusetts stole a police cruiser and took it for a joyride. In that incident the police admitted they did not have a GPS tracker device installed and they had left the keys in the ignition.

Had the police not been able to catch the criminal, they would have a very pricey recovery on their hands. It would have taken much less time to reclaim the stolen cruiser with the use of a GPS tracker device. Dispatchers would have been able to view the live tracking map and pinpoint exactly where the missing cruiser was located. GPS trackers are helpful for the dispatchers in other ways, also. With live dispatching, the team has the ability to send officers out quickly to areas of need. It’s as straightforward as opening the tracking map screen and visually locating the closest officer to the call’s location. In the event of a high speed chase, dispatchers can watch everything unfold with 10, 5 or 1 second updates. While the officers are driving, dispatchers can provide turn-by-turn directions or guide officers through paths that may be unfamiliar to them.

On top of making dispatching easier, GPS trackers can increase officer productivity with analytical reporting of driving behaviors and alert functions. Nothing will get by the commanding officers or Chief of police when GPS trackers are installed in each vehicle, because the data is historical; recorded for viewing at any time. This kind of information can help law enforcement agencies with making the necessary changes to improve driver safety.

GPS trackers can help your dispatchers and officers. The bottom line for any law enforcement agency is about protection and the way to do that is by keeping themselves and others as safe as possible. GPS trackers help law enforcement in many ways to make achieving this goal more obtainable.

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GPS Tracking Serves Businesses Large And Small

GPS Tracking for any company

The size of your business does not matter. Whether you are a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, you can benefit from GPS tracking. If you are in the market for a GPS tracking management system, make sure that you have done the appropriate research needed to make the best decision for your size of fleet. Not all GPS trackers are the same and not all product will include what your business might need. Rely on what you know is best for your company. Knowing what to look for is important so you do not end up with a system for a large fleet if you only have two trucks.

If you own a large fleet, not only will you be tracking multiple vehicles, but also their multiple moving parts that will need proactive maintenance. Customizing a system that can track and monitor these items will be most beneficial to your fleet and your bottom line. You will want to make sure your dispatcher has access to the needed tools to guide, track, and inform your drivers of weather alerts, road congestion, and maintenance alerts. With a large fleet, your dispatchers will need a streamlined process to cover all the ground involved.

For the fleet that is not large, but still significant in size, having the capability for your fleet to be tracked by multiple team members may be a feature you could benefit from. Incorporating custom dashboards that allow individuals to only have access to information that pertains to their job, would be an excellent feature.

Finally, for the small business owner, having a GPS tracker could make life simpler for you. As a small business, you more than likely have several employees who wear multiple hats. The more time spent manually tracking what could easily be done through a GPS tracker is more time away from other important tasks. This alone could make a huge impact on the way you do business.

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