GPS Tracking Deters Theft Of Fleet Vehicles: Part 1

GPS tracking: Avoiding costly break ins

There are many daily duties on the minds of fleet managers everywhere and many have turned to the technological aid of GPS tracking devices to help them out with regular business tasks. Being a fleet manager doesn’t just mean monitoring employees below you, it also means maintaining a smooth operation and part of that means deterring theft of fleet vehicles, if possible. An easy way to deter theft of your greatest company assets is by use of GPS tracking devices. In part one of this series we will discuss a simple change that can be implemented with the aid of GPS tracking software.

Turning vehicles off: It seems silly to have to remind someone that they should shut the engine off when they are making quick stops here or there, but it’s surprising how many people think that leaving the keys in the ignition for a for minutes isn’t a risk. A lot can happen in just a few minutes. For example, a driver dashing inside the convenient store while leaving the company vehicle running idle leaves it at risk for someone to steal the truck. GPS tracking software has the ability to alert managers when vehicles are left in idle for too long. Just because it wasn’t stolen this time, who’s to say it won’t happen ever? If idling keeps happening, managers will know which drivers need to be educated on safety practices.

Your fleets hold a lot of value for your company and if you’re not using GPS tracking then you run an increased risk of decreasing your bottom line. Money being shelled out for replacement vehicles is more expensive than prevention, in the long run. This is especially true if you think like a criminal in that if they are able to steal one truck from you, perhaps your lot is easiest to steal from again. A bonus to being safer with GPS tracking, it that your insurance company may wield you a lower rate. If you’re ready to give GPS tracking a try, click here to view our products. If you need a little more reason to stick around, stay tuned for part two of this series!

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