Live GPS tracking and routing for fleet managers and dispatchers

Robust route optimization combined with live GPS trackers

Numerous realities frighten fleet managers from pick-ups, drop-offs and service calls to miles driven, fuel costs and efficient time management. Each day companies string together unique practices to accomplish daily tasks, which is most often overwhelming to a mobile fleet. US Fleet Tracking and Route4Me have partnered for the solution that reduces the burden of these tasks and saves companies thousands of dollars.

With this significant integration, US Fleet Tracking and Route4Me take route creation for fleet managers and dispatchers to a new level by revealing vehicles’ planned routes layered with where the vehicles are on route every moment of the day. Gone are the days of not knowing when a driver is arriving, leaving or if they ever made it.

Advantages of the US Fleet Tracking and Route4Me integration:

  • Reduce planning time up to 90 percent with automated route planning.
  • Reduce miles driven by 20 to 30 percent with optimized routing.
  • Increase drive efficiency by up to 20 percent; more service calls equal more revenue.
  • Planned versus actual routes for validation and adaptation.
  • Live visibility into deviations from routes that may cost valuable time and money.

Creating mobile fleet efficiencies has been a staple for both US Fleet Tracking and Route4Me since each company’s inception.

For more than 10 years, US Fleet Tracking has shifted the industry with its live GPS tracking and fleet management capabilities that provide insight to businesses, families and event organizers including the last 11 Super Bowls, Summer Olympics in London and Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Route4Me was founded in 2009 and has more than 5,000 customers in 100 countries. Route4Me provides dynamic route sequencing and optimization software to create, share, manage, track and drive optimized routes in a matter of seconds. Its mobile Android & iPhone apps have been downloaded over one million times since 2009. The apps synchronize routes, enable two-way communication with drivers, offer turn-by-turn directions, delivery confirmation and more.

Three Ways GPS Trackers Help Fleet Management

GPS tracker: Running a better fleet

GPS trackers are helping fleet businesses all over the nation to manage their fleets with ease. Not only do the devices make it easier to keep track of vehicles, but it also aids with increasing productivity. Have you decided it’s time to join the ranks of businesses already being more successful thank to GPS trackers? If so, you’ve come to the right place as GPS trackers can be just the thing you need to improve driver efficiency and even save you some money. Three ways GPS tracker help fleet management are by improving drivers’ timeliness, optimizing routes and allowing managers to have insight into happenings out on the road.

Timeliness is important to any business, of course, but it is extremely significant if fleet businesses can make a difference in that area. With GPS trackers in business vehicles, managers would know exactly when a driver arrived to their location as the GPS tracker automatically time stamps when the job started. A driver needs to arrive at their customer’s location on time in order to keep the customer happy. Not only is customer happiness important, but making sure that your drivers are timely is a great way to keep the day on schedule and possibly add more jobs.

Time stamps are great at keeping employees accountable. GPS tracker can also help in the event that traffic conditions aim to prevent the driver from arriving on time. With GPS trackers this problem vanishes, because dispatchers can easily reroute the driver to a less congested path. By optimizing your drivers’ routes it is easier for them to get in and do their jobs quicker and again, increase the possibility of adding more jobs.

With GPS trackers, managers have great insight into what is going on with their drivers out there on the road. Managers can rapidly view vital information such as driver speed, braking patterns and other driving behaviors. This information is important in ensuring that the drivers are maintaining safety regulations. The more managers know about what is going on in the field, the better prepared they are to make quicker and smarter judgment calls. Knowing where fleets are and how much they can achieve in a day can help manage customer expectations.

GPS trackers help fleet management by improving drivers’ timeliness, optimizing routes and allowing managers to have visibility in the field. All of this sounds pretty great, right? Are you ready to start managing your fleet more efficiently with the use of GPS trackers?

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Why Construction Companies Utilize GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Industry related benefits

Many companies, small and large, have decided to invest in the implementation of GPS trackers for several reasons. Construction companies have a lot of expensive equipment and important processes to keep up with. Construction vehicles are quite large and while they are heavy duty it is easy to understand, due to the nature of their job, how wear and tear happens. Not knowing when to replace equipment or handle routine maintenance can cause an increase in company expenses. These worries are decreased when GPS trackers are being used. Listed below are the top reasons why construction companies utilize GPS trackers.

1.) Being able to locate stolen property: GPS trackers are able to keep managers alerted when a construction truck or piece of equipment is moving during off hours or leaves a designated geofence. The next step is simple; just report the location of the stolen property to authorities. Getting equipment back faster means getting back to work without having to replace the stolen property.

2.) Having more efficient dispatching: Managers can control their fleets without having to make phone calls. GPS trackers are great, because they allow dispatchers to quickly find trucks and equipment on live maps and send the appropriate worker to the next job. This type of control makes dispatching more efficient.

3.) Reducing company fuel costs: The use of GPS trackers drastically cuts down on vehicle idle times, which saves fuel from being burned up. GPS tracker data tells managers every time a vehicle is used so they can eliminate any unauthorized truck usage to help cut back on fuel usage.

4.) Extending life of vehicles and equipment: Maintenance and equipment replacement costs are one of the most important concerns for construction companies. A lot of them will use GPS trackers to distributed usage of vehicles and equipment effectively. This prevents some things from being overused and other from sitting, unused. Managers can also schedule all maintenance reminders with GPS tracker software so that they don’t skip repairs and have to pay more in repair costs, later.

5.) Billing becomes more accurate: Construction companies using GPS trackers don’t have to worry about lost paperwork. GPS trackers have recorded data which will show start and stop times at job-sites so the total hours on site for billing purposes will be accurate. This will help you supply solid proof in the event of a customer dispute.

Many construction companies have determined that GPS trackers are helping them build a sustainable business by enhancing all operational duties. It is amazing how many ways GPS trackers can help construction companies. Since construction companies dig these time and money saving devices we bet you will, too.

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Make A Smart Move With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Fleet businesses improvements

If you’re in the market to improve your business with the use of GPS trackers then you’re making a smart move! It’s amazing how GPS trackers are playing an undeniably significant part in changing the business world. GPS trackers help fleet business managers tackle many ongoing challenges. For example, GPS trackers can save time, enhance performance and even be a reputation manager.

Saving time sounds good to any business manager, right? If not, then it should, because time is money. If your drivers are meant to deliver goods or perform services then the time it takes them to carry out their duties will determine payment. If you are able to monitor these activities with GPS trackers, you will be able to make any adjustments necessary in order to improve on efficiency. For instance, route planning with GPS trackers are one of the best features for ensuring drivers get to a destination as quickly as possible.

Drivers getting to their location as quickly as possible means your drivers are already enhancing their performance. GPS trackers allow managers and dispatchers to see the location of all their fleets on the road, so they can send the driver closest to a customer in need to optimize productivity. GPS trackers also keep track of start and end times at a job-site, thus, making employees want to complete a job efficiently as they know they are being judged on performance. This leads to keeping customers happy, too!

Reputation is a “make it or break it” kind of deal in any industry. What the customers think about you truly matters. When customers receive customer service quickly they feel important and are likely to stick to using your fleet business in the future. When you have a decent reputation this influences the number of new customers who are likely to hire your business as well. A better reputation leads to more customers and in turn means more money. So in a way, GPS trackers are helping to manage reputations and bring in more capital.

There are several rewards that come along as a result of using GPS trackers for your fleets. No matter what your reason is for looking into GPS tracking, you will find what you are looking for and much more. Make a smart move and Click Here to see our products!

How GPS Trackers Make Drivers Work Efficiently

GPS trackers: A resourceful work approach

The goal, for most industries using GPS trackers, is to be equipped with software that will let them take charge of their fleets in a more efficient way. GPS tracking gives all types of industries access to a collection of valuable tools which aid them in managing their drivers and vehicles, with every passing mile. GPS trackers are a resourceful work approach and make your drivers look more studious in the field while working more efficiently.

If your vehicles weren’t equipped with GPS trackers then it’s possible that a customer would have to wait longer for someone to show up to their home for services to be completed. If an emergency call comes in and the driver you called is out in the field already, he will have to wait until his current job is completed. Upon arrival to the emergency location, the driver may not have a list of inventory so he doesn’t know whether the company has the parts needed to fix the problem, without checking back at the office. This delays the repair job even further. Needless to say, this is terrible customer service and that customer is likely to go elsewhere for business.

Little problems like this one can be remedied with GPS trackers. There would be no need to call someone back at the office in order to obtain a list of inventory, because a driver would be able to access a recorded inventory list on the GPS tracker located in their company vehicle. Customers would know right away whether an item was in stock and managers would know which vehicles had particular items stocked so they could be sure to send someone who did have the proper equipment to help a customer with a repair need. Getting things right the first time makes a huge difference, because as they say, first impressions matter.

GPS trackers can save your bottom line in more than one way. When a job takes less time to complete than originally thought, the GPS tracker can clock the employee’s end time after a job is completed, therefore, making certain the correct payment is issued. Having live map tracking doesn’t just help prevent time fraud in that regard, it also makes billing a cinch. Being able to give an accurate, time-stamped report to customers will prevent disputes about the job completed.

GPS trackers have provided many convenient tools to fleet business owners, managers and drivers. In this modern world the best way to keep up is by going digital and by keeping up with the latest technology trends, like GPS trackers that are 3G capabitible. No matter what your company does, there is something GPS tracking can do for you.

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GPS Tracker Software Helps Protect Your Reputation

GPS tracker: Improve customer service

Have you ever heard the quote from Warren Buffett about how important a reputation is? He once said “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.” What fleet business owner doesn’t want their business to have a great reputation? Improving customer service skills is the best way to earn and maintain a great reputation. GPS trackers go hand-in-hand with customer service as they allow managers to monitor their fleet vehicles more effectively. Ultimately, by using GPS trackers in this way, it leads to providing customers with better service.

GPS trackers are technologically capable of providing you with data needed for your drivers to deliver service faster. The live map updates allow managers to see exact driver locations so there is no wasted time of trying to figure out who would be closest for a job. Knowing the estimated time of arrival makes it easier for your business to improve customer relations. By being able to relay this information to customers you will be building your business’ reputation as a reliable service provider. When drivers spend less time driving to a customer and more time doing the work, it also increases customer satisfaction.

If by chance something does go wrong with traffic or hazardous road conditions emerge, the GPS tracker map can be updated by dispatchers. The driver’s route can be changed, immediately, to the next safest path. In addition, you can use the GPS tracker software to help drivers become safer drivers overall. The GPS trackers will send data such as harsh braking, speeding and idling so corrective action can take place, if need be. By having safer drivers on the road, the public opinion of your business could be more desirable.

It’s simple to chat about maintaining a great reputation while giving great customer service, but it is much harder to actually deliver on that promise. It takes a lot of work and good service to build a trustworthy business reputation. GPS trackers can help protect the business’ reputation in such a way that you will have more happy customers with positive perceptions of your business.

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GPS Trackers Aid With Managing Fleet Liabilities

GPS tracker: Monitoring is important

In your fast-paced world of business, it’s important to keep all your moving parts in top condition. There are several factors that create obstacles for your fleet business, making it even more important to manage those liabilities. A significant part of your job is to keep risks minimal. Without GPS trackers there will always be the fear of vehicles being stolen, vehicles being damaged in accidents and the costs associated with any harm that comes as a result of the risks involved.

Improving the safety and efficiency of your business should be important to you. With GPS trackers your business could ensure drivers are performing safely on the road. Being able to monitor driver behaviors like speed and braking will help cut down on accident risks. Managers being able to see how drivers are making use of their time and vehicle operations is also a great way to ensure public safety and reduce downtime. When things run more smoothly and GPS trackers are helping to manage liabilities, the business can decrease overall costs. Less risk converts into savings in the long-run.

As an added bonus to saving money, your customer service is sure to increase. Think about how much happier customers would be if they could be told exactly when to expect drivers to arrive at their location. GPS trackers with live maps display all driver locations so that dispatchers can send the closest driver rather than wasting time sending someone who will take hours to arrive. Faster arrival to job sites means quicker completion of jobs and happier customers.

GPS trackers will help you manage your drivers so well that you will have time to dedicate to other areas of your business. Improving safety and efficiency will mean better business and means you will be able to retain customers and grow your business. Reducing liabilities also means increasing your bottom line! Are you ready to use GPS trackers and start monitoring your drivers?

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Towing Companies

GPS tracker: Accommodating tow truck drivers

It is amazing how many ways GPS trackers can benefit towing companies. For a towing company, the importance of promptness can hardly be overestimated. To be successful, it is essential to have drivers when and where they are needed. When you are managing the locations of your trucks well, you can respond in the most efficient manner to a customer’s needs.

In addition to the fuel cost savings you may have heard about, GPS trackers can do much more such as deliver real-time updates in order for you to improve driver safety, boost efficiency and provide better customer service.

Improve driver safety: None of your assets are more important than your employees, because without them work couldn’t be completed. GPS trackers allow for two-way communication so that drivers can inform you of what’s happening on the road ahead. In addition, you can notify your drivers, immediately, when traffic conditions become hectic. This allows for rapid rerouting if it needs to occur. Of course, when the weather is bad, towing services are more important than ever so driver safety is a top priority.

Boost efficiency: In the towing business, it is difficult to supervise your drivers when they are out on the road. With GPS tracker alerts, you can know that your drivers are doing the right thing (or the wrong thing). You will instantly know when one of your drivers exceeds the speed limit or leaves his or her designated geofence area. This extra monitoring will allow you to keep record of your drivers’ good performance so that you may reward them accordingly. In the end, better job performance benefits everyone.

Better customer service: When a customer call comes in, do you know which one of your vehicles is best positioned to respond? With GPS trackers, you would know. Dispatch and routing systems give you the monitoring and communication tools to more efficiently assign drivers to customers. Your drivers will be routed to the customers who are closest to them and will even have the fastest route sent directly to them. Your customers need you when they are in emergency situations so if you’re able to respond quicker, it will definitely make customers happier.

You won’t be towing away your profits when you use GPS trackers for your towing company. Instead, you can improve your business by responding to customers rapidly, boosting efficiency by monitoring driver performance, and improving driver safety.

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How Cupid Uses A GPS Tracker

GPS tracker: Love monitor

GPS trackers have been used by many, including Santa, but what about Cupid? Valentine’s Day would not be complete without Cupid, one of the most recognized symbols of love. The little, winged guy is famous around this time of year. It is said that if Cupid shoots his arrow and hits you, that you will fall helplessly in love with the next person you meet. How do you think Cupid knows who to shoot every Valentine’s Day?

While some suspect that Cupid simply shoots at random, what if he started using a GPS tracker to monitor the perfect candidates? Using live GPS tracking alerts, Cupid will be able to complete his job in record time and be satisfied that it was a job well done. Receiving alerts in real-time means that Cupid will never miss out on what his targeted candidates are up to. Just call him the love monitor.

Cupid can use his GPS tracker to maintain a list of the people he has left to shoot and who he has already shot. He can schedule alerts to remind him when someone needs to be shot with the arrow of love. This will eliminate the need for him to have paper lists filling up a file cabinet. He’s light on his feet, so it makes sense that he’d want to keep his work load light as well.

With a GPS tracker, Cupid doesn’t have to worry about other objects in the air like flying birds or planes getting in his way, either. He can monitor the air traffic conditions and make adjustments to his flight route as necessary. This keeps him and everyone else safer.

The world is a big place for such a little guy like Cupid and flying around all day only to get lost would surely be exhausting. GPS tracker features aid Cupid in getting around most efficiently. He can view the real-time map for directions and even in the event that Cupid’s targets are on the move, GPS tracker alerts can lead Cupid to the exact location needed.

Rest assured, if you’re meant to receive an arrow of love from Cupid, he will find you thanks to the powerful technology of GPS tracking.

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Pest Control Companies Use GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Enriching pest control businesses

GPS trackers are being used by many businesses these days, including pest control companies. In the pest control industry there are more than just critters about which to worry. Crawling around in the back of your mind are thoughts about business related costs and how to keep them as low as possible. There are many ways that GPS trackers can help such as improving customer service, increasing response time and decreasing costs.

Great customer service is important to your pest control company, because contact is what customers will remember and you don’t want customers remembering negative things about you. Customers are the most vital aspect to the company. It can be difficult to have tangible evidence of pest control services to offer your costumers unless you have GPS tracking. With GPS trackers, you will have the capability to show to your customers details of the date, time and how long your technician was at their home or business. This will decrease the likelihood of any discrepancies due to proof provided.

Another way to inevitably increase customer service and improve business is to increase response times. With GPS trackers, managers can improve dispatching. Managers can relay messages to drivers with new stops in their daily routes with optimized routing. This allows the technicians to arrive to job-sites in as little time as possible. Not only will technicians be able to make it to more job-sites by eliminating down time, they will be able to serve each customer sooner.

Decreasing costs is something every pest control company wants to do. Luckily, GPS trackers can help them do just that. GPS trackers can be used to prevent technicians from falsifying work hours and reduce a lot of business related expenses. A GPS tracker can identify when drivers start and end their workday, how many breaks they take and how many jobs were completed during their shift. Another cost cutting feature of GPS trackers is that they can improve route efficiency. Fuel can be majorly reduced if managers can monitor routes taken throughout a technician’s work day to ensure drivers are choosing the fastest routes possible. In addition, GPS trackers can help monitor vehicle maintenance needs.

GPS trackers definitely improve business practices and this is why so many pest control companies continue to use them.

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