How Police Use Fleet Tracking Systems

Today, 69% of U.S. law enforcement agencies use GPS tracking systems. Fleet management systems are effective at helping first responders such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics be quick and resourceful. With law enforcement GPS tracking, police are better equipped to serve the community. Officer Safety If an officer is injured, dispatchers can locate them … Continue reading “How Police Use Fleet Tracking Systems”

Live GPS tracking and routing for fleet managers and dispatchers

Robust route optimization combined with live GPS trackers Numerous realities frighten fleet managers from pick-ups, drop-offs and service calls to miles driven, fuel costs and efficient time management. Each day companies string together unique practices to accomplish daily tasks, which is most often overwhelming to a mobile fleet. US Fleet Tracking and Route4Me have partnered … Continue reading “Live GPS tracking and routing for fleet managers and dispatchers”

Three Ways GPS Trackers Help Fleet Management

GPS tracker: Running a better fleet GPS trackers are helping fleet businesses all over the nation to manage their fleets with ease. Not only do the devices make it easier to keep track of vehicles, but it also aids with increasing productivity. Have you decided it’s time to join the ranks of businesses already being … Continue reading “Three Ways GPS Trackers Help Fleet Management”

Why Construction Companies Utilize GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Industry related benefits Many companies, small and large, have decided to invest in the implementation of GPS trackers for several reasons. Construction companies have a lot of expensive equipment and important processes to keep up with. Construction vehicles are quite large and while they are heavy duty it is easy to understand, due … Continue reading “Why Construction Companies Utilize GPS Trackers”

Make A Smart Move With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Fleet businesses improvements If you’re in the market to improve your business with the use of GPS trackers then you’re making a smart move! It’s amazing how GPS trackers are playing an undeniably significant part in changing the business world. GPS trackers help fleet business managers tackle many ongoing challenges. For example, GPS … Continue reading “Make A Smart Move With GPS Trackers”

How GPS Trackers Make Drivers Work Efficiently

GPS trackers: A resourceful work approach The goal, for most industries using GPS trackers, is to be equipped with software that will let them take charge of their fleets in a more efficient way. GPS tracking gives all types of industries access to a collection of valuable tools which aid them in managing their drivers … Continue reading “How GPS Trackers Make Drivers Work Efficiently”

GPS Tracker Software Helps Protect Your Reputation

GPS tracker: Improve customer service Have you ever heard the quote from Warren Buffett about how important a reputation is? He once said “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.” What fleet business owner doesn’t want their business to … Continue reading “GPS Tracker Software Helps Protect Your Reputation”

GPS Trackers Aid With Managing Fleet Liabilities

GPS tracker: Monitoring is important In your fast-paced world of business, it’s important to keep all your moving parts in top condition. There are several factors that create obstacles for your fleet business, making it even more important to manage those liabilities. A significant part of your job is to keep risks minimal. Without GPS … Continue reading “GPS Trackers Aid With Managing Fleet Liabilities”

GPS Tracker Benefits For Towing Companies

GPS tracker: Accommodating tow truck drivers It is amazing how many ways GPS trackers can benefit towing companies. For a towing company, the importance of promptness can hardly be overestimated. To be successful, it is essential to have drivers when and where they are needed. When you are managing the locations of your trucks well, … Continue reading “GPS Tracker Benefits For Towing Companies”

How Cupid Uses A GPS Tracker

GPS tracker: Love monitor GPS trackers have been used by many, including Santa, but what about Cupid? Valentine’s Day would not be complete without Cupid, one of the most recognized symbols of love. The little, winged guy is famous around this time of year. It is said that if Cupid shoots his arrow and hits … Continue reading “How Cupid Uses A GPS Tracker”