3 Conveniences Of GPS Tracking For Snow Removal Services

GPS tracking: Up to the challenge

While some states are enjoying the comforts of warmer winter weather at this moment, others are experiencing quite the opposite. When specific areas are cloaked in white sheets of snow a very special industry shines. From roadways to entry ways, snow removal services are counted on to ensure safety and luckily GPS tracking is there to makes this task a lot easier to manage. Here are some of the best ways GPS tracking helps snow removal service companies complete their jobs more efficiently:

1.) Live GPS Tracking Map: Snow removal service managers can keep track of their crews by seeing their exact location within the city on the live streaming map. Leveraging this means being able to position fleet drivers in the way that makes the most sense.

2.) Route Planning: Planning out routes for drivers is smart as it cuts out any backtracking that may have happened without the plan. It’s also as simple as clicking a few buttons, entering destinations and allowing the GPS tracking system to automatically generate the shortest, smartest route.

3.) Automatic Updates: Imagine having 1, 5, or 10 second updates. Even at 10 seconds one could hardly call that slow. These updates are extremely helpful for various alerts like geofences, speed alerts, or weather updates. These, of course, are all in an attempt to increase safety.

Bring on the snow, because GPS tracking is definitely up for the challenge with multiple features like live map, route planning, and automatic updates which provide efficiency, accountability, and safety for your drivers. When the snow has piled up outside and the population is relying on your snow removal services to help them get to where they’re going you can look to GPS to make things easier.

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How GPS Trackers Can Improve Your Fleet Operations

GPS trackers: An investment opportunity

Using GPS trackers to improve your fleet operations may seem like too easy of a solution, but until you truly know the benefits you can’t make a proper decision. What if we told you that increased safety, inventory control, and vehicle monitoring were all goals that could be easily met using these devices? Here are a few ways that GPS trackers make all of those things a possibility.

1.) Monitoring And Increasing Safety: If “pit” stops are happening more frequently than they should be, management will know right away. GPS trackers have a live, real-time updating map that allows management to see the exact location of all their workers in the field. This also helps maintain a good eye on the company vehicles. With certain alerts set-up (like geofences) an extra level of protection is put into place so that vehicles can be kept safe after-hours.

2.) Generate Helpful Reports: GPS trackers record data such as driver speed, braking, idling, and more. All of this information can be helpful in the goal to increase safety. The data collected can be generated into reports that can also be helpful for cutting down on other expenses which may have been paid out for multiple maintenance repairs and speeding tickets.

3.) Inventory Monitoring And Control: Keeping company assets safe is important if you’re in an industry that relies on delivering products or goods. GPS trackers make it possible for fleet managers in these areas to know exactly when inventory is collected, moved, and dropped off at location.

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out in the fleet world, learning new tricks to keep your business operating up to speed is always a plus. It’s an increasingly efficient world we live in where people are always trying to strive towards being better. Why wouldn’t you want your fleet business to improve, too? GPS trackers being implemented is an investment opportunity that offers a great return. Are you ready for it?

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GPS Trackers Make It Easy To Give Drivers Recognition

GPS trackers: Give drivers positive reviews

Whether people want to admit it or not, they love to be praised for a job well done. On the flip side, customers love to give bad reviews. Research from M.Farouk Radwan states that people need to be emotionally charged and the result can often be a negative review. With that being said, if your company drivers are still driving around with a bumper sticker asking for customers to report in on their driving abilities, it would be a little difficult to trust those reviews as most people only like to leave bad reviews. GPS trackers are revolutionizing the way managers are controlling costs, monitoring vehicles and even drivers.

Thanks to live GPS trackers, companies have the ability to know a drivers etiquette. Even more importantly, the information can be used to give positive recognition to your drivers. The GPS trackers in each vehicle can alert managers of driver behaviors like recorded speed, braking and lane shifts. The live map shows all drivers in a fleet and alerts can be set to be sent every five seconds if need be, to managers or dispatchers.

This type of information can be used to emphasize the positive aspects, like increased safety, not getting lost, saving the company money and highlighting the great drivers you have on your team. With GPS trackers managers won’t have to worry about getting an outside perspective of driver performance. Furthermore, by drivers receiving positive feedback from their direct managers they are likely to value the opinions more. GPS trackers just allow for a better way for drivers to know they are being recognized for their importance.

It’s easy to see how GPS tracking gives companies an entire overview of their fleet team’s efficiency level. It is recommended to give drivers recognition on a regular basis and pinpoint specifically which areas your drivers are excelling. Remember, people love to be praised!

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