Why Companies With Sales Professionals Utilize GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Aiding field sales representatives

Being a manager of the field sales professionals can sometimes be tough to hack. The skill set involved with a job like this isn’t like an ordinary office job. You’ve got to be able to juggle multiple people at once. It’s for reasons like this one that many businesses with field sales professionals are turning to GPS tracking for help. Here are a few ways these businesses have been using GPS tracking:

  • Safer Driving Directions: Printing off directions and trying to glance down at a piece of paper while driving is old school and not really safe. Furthermore, using a cell phone (with a map app up) in one hand and driving with the other isn’t the safest way to navigate around. Sales representatives deserve better and businesses that don’t want to have increased accident rates think so, too. GPS tracking has been offering sales teams a hands-free device with live maps and an easy understanding of ongoing traffic conditions.
  • Last Minute Changes: The life a salesperson can be a busy one and itinerary changes may occur. With GPS tracking, two-way communication is an easy, safe way for management to reach out to the driver without incorporating cell phone usage. If hazardous road conditions seem to be a problem, someone back at the office can manipulate the planned route so that the driver doesn’t have to stop or get stuck in congested traffic.
  • Keeping Up With Sales: Data can be stored in the GPS tracking system to help the sales team keep up with clients as they bring them on board. These forward thinking companies have long forgotten about having a pen and paper system or a Rolodex, because all of their customer data can be pulled up from the device.

These are just a few of the wonderful ways that GPS tracking has a made a difference in the sales world. By providing a way for field sales professionals to get directions safely, role with last minute changes, and keep up with their clients as they gain them, it saves the business time and increases productivity.

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How GPS Trackers Provide Safety For Utility Company Drivers

GPS tracker: Charged with the task to bring safety

Utility companies have employees that do a lot of driving. They have to go out and read meters for accurate billing, but along the way there are many dangerous circumstances on the road. Drivers have to be mindful of other drivers and know that behind every corner could be potential for an accident to take place. Managers can only do so much from behind the scenes to prevent their company from taking a financial hit, that is without the use of GPS tracker software to help them.

A lot of utility companies have already embraced the technology of GPS trackers and the reason is simple. With the use of GPS tracker software, managers can pinpoint and correct dangerous driving behaviors that account for many accidents. Management can view reports from GPS tracker data which tells them which drivers are driving recklessly. This gives management the knowledge to begin corrective action. It’s not just for management, but also a tool to help drivers understand their own habits. GPS trackers also have a two-way communicator so that dispatchers or managers can provide support to drivers through a safe, hands-free device. Not having to operate a cell phone while driving will cut down on utility drivers being distracted behind the wheel.

Dangerous driving isn’t just risky, it can also be costly. With increased risk of accidents comes higher insurance premiums, extra expenses on damaged vehicles and company downtime. The benefits of GPS trackers are electrifying! The knowledge and capabilities that GPS trackers provide to utility company drivers can help to decrease collisions as drivers will be more aware and more likely to drive safe. With the ability to know what drivers are up to and how to correct their driving habits, your utility company is sure to be shocked by the return on investment.

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