A GPS Tracker To Monitor Kids This Halloween

GPS tracker: The Halloween safety device

On Halloween some parents drive slowly alongside the curb line from house to house as their children load up bags with goodies. Some parents walk with their children, but remain at the end of the driveway while their children head up to the front door. Some parents don’t go with their children at all. That moment your child leaves your side you just never know what could happen. There can be quite large crowds in some trick-or-treat areas and it is possible for small children to disappear in the crowds. They’ll keep walking along hurriedly in excitement and in an instant a waiting parent becomes a panicked parent. While we are all about GPS tracker devices for fleet vehicles, we also marvel at any use for GPS tracker technology in special circumstances. That’s precisely why we’re talking about how GPS tracker software allows parents to monitor their kids for a safer Halloween.

How many times have you lost your child in what seemed to be plain sight? Right out in the open? Nothing can describe that feeling of sheer terror that a parent feels when they frantically search for their lost child. Many GPS tracker devices are small enough to clip right onto an article of clothing or in a backpack, but they may not have the most advances technology. Some of US Fleet Tracking’s devices are actually small enough to fit in a backpack and they do have advanced capabilities.

Capabilities of a decent GPS tracker include real-time updates and a live map. With the right device you will know your child’s speed, direction and you can set up a designated are your child is to stay in called a geofence. With the live map you will see the exact location on your child. The geofence alert will send you a message right to your cell phone if your child ever exits the boundary you have set. With GPS tracker software you won’t have to concoct 100 different scenarios at once about what happened to your child. The GPS tracker will tell you everything you need to know to find your child quickly.

Above all, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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GPS Trackers Protect Assets Against “Tricks”

GPS trackers: Stopping the pranksters

This Halloween week is in full force and there are activities well under way. While this is a time of year for some tasty treats and some outdoor fall fun, there will always be those late nights when some pranksters will take “tricks” a little too far. Fleet owners never know when outsiders will take the opportunity to take it out on your company vehicles as they sit in the office parking lot. If you’re wondering what solutions could prevent you from being a “scaredy cat” look no further than GPS trackers. Protecting vehicles from theft is a growing problem for many fleets, mostly overnights and on weekends. GPS trackers can protect your company assets against the pranksters that think theft of trucks is a funny “trick.”

To prevent theft of company vehicles GPS trackers with the geofence alert feature are helpful. When managers leave the office for the night they can set up designated geofences on the company vehicles. This makes it possible for the GPS trackers to send out an alert when a company truck is moving, especially if it shouldn’t be. Thanks to GPS trackers having live maps with 3G connectivity, if a theft did ever take place, you would immediately have the location information to report the stolen property to authorities. This makes getting your truck back even faster.

With GPS trackers you will be able to protect your assets against those pesky “tricks” by stopping pranksters in their tracks. Keeping your company trucks from being stolen also translates into an increased bottom line because you’ll be saving money. A lot of fleet managers find that their worries are decreased when GPS trackers are being used. You could be one of the many managers finishing out this Halloween week safely with GPS trackers!

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GPS Tracker Fun For Halloween Week

GPS tracker: A spooktacular time

It’s Halloween week and it’s pretty difficult not to take notice of the crisp, cool air. In a few days the sounds of kids roaming around your neighborhood and the crunching leaves under foot will fill the air. Perhaps your own children will contribute to the trick-or-treat crowds. In the meantime, you may be wondering if there is any good, clean fun to be had. Passing the days until “treat day” can be so much more fun than simply checking off the date on the calendar. The answer is right under your noses! GPS tracker software, of course! The GPS tracker maps can be used for geocaching which is a family friendly, fun-filled activity perfect for Halloween week.

There’s just something about Halloween that stirs up geocaching excitement. In many cities people will create a series of Halloween-inspired caches so that you can enjoy a treasure hunting experience right in your home town. If you’re following a set-up by another individual then most likely you will be following the latitude and longitude of single pin-pointed locations which may or may not be related. Using the GPS tracker shouldn’t be too difficult and most caches will be simple, but keep in mind the difficulty levels may vary so that may help you decide which Halloween-themed caches to look for based on your children’s ages. Some caches might drive you a little batty!

If you own your own GPS tracker, you could get creative and create your own geocaching course and if your children are young do it with them. There could be actual “treats” waiting for them or you could personally reward them for finding the next clue. If you have older teens able to drive themselves, it could be fun to use your GPS tracker’s advanced route planner. With this option, you can use the GPS tracker map to draw out the entire route and save it in the system. That way your teens would just have to follow the liner route to get to their next “treat” location. For a more difficult experience, you could just give them clues leading to a set latitude and longitude of a location which has the clue for the next spot.

Whether you choose to use your GPS tracker for a spooktacular time or you choose some other activity, just remember to be safe!

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