How Police Use Fleet Tracking Systems

Today, 69% of U.S. law enforcement agencies use GPS tracking systems. Fleet management systems are effective at helping first responders such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics be quick and resourceful. With law enforcement GPS tracking, police are better equipped to serve the community.

Officer Safety

If an officer is injured, dispatchers can locate them quickly and send backup. GPS improves safety on many levels, from the dispatch of ambulances to the scene, to instant location of vehicles. If a criminal steals a patrol car, a GPS tracker can pinpoint exactly where this expensive piece of equipment is.


Police GPS tracking boosts efficiency because:

  • Dispatchers can route calls to patrol cars closest to an incident.
  • Pursuits are monitored in real time, so criminals are apprehended faster.
  • Efficiency and 24/7 monitoring also save money.


With GPS tracking for police cruisers, fleet trackers can issue alerts when officers exceed the speed limit, drive aggressively, get into an accident, or neglect their duties.

Fleet tracking also aids communication. Dispatchers can direct, warn, and navigate patrol cars. Officers traversing unfamiliar areas can remain in direct communication and receive accurate instructions, thanks to their GPS location always being known.

U.S. Fleet Tracking has the expertise, experience, and dedication working with law enforcement. Our Back the Blue program demonstrates our support for law enforcement nationwide. Read more about our police GPS tracking solution below.

infographic - how police use fleet tracking systems

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Drivers Using GPS Tracking To Deliver Gifts: Part 2

GPS tracking: Helping at Christmas time

Oh what fun it is to drive in a… truck with GPS tracking!” Well, we know that’s not how the song really goes, but if you had gifts under the tree this year there just might be a chance that a delivery driver used GPS tracking to get one or more of those gifts there timely. GPS tracking is a wonderful technology that surely helped a lot of delivery drivers during this holiday season. They could have helped them navigate through bad weather and receive turn-by-turn directions from dispatching to get through the clearest, safest route.

There are few more ways we can imagine that delivery drivers made use of GPS tracking services. For example, maintenance reminders for the company vehicles. Christmas time is definitely not a good time for trucks to break down. With GPS tracking maintenance alerts, the managers are able to maintain the health of the trucks all through the year so that they are in tip-top shape for the biggest delivery time of the year. If a hiccup did occur for a reason outside of the driver’s control, the GPS tracking system would send alert back to management or dispatching so that help could be sent right away.

Another GPS tracking service that delivery drivers make good use of is geofencing. The option for geofence set-up is perfect for Christmas time in several ways. First, setting a perimeter around the lot where company trucks are parked at night adds security to the assets, ensuring that the gifts can continue to be delivered. If anyone should be foolish enough to steal a truck, the unsanctioned perimeter breach would set off an alert. GPS tracking would be responsible for giving delivery companies a substantial amount of time to take appropriate action.

GPS tracking geofences and vehicle maintenance reminders sure are life savers around Christmas time! We hope all the parents who purchased online gifts received everything in a timely manner. We also hope that all the delivery drivers made their rounds safely and are also able to enjoy time with their own families. Thanks to the technology of GPS tracking, delivery drivers act as Santa and are able to make lots of children happy.

On behalf of US Fleet Tracking, have a very Merry Christmas!

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Drivers Using GPS Tracking To Deliver Gifts: Part 1

GPS tracking: Helping at Christmas time

Most people know the old story about how Santa delivers gifts to every good boy and girl on Christmas day, but how many people really stop to think about the reality of gift delivery? Delivery drivers are like the real life version of Santa. Think about it! Tons of people order gifts online these days and all of those orders have to be delivered by someone. Have you ever considered just how difficult a delivery driver’s job is, especially around Christmas time? What could help get delivery drivers to all their locations safely and in a timely manner? For many, the answer is GPS tracking. A lot of delivery drivers will tell you that without GPS tracking, they’d be truly lost and not just literally!

One of the best benefits for delivery drivers is the option for dispatching to give turn-by-turn directions to each house. Say goodbye to getting lost! GPS tracking being installed in each vehicle means that these Santa-like drivers will never have to depend on an outdated map to arrive to each customer’s home or delivery location. Having live maps with advanced routing options decreases the chance of wasted time.

Another great benefit is the weather overlay feature. With this technology, weather delays do not have to cause setbacks for delivery drivers. GPS tracking weather updates allow delivery drivers to navigate around harsh storms. Interactive maps allow dispatchers and managers to also see where drivers might have a hard time navigating and can easily re-route drivers.

Timeliness and safety are both key factors in making sure that delivery drivers get the goods where they need to be! These are just a few ways GPS tracking is helping around Christmas time. Drivers that use GPS tracking just seem to have a better time when it comes to delivering all those gifts. If your delivery company hasn’t used GPS tracking before, but you’d like to consider having them for next year, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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The Secret To Better GPS Tracking For Fleets

GPS tracking: Fleet monitoring solutions

If you’re running a fleet business, chances are you are always searching for innovative ways to become a better fleet. One of the best ways to enhance your daily operations is through the utilization of GPS tracking. Just using the system alone is fantastic, but knowing the best ways to use it is even better. Today, we’re going to talk about the secret to better GPS tracking for fleets that way you can go forth and work on being better than you were yesterday!

The not so secret part is that we’ve actually talked about this feature plenty of times in the past. The fun part is that if you’re new to GPS tracking, it may still be a secret to you. Fleet monitoring solutions just become easier with geofences! That’s right, geofences are the secret to having a better fleet. Here’s why.

With the GPS tracking feature called geofencing, it makes it possible for you to set up locations like customer addresses or job sites and see the exact location pop up on a live map. Using the GPS tracking system, creating a perimeter around a geographic area is simple! This capability becomes useful when you are trying to keep track of unauthorized vehicle usage, when you want to know that drivers are on the clock and to see when your drivers are starting or stopping a job.

Best of all, if you’re vehicles are parked overnight, you won’t need to worry about knowing if they are safe. The geofence alert set-up will send you notifications if a vehicle moves from that location. How better to make certain that your assets are not being stolen? GPS tracking with geofencing is a smart, simple solution to monitoring fleet vehicles. Ready to unlock the secret to having a better fleet?

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Simplify Your Work With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: The power of a button click

As a fleet manager it’s your job to know what your drivers are doing. You may have a rough estimate as to where they are and what job they are completing, but keeping track of their routes for several stops in a day can be challenging. This is especially true without a tracking system. Is the old fashioned pen and paper mileage tracker or cell phone app your current method of “verification”? What if we told you that GPS tracking could do a much better job of helping to create and plan more efficient routing? Now that we have your attention, let us explain how!

As a manager of fleets aiming to be service providers, it is your job to make sure your drivers are making it to their appointments on time. Say you have one driver with 15-30 service stops scheduled for the day. Organizing those stops, manually, to maximize time, in a way that they make the most sense and don’t cost your business more money on fuel would take a lot of effort! While more stops may mean more clients on the schedule, that doesn’t mean your drivers will actually make it out to see everyone on the list if routes aren’t planned efficiently.

GPS tracking has the power of a button click, available right at the fingertips of dispatchers back at the office. Best of all, managers can see everything and so can drivers! With GPS tracking, the Advanced Routing options make it easy for dispatchers to enter in all stops or locations and generate a path that is the quickest, thus; saving your driver’s time, decreasing fuel usage and increasing the possibility of actually finishing all stops on the schedule for the day. Being able to complete work quickly means having an increased bottom line. Who doesn’t want more revenue?

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How GPS Tracking Helps With Vehicle Inspections

GPS tracking: Keeping vehicles functioning

Keeping track of vehicle diagnostics, for fleet businesses, is a pretty important aspect of the job, because without vehicles running in top shape it would be impossible to be a fleet business. No matter the industry or the size of the fleet business, managers have to have vehicle inspections, at some point, in order to keep vehicles functioning. Rather than having to manually keep track of every aspect of the vehicles, GPS tracking is a wonderfully easy way for fleet managers to handle this routine task. Listed below are a 2 common areas that GPS tracking really helps with when it comes to inspecting fleet vehicles.

Maintenance Alerts: Managers don’t have to keep paper files with vehicle mileage sketched out all over the place in order to know when oil changes, tire rotations, tag renewals and other regular maintenance is due. GPS tracking alerts can be set and the program will automatically calculate, based on mileage, when the next round of maintenance is coming up.

Vehicle Activity: Making sure vehicles stay running at their best doesn’t stop at routine maintenance. Knowing vital information such as fuel efficiency can also help as it will reduce costs and greenhouse emissions. GPS tracking reports can be used to keep a close eye on this as well as idling times, speeding, start/stop times and more.

GPS tracking allows managers to analyze everything that contributes to keeping vehicles functioning and business flowing. The great news is that the reporting and alert features are easy to use, producing data that can be glanced at when managers are in a hurry or thoroughly reviewed when they are able to sit for longer periods of time. Keeping tabs on the way the vehicles are being driven will help reduce the amount of unnecessary maintenance while reminder alerts will help keep track of maintenance that is needed on a routine basis.

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Utilizing GPS Tracking Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

GPS tracking: Device and vehicle management

There are a lot of seasoned business owners making great use of GPS tracking devices and for every one company that has mastered utilizing these devices, there are a handful of them still working through the process. Trust us, the process is worth it in the end! One of the most robust, yet worthwhile functions of GPS tracking is the ability to set up vehicle maintenance reminders. Utilizing GPS tracking vehicle maintenance reminders is a great way to maintain healthy vehicles on the road which keeps drivers working and making you money.

The best part about GPS tracking vehicle maintenance reminders is that there are no limits as to what type of reminders you can create for your fleet. If you want to create separate reminders for tire rotations, oil changes, wiper blades, brake pads or more, that’s not a problem! By clicking into the device management area of your GPS tracking device, you will find multiple options.

If you have a one time reminder you would like to set you can chose to do so by clicking under maintenance options. If you’d like to have ongoing reminders after you perform routine maintenance, to keep things current, that is also an option. You don’t even have to be a mathematician to figure out when the next reminder should be set, because once you enter the initial vehicle mileage into the system it automatically calculates the mileage at which the next service will be required.

With a quick glance into your GPS tracking device’s Device Maintenance area, you can easily see what the status of vehicle maintenance for all vehicles in your fleet. You will be able to see s status of “over due” if maintenance is needed right away, “warning” if maintenance is coming up soon or “current” if everything is fine. After that you can chose to have the alerts sent to you via email, text or simply view the information online. Truly, utilizing your GPS tracking device for vehicle maintenance reminders couldn’t be easier.

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3 Reasons To Be Thankful For GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Optimal for fleets

During Thanksgiving week or even during the whole month, people from all around the United States express gratitude for things in their lives that they consider to be gifts. The thanks doesn’t have to stop at just home life, it can extend into work life, as well. We’re proud to say that many fleet managers have found bounty in the ability to deliver great service to their customers thanks to GPS tracking. If you’re one of the many companies thankful for GPS tracking then the following list will probably resonate with you. If you’re a fleet company that hasn’t discovered the benefits, feel free to stick around and learn 3 reasons to be thankful for GPS tracking.

1.) Decreased Risk: GPS tracking provides alerts for company vehicles to tell managers when vehicles are being moved out of a designated geofence. This helps to decrease theft risk. There are tons of helpful pieces of information such as speeding and aggressive driving reports which can be used to ensure your fleet drivers are being safe out there. Doing so is a great way to decrease risk of traffic accidents and keep your insurance rates lower.

2.) Increased Productivity: Just as GPS tracking can help with safety, the analytics and reporting can also be used to see trends and improve efficiencies. More specifically, monitoring employee work patterns helps managers to coach them into continuing great work habits or eliminating the questionable work ethics.

3.) Happier Customers: GPS tracking helps dispatchers set up the safest, quickest route for drivers to get to customers more timely. Customers can also be told a more accurate time frame as to when a service provider will be at their location.

GPS tracking is wonderful for ensuring your fleet is running optimally which is key to delivering great service. It’s great to be aware of the fact that work life can be better. Decreasing risks, increasing productivity and having happier customers are all things to be thankful for on a regular basis. We hope you have many more things to be grateful for as the rest of the year plays out.

GPS Tracking On The Fly

GPS tracking: The easy mobile version

As the world becomes, seemingly, more mobile with every passing minute it makes sense that GPS tracking may also need to be mobile at times. The truth is that managers aren’t always going to be able to sit in front of a computer to check in on their drivers, but the visibility is still needed. For that reason the mobile version of GPS tracking is very helpful. Using the mobile version of GPS tracking is also quite great for a few different reasons that we are going to cover here.

First of all, you don’t have to remember yet another password, because the mobile version of GPS tracking has a log-in screen that allows the user to swipe a “remember me” button. This makes log-in faster and easier the next time you need the application. Another great part about the mobile version is that in order to get GPS tracking benefits of seeing devices, represented by vehicles on the live map, you don’t have to stay glued to your mobile device at all times. You can take a quick glance to know where your devices are, know that they are active and then close out of the application. With the “remember me” button already chosen earlier on, you can easily pop up the map again when you need it.

When you need more detailed reports you can always go back to the main platform of your GPS tracking system, but when you’re looking for GPS tracking on the fly, the mobile version is incredible. The mobile version provides you and your fleet with the functionality of the same real-time maps you’d get from using the main platform. The difference is that it gives you this in a pocket version. Get the mobile version of GPS tracking, get it faster, get it easier and get the job done.

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The GPS Tracking ROI Solution: Part 2

GPS tracking: All about the savings

Being a fleet business owner brings many responsibilities and requires completing tasks that will keep the business thriving and growing. GPS tracking has been proven by many fleet business owners to bring a true return on investment. In part one of this series, we explained a bit about how GPS tracking can help you see ROI in two different, important areas of your business. By using GPS tracking features fleet businesses can reduce labor expenses and increase revenue. In part two of this series, we’re going to discuss how you can see ROI with GPS tracking by stopping inventory theft and reducing wasted miles.

1.) Preventing Side Jobs: According to the National Labor Bureau, approximately 5.7% of workers engage in moonlighting or side jobs. This costs your business in lost income, more vehicle maintenance and extra fuel. GPS tracking is a wonderful solution to preventing fleet vehicles from being used on employee side jobs. With geofence alerts managers would know exactly where all vehicles are, at all hours of the day.

2.) Reducing Wasted Miles: The monitoring capabilities of the live map makes GPS tracking unbeatable. Not only can managers see their trucks in real-time, but the GPS tracking devices will record miles drive and which routes were taken. With the advanced routing option that GPS tracking has to offer dispatchers can choose shorter paths which can be programmed to prevent a continuation of wasting miles. Fewer nonproductive miles reduces the costs associated with fuel, oil changes, tires and repairs.

Improved management resulting from the use of GPS tracking aids in preventing income theft and dramatically reduces mileage. As mentioned in part one, GPS tracking is also useful reducing labor costs and increasing profits. When you have instant access to the whereabouts of your vehicles and staff at all times you can better monitor your business assets and start seeing a ROI right away. You could save hundreds of dollars in all areas mentioned just by using GPS tracking.

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