How GPS Trackers Involve Football Players

GPS tracker: Bringing the “A” game

GPS tracker technology is a rapid-growing trend and it is now being used for some NFL football players. It is amazing to think that technology has made such great strides in the last few years. In the 1990’s, GPS tracking was hardly even thought of, but in 2015 we are all about what the new trends will be. This technology can be used to tell which football players are putting their best foot forward and which ones are lagging behind.

By watching the football players, coaches and staff can keep tabs on bio-mechanical data. The GPS trackers offer real-time monitoring which can be used to put players on the sidelines if they require a much needed rest. GPS tracker technology is being used for football practices as well for the safety of the players. It is being used to monitor vitals so as to prevent them from getting to a state of fatigue. In addition, players can monitor their injuries during conditioning, practices and games. Currently, fifteen out of thirty two NFL teams are managing their players with GPS trackers.

The GPS trackers are essentially collecting data over a period of time so coaches and trainers will have a basis to predict when players are peaking. The GPS tracking monitor is small enough to fit into a pouch underneath the shoulder pads and measures many stats per second. The GPS tracker, then, relays the information to monitoring software on a computer, turning it into an easy to read number. The higher the number is, the greater the exertion level of the player is.

Besides monitoring vital statistics, the GPS trackers can also measure a player’s running speeds, speed changes and directional changes. Knowing a player’s behaviors can add value to the types of plays coaches can plan out. It can also let coaches know which players are doing their best.

GPS trackers are definitely bringing their “A” game, are you?

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Ways to better your business with a GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Working Smarter Made Easier for You

It’s not being lazy if you have a system in place to help your business, it’s being efficient! The truth is you have probably been drilled on the idea of working hard your whole business career and often times you most likely put in more work than necessary. Continuing down the path of tedious, meaningless work is time consuming and a waste of money. GPS tracker technology can do many things to make your life a little easier.

If you’re spending endless, tiresome hours keeping manual records for invoicing, then you’re working too hard. GPS tracker solutions can simplify the process for you by keeping track of information. You can pull reports to access dates, times and accurate hours worked on a project for proper billing. GPS trackers can help you save time and that is the most important aspect of business, because as they say, “time is money.”

Another great way a GPS tracker can help better your business is by tracking information about your fleet vehicles. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop manually logging odometer readings? A GPS tracker can give you a reading of vehicle odometers for your entire fleet in real-time. Also, we all know it can be ridiculously time consuming to stay on top of vehicle maintenance. A GPS tracker could also help you in this area by scheduling and sending vehicle service reminders.

Lastly, but definitely not the least important way, a GPS tracker can improve customer service. If there is a customer emergency you want to make sure you can respond as rapidly as possible. Your fleet can do that most easily by seeing a live access GPS tracker map. In this way, the drivers will know which vehicle is closest to the customer in need, saving a lot of wasted time trying to figure this out on their own. Keep in mind not all GPS tracker systems are the same, and most systems are nowhere near live updating platforms.

Working a smarter way, not a harder way is what a GPS tracker can offer you.

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GPS Tracker….The New Truancy Officer?

GPS Tracker: Changing the world.

The days of cutting class is over for middle school students in Australia. To combat a high truancy statistic, the parents and teachers of the district have used GPS trackers to monitor their students, bringing attendance from 68% to 90%. This improvement shows yet another great way GPS trackers are changing the world.

The Australian middle school is using a program that taps into the school’s attendance system through the connectivity of an app called “message you.” When the child is absent, not only do the parents receive an update, they also receive information on their child’s current whereabouts. This app puts responsibility back into the hands of the parents. Knowing where their child is located through a GPS tracker, they can get a head start in tracking them down and working to improve their desire to gain an education at a younger age.

If this trend picks up world-wide, GPS trackers could really be responsible for a shift in the economy. Since the program is available for every social class, more children have a chance of continued education, potentially pulling more individuals out of their direction of poverty. GPS trackers could ideally change the path (no pun intended) of those individuals steering toward the drop-out percentage. This program, made possible through GPS tracking, could become that added element of accountability, for both the student and the parent. No longer can a parent dismiss their responsibility by saying “I don’t know where my child is.” They will know exactly where their child is, whether that is at school, or a location they should not be.

Among the good that could come from keeping more children in school, a GPS tracker could also add security. Having access to a child’s location may be a life-saver should an Amber Alert arise.

While those opposed to this type of monitoring say that GPS trackers on children would be intrusive and acts as “Big Brother,” no one can deny that in this case, this use of a GPS tracker could save lives and give others a bigger and brighter future.

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GPS Tracker Pays for Itself and Puts Money Back into your Pocket: Part 2

Keep more of your pie with a GPS Tracker system.

Every business, especially small businesses are not only looking for ways to cut costs, they are looking to make sure not to accrue any additional costs. For this reason, the thought of adding another monthly expense may seem crazy, but what if that addition ended up saving you money.

Besides savings in fuel, we looked at the saving that come from a properly maintained vehicle. a GPS tracker system offers maintenance alerts that leave no room for “we forgot to change the oil!”

Before the “check engine” light pops on, you have already serviced the engine. Never risk blow-outs since your tires are properly rotated, and changed out before they ever get to the point of no return. Instead of relying on your drivers to remember that it’s time for an oil change, a GPS tracker system will be ahead of the game. Let a GPS tracker system take the wheel on all of your maintenance need alerts, decreasing the chance of human error.

Employee wages: How often do you check to make sure that those employees who have clocked overtime are actually working overtime worthy hours? We want to believe the best about those we hire to do a job, but not everyone is going to honestly work the hours they clock in and out. If you are relying only on their good word, you may be missing out on money. A GPS tracking system can take the guesswork out of the equation.

With a GPS tracker system, your employee’s stats will be virtually accessible through the numerous reports available via your online portal. You will also be privy to reports you create to let you know where your drivers are at all times, and alerts when they leave a certain area. This gives you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your company. We like to say ‘trust, but verify’ when it comes to your mobile workforce.

On top of these wonderful features, your accounting department will love you for the fact that you made their job a lot easier, accurate, and fool- proof by installing a GPS tracker system. They will spend less time double, triple, and quadruple checking their homemade reports. Within a few clicks, they will have access to all the information they need to properly and efficiently designate money.

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3 Ways that a GPS Tracker System Can Grow Your Referral Base

Can a GPS tracker system grow your referral base?

Your customers are looking for reason to be loyal to you. They want to be your lifelong customer, they are comfortable with you, but that doesn’t mean you should not still work to retain their trust, confidence, and respect. installing a GPS tracker system is one of the ways you can keep your current customers and aid in gaining referrals from them as well.

Referrals are one of the best compliments you can receive from a current customer. A referral means that they trust you and are comfortable enough to put their own name on the line to refer you. A referral is one of the highest converting leads you can be given because they already know you from someone they know and trust.

3 Ways that a GPS Tracker System can grow your referral base from current customers:

You don’t keep them waiting all day: If you are in a service industry you schedule your jobs on a timeline. People waiting on a service call are eager for you to get the job done and do not want to wait around all day for you show up. Your customers are busy and many have a job, giving them an eight-hour window means, they will have to take more time off than they would probably prefer. With a GPS tracker system, you can arrange for a shorter wait window by getting drivers where they need to go and helping them navigate a more efficient route allowing for more jobs to be done, meaning less people waiting around for a ridiculous amount of time. Getting a GPS tracker for your vehicles is just a smart choice.

Your customers receive their goods on time: If you are in the business of delivering goods, your customers are on a deadline. Your drivers will arrive on time thanks to top-notch GPS tracker navigation equipment that steers them from traffic, road construction, bad weather, etc. You’re other jobs will run smoother leaving more wiggle room in between jobs when your vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracker .

When they call, you deliver: Simply put – your customers call and you’re able to deliver within minutes or hours; not days and weeks. This builds trust and reliability among your clients. Of course referrals will increase if your customers are astonished by the speed in which you can meet their needs.

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GPS Tracking: Changing the world one pin point at a time: Part 2

How has GPS Tracking changed your world?

As mentioned, at US Fleet Tracking, we really focus on the aspect of GPS tracking in relation to companies with large fleets, but that does not mean that we are not excited to see the advances in technology and how GPS tracking in changing our world.

A few months back we were able to be involved in a project with the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. We were involved with the tracking of the various vehicles responsible for transporting all the needed equipment in order to run the event without a hitch. We were responsible for seeing that runners and spectators alike had a good time without even knowing all the work behind the scenes. Your not knowing we were there is possibly one of our biggest compliments. Because of the service we offer, those orchestrating every aspect of the event, could guide and track where each vehicle transporting which item was at all time.

So as we were taking care of the ins and outs on a large scale, another aspect of GPS tracking was in play. For the runners and their families, GPS tracking was linked to an app that as linked to the chip the runners wore that gave a play-by-play of their entire journey start to finish. When a running crossed the starting line, GPS tracking was at work. The app used gave family members the ability to see where that runner was located by the simple typing in of their bib number which was assigned to their individual GPS tracking device. If a husband planned to cheer his wife on at miles 20, which is historically one of the hardest points of a marathon, he could plan his day according to her location at a given time. Understanding her pace and seeing her location on the map could help him determine what time she would be at the 20 mile mark. On her side, she is given a reminder of what time she will cross the finish line at her pace. At the end of the race, the GPS tracker implementation is what gives her a summary of her race, not only with what time she finished, but also, what time she crossed certain milestones along the race.

GPS tracking has added so many more conveniences in our modern world, as time goes on, who knows where GPS tracking will take us.

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GPS Tracking System Can Keep Your Information Safe

How Can GPS Tracking Protect Privacy?

Our world is changing, and the more advanced technology is, the less privacy we will have. When you go shopping, we cannot leave the store without being handed a coupon with a strategically selected product chosen to fit the needs we just revealed with our purchase. When we buy diapers, we might receive a coupon for wipes or a digital baby book from Shutterfly. With our purchase of a coffee maker, we will more than likely receive a coupon for coffee. The world as we know it is long and gone. Everywhere we go, we are leaving digital footprints behind. This new found need to be secure might cause some backlash with drivers who are already fearful of their security. The thought of every move they make literally being recored through GPS tracking, can be unnerving to say the least. The security of your company is our top priority as the safety of your fleet is yours. At US Fleet Tracking, we have put security measures in place to protect your company from harm that can come from your information getting into the wrong hands. We work with top of the line software secured by our elite back-up systems to ensure that no matter where your fleet is located, you have access to what you need, and unauthorized individuals will not. Your valuable information is password protected from a private network, and we have in place security protocols to keep it that way. GPS tracking is intended to save your company money, but also to keep your drivers and their cargo safe. When a driver starts his or her trip, they can rest assured knowing that GPS tracking is a safeguard they can rely on to keep them safer on the road. Instead of seeing the GPS tracker installed in their vehicle as an intrusion or privacy invasion, they will see it as a way to communicate with you when and if problems arise while in commute. GPS tracking is not a one way street and having this software in place, also allow your to communicate to your drivers if you should need to steer them away from harms ways. In a world of compromised security, we promise to do all we can at all times to prove to you that you matter, and our giving you the tools to protect your fleet is just one of those ways. To view our GPS Tracker selection Click Here.

GPS Tracking: More Than Driving Instructions

More than meets the Eye?

When most people think of GPS tracking they think of a robotic guide navigating a digital map; However, in thinking this, much value is lost. GPS tracking for fleet management allows companies to take the ins and outs of the job to a whole new level. Fleet management software shares with your company a massive amount of data tailored toward that information most pivotal to you and your fleet.

One of the most effective reports you will ever have about your fleet will come from your GPS tracking management software! Your tracking reports give you a snapshot of each moment with your fleet as if you were sitting in the passengers seat. From this report, you will discover innovative ways to save money. The report delivers to you a report card on how your drivers are performing on and off of the road. If your driver choose to idle longer than necessary, you will know. If your driver decides to use your vehicle for their personal use, you can keep a tab of how much they owe you. Your GPS tracking software will also let you know who has a led foot. If a driver is consistently speeding, you have the proof to go over during his or her review. GPS reports are good for cutting costs on so many levels.

Once you log into your GPS tracking portal, you will gain access to a 3D map pinpointing the exact location of each member of your fleet. If at any time, your drivers take an unauthorized turn, stays idle for an unnecessary amount of time, or take a personal trip on your dime, you have ground to stand on in a confrontation

Communication with your fleet just became simpler, which is important to the overall safety of your mobile team. Through your dashboard, you can launch messages straight to their GPS tracker-or phone-in a timely manner. You then have the accountability piece you need.

We have given you the tools to enhance your business, and the more you know, the better your operations.

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Cutting Fuel Costs through GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking = Saving $$$

GPS tracking is a must have for any company managing the operation of any vehicle. The cost of purchasing the service is payed back time and time by either the money the company saves with us or through additional business picked up from the additional time they now have available. The savings are through the roof in various areas of the business, but the cost from a reduction in fuel costs alone is enough to justify the addition of GPS tracking.

GPS tracking gives the company your company access to knowing more detailed information about your fleet. Many items have been wasting your money for years, so this new found knowledge is sure to be an eye opener to your accounting department.

The first way you will save money on fuel is that with GPS tracking, you will know when a vehicle is idling for an extended, unnecessary period of time. Rumor has it that stopping and restarting an engine wastes too much fuel, so leaving the vehicle running is more cost effective. This is only a rumor, and in fact is wasteful of your money. With your GPS tracker, you will have access to seeing the amount of time a vehicle is running, yet staying in one place. If you find that a driver has a habit of idling for more than a few hours a day, this matter should be brought to his or her attention.

Another cost saving feature of our GPS tracker is that your drivers are not as likely to waste your valuable time lost, or taking a time consuming route down the road. With GPS tracking, dispatchers have the ability to see the exact location of your drivers as well as the best, most direct route to his or her location. If in event a driver was lost, dispatchers can quickly help them find their way back to the route. The faster your drivers reach their locations, the faster the job is done, and the more time they have available for other jobs. This makes travel time shorter, which again, reduces fuel costs.

These two areas are only a few ways to cut costs using GPS tracking. We are confident that you will find even more unique ways that your company will save money and boost that earning potential.

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Don’t let breakdowns keep you from your next stop

Prevent Unnecessary Breakdowns

What series of events takes place following the “I am broken down in Memphis so I’m not going to make my stop in Nashville” call? Well, besides a loss in vehicle and driver productivity, there will be a very unhappy customer. To add insult to injury, despite the loss of their means to do their job, your driver is still on the clock and must be paid. No only do you experience a monetary loss, you may also be jeopardizing the future business relationship with this customer.

The use of our GPS tracker is a great way to minimize the existence of this scenario. While we cannot ensure that you will never encounter trouble on the road, we can however, supply you with a tool that will allow you to pinpoint the unique maintenance needs of your fleet in one glance. We provide our customers with a GPS tracker that gives you the power to set maintenance reminders on all of your vehicles. This creates the opportunity for you to be proactive with your fleet so you can reach any potential issues before they have a chance to occur. With our GPS tracker alerting you of when a truck is due for maintenance, “breakdown” calls will become more obsolete. If a breakdown does occur, time is not wasted attempting to located the vehicle since the GPS tracker will already know the exact location along with the closest repair personnel.

Besides the loss of time, vehicle and driver productivity, and money, truck breakdowns can put your driver in harm’s way. By eliminating the issues that cause breakdowns, you are intern keeping your drivers safe on the road.

US Fleet Tracking is dedicated to taking the guess work out of your maintenance plan. Your success is our success. We want your dollars to be well spent and in our opinion, a penny saved is a penny earned.

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