How GPS Trackers Involve Football Players

GPS tracker: Bringing the “A” game GPS tracker technology is a rapid-growing trend and it is now being used for some NFL football players. It is amazing to think that technology has made such great strides in the last few years. In the 1990’s, GPS tracking was hardly even thought of, but in 2015 we … Continue reading “How GPS Trackers Involve Football Players”

Ways to better your business with a GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Working Smarter Made Easier for You It’s not being lazy if you have a system in place to help your business, it’s being efficient! The truth is you have probably been drilled on the idea of working hard your whole business career and often times you most likely put in more work than … Continue reading “Ways to better your business with a GPS Tracker”

GPS Tracker….The New Truancy Officer?

GPS Tracker: Changing the world. The days of cutting class is over for middle school students in Australia. To combat a high truancy statistic, the parents and teachers of the district have used GPS trackers to monitor their students, bringing attendance from 68% to 90%. This improvement shows yet another great way GPS trackers are … Continue reading “GPS Tracker….The New Truancy Officer?”

GPS Tracker Pays for Itself and Puts Money Back into your Pocket: Part 2

Keep more of your pie with a GPS Tracker system. Every business, especially small businesses are not only looking for ways to cut costs, they are looking to make sure not to accrue any additional costs. For this reason, the thought of adding another monthly expense may seem crazy, but what if that addition ended up … Continue reading “GPS Tracker Pays for Itself and Puts Money Back into your Pocket: Part 2”

3 Ways that a GPS Tracker System Can Grow Your Referral Base

Can a GPS tracker system grow your referral base? Your customers are looking for reason to be loyal to you. They want to be your lifelong customer, they are comfortable with you, but that doesn’t mean you should not still work to retain their trust, confidence, and respect. installing a GPS tracker system is one of … Continue reading “3 Ways that a GPS Tracker System Can Grow Your Referral Base”

GPS Tracking: Changing the world one pin point at a time: Part 2

How has GPS Tracking changed your world? As mentioned, at US Fleet Tracking, we really focus on the aspect of GPS tracking in relation to companies with large fleets, but that does not mean that we are not excited to see the advances in technology and how GPS tracking in changing our world. A few … Continue reading “GPS Tracking: Changing the world one pin point at a time: Part 2”

GPS Tracking System Can Keep Your Information Safe

How Can GPS Tracking Protect Privacy? Our world is changing, and the more advanced technology is, the less privacy we will have. When you go shopping, we cannot leave the store without being handed a coupon with a strategically selected product chosen to fit the needs we just revealed with our purchase. When we buy … Continue reading “GPS Tracking System Can Keep Your Information Safe”

GPS Tracking: More Than Driving Instructions

More than meets the Eye? When most people think of GPS tracking they think of a robotic guide navigating a digital map; However, in thinking this, much value is lost. GPS tracking for fleet management allows companies to take the ins and outs of the job to a whole new level. Fleet management software shares … Continue reading “GPS Tracking: More Than Driving Instructions”

Cutting Fuel Costs through GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking = Saving $$$ GPS tracking is a must have for any company managing the operation of any vehicle. The cost of purchasing the service is payed back time and time by either the money the company saves with us or through additional business picked up from the additional time they now have available. … Continue reading “Cutting Fuel Costs through GPS Tracking”

Don’t let breakdowns keep you from your next stop

Prevent Unnecessary Breakdowns What series of events takes place following the “I am broken down in Memphis so I’m not going to make my stop in Nashville” call? Well, besides a loss in vehicle and driver productivity, there will be a very unhappy customer. To add insult to injury, despite the loss of their means … Continue reading “Don’t let breakdowns keep you from your next stop”