Improve The Workload By Using GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Control in minutes

GPS trackers may seem as though they’d be complicated to utilize, but in actuality the system is quite intuitive and you can have complete control over your fleet in minutes. It’s amazing what a few button clicks can provide. For example, dispatchers sitting in an office can help drivers in the field by maneuvering planned routes on the live map to direct drivers around traffic, construction, and other road hazards. Managers can see everything happening as well which makes the entire team able to function more cohesively. One of the best ways fleet managers can lighten the workload is by using the Advanced Routing option.

GPS trackers with Advanced Routing is optimal for entering all stops or locations that drivers need to get to and generating the quickest and shortest routes to save time. Workers getting to job-sites quicker allows jobs to be completed faster, as well. Work being completed quicker opens up the possibility of fulfilling more work requests and ultimately increases the bottom line. As a bonus to having shorter routes when arriving on scene is that it will also decrease fuel usage, thus saving the company more money.

What company doesn’t want to save money and make more of it simultaneously? Not only should most fleet managers want this for their company, but it would be surprising if they didn’t want to improve their overall daily operation. Getting down to it, GPS trackers make life a lot easier. Forget about manually organizing all of the drivers’ stops for the day, just plug and go! Verifying that drivers are on site when they need to be is as simple as glancing at the live map.

GPS trackers being in every vehicle is also great for automatically measuring mileage, idling times, whether a driver is speeding, and keeping up with vehicle maintenance. Think of all the time saved. Are you ready to see improvement in your workload by using GPS trackers?

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3 Ways To A Simpler Bill Of Sale With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Invoicing software

Imagine that “uh-oh” moment when a customer has decided they want to dispute their bill for services rendered. When that moment comes will you have any proof that your guy was actually there when he said he was? A great deal of fleet business owners have been using GPS tracking to keep this situation and others from ruining their days. Taking the guesswork out of billing is simple with GPS tracking.

Here are 3 ways you can benefit from using a GPS tracking system:

  • Helpful Reports: If you want to know things like the idle times, labor time, vehicle usage, when the last maintenance was completed, fuel usage, and vehicle condition you have recorded data that can be generated into reports. This matters for billing purposes, because your overhead costs should be a factor in how much you decide to charge your customers.
  • Hindering Disputes: GPS tracking units record timestamps of the exact moment that your employee arrived to complete services and when services ended. The charge on the bill of sale will, therefore; be the most accurate it can be.
  • Going Paper-Free: The beauty of GPS tracking is that it benefits more than one department for billing purposes. The drivers don’t have to carry around hefty log books, the manager has easy access to notes entered in the system before the workers return to the office, and invoicing is a much simpler process. The accounting efforts are able to be maximized by having all the data in one place.

Timekeeping is a breeze when automation is involved! In the end, having a simpler bill of sale process means less tedious work keeping up with invoices and taking less time to do it. Speeding things up leaves more room for additional sales, if you want to go the extra mile. With GPS tracking you have the power to make your fleets easier to manage and your workdays more efficient.

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GPS Trackers Offer Benefits To The Construction Industry: Part 2

GPS trackers: Companies using technology

In part one of this series, we talked about a few benefits provided by GPS trackers for the construction industry and in part two of this series, we’re going to talk about 2 more. Not knowing when to replace equipment or handle routine maintenance can be a major pitfall for any company, but it really impacts construction companies with their large equipment. If one vital piece of equipment isn’t operational, a whole job will be delayed. Coupled with keeping maintenance under wraps is keeping equipment safe from theft. That’s where GPS trackers come into play.

1.) Maintenance: With GPS trackers, maintenance and equipment replacement costs can be monitored more closely. The way that works is that alerts can be set to remind management of maintenance needed so as not to avoid it or forget it. Additionally, distributed usage of vehicles and equipment can be tracked to prevent overuse or underuse.

2.) Protection: Geofence alerts can be set for more than just fuel usage monitoring. In fact, they can be set to keep track of vehicle or equipment during off-hours. This sends an alert if equipment is moving when it isn’t supposed to be. Stolen equipment can be easily traced and returned.

Taking care of heavy duty vehicles and equipment is a big job, but much more doable with the help of technology. Removing the option to skip repairs and have to pay more in repair costs, later, is a fantastic gift to receive. Likewise, GPS trackers allowing theft prevention is a major relief. It is truly incredible how many ways GPS trackers can help the construction industry. Do you want to join the leaders of the pack and obtain a great way to save time and money? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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GPS Trackers Offer Benefits To The Construction Industry: Part 1

GPS trackers: Companies using technology

The benefits provided by GPS trackers aren’t excluded to just one type of industry, in fact, it’s no secret that many construction companies have determined these devices help them build a viable business by progressing operational duties. Aside from completing jobs efficiently, there are a lot of pieces of equipment construction companies are reliable for and GPS trackers help to keep up with all of them. In part one of this series, we’re going to talk about 3 out 5 benefits the construction industry gets from these wonderful devices.

1.) Dispatching: With GPS trackers, management can control their fleets without having to make one hundred phones calls. The dispatching team can be set up to quickly locate vehicles or equipment on the live map. Sending one worker or a whole team to a job site is as simple as scheduling the job, clicking to plot out a route, and watching the drivers en route.

2.) Billing: Paperwork getting lost is not a worry with a digital system like GPS trackers. They recorded data will show how long your company was on site, which workers were clocked in, and when they stopped working. This makes billing more accurate and allows you to provide solid proof to customers so there is less chance of a dispute.

3.) Fuel: Wanting to save money on fuel isn’t a selfish act, it makes perfect sense. Luckily, GPS trackers can help in that area, too. By monitoring idle times, one can drastically cut down on this habit which saves fuel from being burned unnecessarily. Management can also look to see which vehicles are being used and set geofence alerts to eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage.

Improving on dispatching, billing, and fuel usage are only a few ways that these devices make life easier for companies in the construction industry. Their worries are decreased dramatically with GPS trackers. If you want to know more about the benefits for this industry, please stick around for part 2 of this series!

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GPS Tracker Devices And The Future Of The Trucking Industry

GPS tracker: Smart technology for growth

What does the future of the trucking industry look like? What do GPS tracker devices have to do with truckers? Simply put, many of the most successful trucking companies are using GPS tracker devices and predictions say the trucking industry will be growing. What trucking companies and the public should realize is that the trucking industry is the becoming the backbone of the United States as nearly 70% of all the freight tonnage moved in the US goes on trucks.

What’s more compelling is that The American Trucking Associations has released reports stating that the trucking industry isn’t going anywhere any time soon! In fact, it is predicted that US freight transportation is going to be increasing a lot over the next 11 years. The forecast indicates that the number of class 8 trucks in use will grow to 3.98 million by 2026.

How will management ever be able to keep up with all of their new vehicles? The answer is simple; GPS tracker devices.

Upon logging in, GPS tracker maps provide management with a zoomed out view to start with. This allows the manager using the map to see all trucks across the nation in one glance. So, if you have truckers driving all over the United States, it’s not a problem to keep up with their whereabouts. Moreover, by zooming in on specific locations you can get a more precise view.

With GPS tracker devices managers will have access to some of the following reports and alerts to make their lives easier:

  • Fuel usage
  • Idling
  • Unapproved vehicle usage
  • Speeding
  • Vehicle maintenance needed
  • Work activity
  • Delivery of freight

With all of the knowledge that GPS tracker devices provide to the trucking industry, everyone will be able to complete their jobs more efficiently and taking on more vehicles for the future won’t be a problem. GPS tracker devices are smart technology for growth.

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GPS Trackers Give Refrigerator Repairers Chilling Results: Part 2

GPS trackers: Cool features put to use

When a refrigerator goes out in someone’s home there is a lot at stake. People may be tempted to try and eat up their food, increasing the risk for food-borne illness. Who comes to the rescue? Refrigerator repairers do! The best refrigerator repair companies are keeping things “cool” by utilizing GPS trackers. In part one of this series, we talked about how refrigerator repair companies can can use GPS trackers to have better response times and accurate business records of work completed. Today, we’re finishing up this series with two more benefits of GPS trackers.

1.) Efficient Paperwork Management: Paperwork can be a  for some companies and it very well might have been one for refrigerator repair companies before they started using GPS trackers. Now, paperwork is a cinch as it is easy to integrate your GPS trackers with your computer for swift generation of any data you need. Your fuel usage, vehicle diagnostics, driver’s logs and more can all be viewed in minutes.

2.) Simple Dispatch Use: It’s not trouble at all for dispatchers to know the exact location of all refrigerator repair workers in the field, thanks to GPS trackers. They don’t have to be glued to a cell phone calling everyone in town to know what’s going on. Dispatchers can now direct workers to customer locations even quicker, re-routing them through hazards or traffic when necessary.

With time being freed up all over the place, thanks to GPS trackers, these refrigerator repair companies can put more effort towards more profitable measures, such as training new drivers, acquiring new vehicles, and expanding service capabilities. Along with these benefits are the benefits of happy customers, improved efficiency and better response times. Becoming a better business is something everyone should want. Are you ready to put these cool features to use for your refrigerator repair company?

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GPS Tracker Devices To Provide Safety For Teen Drivers

GPS tracker: Putting parents at ease

You know something is deemed important when there is a day, week or month dedicated to awareness for it. With that being said, it just so happens that January is teen driving awareness month. The National Safety Council and the Center For Disease Control And Prevention both state that the risk for fatal car crashes is higher among drivers between 16-19 years old. Inexperience and distracted driving are two of the top contributing factors to teen car accidents. Perhaps, a hands-free system such as GPS tracker devices, could provide safety for teen drivers and put a lot of parents at ease.

Let’s take a quick look at some GPS tracker safety benefits for teen drivers and their parents! GPS tracker devices have a lot of functions that would be helpful for parents to hold their teen drivers accountable. Some of them include:

  • Aggressive Driving Reports
  • Mileage reports
  • Weather updates
  • Traffic alerts
  • Hands-free communication
  • Fuel usage reports
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders

With the above mentioned functions, parents would know when their teen drivers were braking harshly, speeding or suddenly stopping. In addition, there would never be a question about what teen drivers were up to, because the GPS tracker would store data on all routes driven, mileage and fuel percentage used.

For added safety, the Weather Overlay feature would alert drivers of hazardous weather rolling in, traffic alerts would keep teens from heading into heavily congested areas and hands-free communication would allow parents to guide their teen drivers if they ever felt the need to do so. Vehicle maintenance reminders are just an awesome feature, because new drivers have enough to worry about. Imagine taking the guesswork out of when to change the oil.

The GPS tracker system creates many opportunities for parents to feel better about letting their teenager take a spin while also allowing teens to have a safe trip whenever, wherever.

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How Invoicing Gets Better With GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS trackers: Your billing issues resolved

It’s a new age where GPS trackers are helping fleet business owners overcome many obstacles. They’ve already discovered the power GPS trackers give to them for drivers out on the road, but more of them are also finding out how invoicing is getting better by using the same technology. In part one of this series we talked a bit about how GPS trackers make for easier billing and provide you with a paper-free system. In part two of this series we’re talking about how GPS trackers can help deter client disputes and provide helpful, informational reports.

Deter Disputes: There will be less arguing with GPS trackers, because they make invoicing easier on everyone involved. The nice part about GPS trackers recording everything automatically is that if your client questions the invoice, you have proof to defend their claim. You will have a time stamp of the exact time that you charged them for by regarding the GPS tracker. Managers and the accounting team will know every location visited, when they were visited and how long trucks stayed on location.

Informational Reports: GPS trackers have reports for just about everything you could imagine needing. For example, idle times, labor time, vehicle usage, maintenance, fuel usage and vehicle condition. These are all important aspects for your fleet business which need to be taken into consideration when you determine what your pricing should be in order to make a profit. In this way the GPS trackers’ reports are also tied into invoicing.

In the end, anything that speeds up the billing process will, inevitably, begin to increase your business’ income. GPS trackers are helping to make speedy billing cycles and resolve any issues you might have prior to implementing these devices. With the proper documentation invoice calculations are straight forward with a lesser chance of disputes and reporting is faster.

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Are You Wasting Money Without GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers: Ending the money pit

The rise and fall, the earnings and expenses; all of these are just a natural part of doing business. Of course, spending more than you need to be can take a toll on your fleet business and your bottom line. Have you ever thought about the money pit you’re throwing your money into? Truthfully, if you’re not using GPS trackers for your fleets then there are numerous areas you’re most likely wasting money. Some of the most costly endeavors stem from unnecessary fuel usage, idling, vehicle repairs and inefficient employees. Let’s take a look at how you could be suffering without GPS trackers.

Fuel usage: Without GPS trackers you won’t really know how fast drivers are driving, if aggressive driving is taking place or if harsh braking is a habit. These are all actions that burn fuel faster.

Idling: Leaving fleet trucks running idle for long periods of time forces the engine to operate inefficiently while increasing the need for maintenance. Without GPS trackers you wouldn’t have automatic data to tell you which drivers are idling excessively, causing your engines to eventually degrade and reduce mileage.

Vehicle repairs: Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is important. Without GPS trackers to help you automatically schedule maintenance reminders, you’re left to keep track of repairs manually via time consuming methods.

Inefficient employees: Do you know where your drivers are at throughout the whole day? How can you really be sure? Without the GPS trackers, you don’t have a digital, live map to actually see the location of all drivers.

GPS trackers are wonderful technology which can do many things to make your business easier to run. With 3G capability you’ll have a strong connection to all the data you need. It’s clear to see how fuel usage, idling, vehicle repairs and inefficient employees can bring your business down by costing you far too much money. GPS trackers can be the answer to ending the money pit.

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Monitoring Company Truck Usage With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Monitoring personal use

Are your drivers taking the company vehicles home or running personal errands while on duty? Are they doing side jobs? How will you know whether they do or not? If drivers aren’t currently having to account for their time in the field, it’s evident that the lines of ethics may become blurred. If employees are given the chance to operate company vehicles, unnecessarily, then your company loses out on valuable time and money. Monitoring company truck usage with GPS trackers is an easy solution to both.

Time: GPS trackers protect company time by ensuring that drivers are utilizing their work day for only the tasks at hand. With live mapping managers can supervise the location of every driver. They will know when stops are made and how long someone stays at any given location. Knowing they are being monitored tends to make employees perform better. As the old saying goes, “time is of the essence.”

Money: Free usage of company trucks increases the cost of repairs and fuel. It also decreases the income of the company if employees are off doing something other than work. GPS trackers automatically keep data such as idling time, fuel usage, start times, stop times and routes taken. With GPS trackers you will know that your drivers aren’t taking the trucks home, aren’t completing side jobs and are finishing assigned tasks.

If your only way to “track” your drivers’ work day is a punch in and out system back at the office, you may be missing vital information. It doesn’t have to seem as though you are being overbearing or cruel to your employees by enforcing GPS trackers. Instead, you could use the data gathered to recognize your hard-working team. Implementing the use of GPS trackers is no more than a perfect way protect your company trucks, time and money.

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