Pulling Up GPS Tracking Reports: Part 1

GPS tracking: The best choice for you There are a multitude of helpful reports that GPS tracking has to offer in order to make a fleet work more effectively on a daily basis. The automation part is unbeatable as drivers travel throughout the day simply allowing the GPS tracking units to record data such as … Continue reading “Pulling Up GPS Tracking Reports: Part 1”

How GPS Trackers Can Improve Your Fleet Operations

GPS trackers: An investment opportunity Using GPS trackers to improve your fleet operations may seem like too easy of a solution, but until you truly know the benefits you can’t make a proper decision. What if we told you that increased safety, inventory control, and vehicle monitoring were all goals that could be easily met … Continue reading “How GPS Trackers Can Improve Your Fleet Operations”

GPS Trackers For Simple Fleet Surveillance

GPS trackers: Creating a smooth operation There are many daily duties fleet managers have to keep track of and many have learned to rely on GPS trackers to help them maneuver through these tasks. From monitoring employees in the field to deterring theft of vehicles these devices can help create a smooth operation. Making use … Continue reading “GPS Trackers For Simple Fleet Surveillance”

How GPS Trackers Overcome Business Hurdles: Part 2

GPS trackers: Problem solvers GPS trackers are an easy, yet ingenious use of technology that allows fleet business owners to take full control to overcome many business hurdles. In part one of this series, we discussed how increasing fuel prices and unanticipated vehicle breakdowns are both common problems, yet with the help of GPS trackers … Continue reading “How GPS Trackers Overcome Business Hurdles: Part 2”

Using GPS Tracking To Motivate Employees

GPS tracking: Giving drivers recognition A study conducted by an associate professor of accounting, Karen Sedatole, at Michigan State University concluded that employees are motivated more by rewards than by penalties. Having negative things said about their work is that last thing a decent employee wants to hear. So, hard working employees will put in … Continue reading “Using GPS Tracking To Motivate Employees”

Utilizing GPS Tracking Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

GPS tracking: Device and vehicle management There are a lot of seasoned business owners making great use of GPS tracking devices and for every one company that has mastered utilizing these devices, there are a handful of them still working through the process. Trust us, the process is worth it in the end! One of … Continue reading “Utilizing GPS Tracking Vehicle Maintenance Reminders”

4 GPS Tracker Geofence Uses For Fleet Businesses: Part 1

GPS tracker: Helpful for business operations It’s no secret to many fleet owners that geofencing is quite the handy GPS tracker feature to have when it comes to keeping a watchful eye out on company vehicles. The GPS tracker system provides fleets with this popular feature which can be used in many areas of your … Continue reading “4 GPS Tracker Geofence Uses For Fleet Businesses: Part 1”

Being Lost Without A GPS Tracker

GPS tracker: A guide to your destination So let’s imagine that you are a repairman out on duty. You type in the customer’s destination on your cell phone map and it starts to guide you along. Before you know it, there is nothing around you and your cell phone loses connection. You’re in your company … Continue reading “Being Lost Without A GPS Tracker”

Make A Smart Move With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Fleet businesses improvements If you’re in the market to improve your business with the use of GPS trackers then you’re making a smart move! It’s amazing how GPS trackers are playing an undeniably significant part in changing the business world. GPS trackers help fleet business managers tackle many ongoing challenges. For example, GPS … Continue reading “Make A Smart Move With GPS Trackers”

GPS Trackers Protect Business Time

 GPS tracker: An automatic time keeper The day in the life of a fleet driver is likely to change on a daily basis, that is if you are operating your business without the use of GPS trackers. With no monitoring fleet drivers can have the freedom to take all day to finish a job, making … Continue reading “GPS Trackers Protect Business Time”