Attention! Today’s The Last Day Of 2G GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Upgrade now!

There are many mixed emotions which are a little difficult to cover in just a single word when addressing the ending of 2G GPS tracking networks. We’ve been talking about this finale for a while, yet time has gone by so quickly that it still feels so surreal to finally be saying goodbye to an operating system we’ve been blessed to utilize for ten years. Tomorrow, December 31st, 2016 is the day that AT&T has designated as the cutoff date for all 2G networks and if you haven’t done so, we wanted to let you know that today is the perfect time upgrade your GPS tracking devices!

To avoid having no GPS tracking connection at all you’ll need to have devices that utilize the new 3G technology. Upgrading is the only way to keep work life simple and take advantage of things like automatic oil change notifications, geofencing, and speed alerts. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy the fastest 5-10 second updates and keep a strong connection no matter where your fleet drivers travel.

As 2017 approaches think about being the best fleet company you can be and then ask yourself if that means utilizing the best in GPS tracking. If you answered “yes”, because you’d like for your fleet team to operate smoothly, efficiently, and keep your bottom line looking great and you still haven’t upgraded to the 3G network then please feel free to contact us to upgrade now!

If you have more questions about the upgrade process, the upgrade offers US Fleet Tracking currently has in place, or you want to check to see if your device is already 3G capable then click here. Our US Fleet Tracking support team is available to answer any GPS tracking questions you may have.

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Using GPS Tracker Devices For Seasonal Weather Updates

GPS tracker: Autumn weather conditions

Weather experts have predicted that cool, showery weather is in store for the Northwest region of the United States this fall. Similarly, the Southeast is expected to experience wet weather. While estimation such as these can help better prepare fleet drivers for their trips across the nation, it’s never one hundred percent accurate. Mother Nature has a way of surprising all of us, but those stormy days don’t always mean the work can stop. When the show must go on, GPS tracker devices make it possible to veer into the rain more safely.

Many fleets already take advantage of the GPS tracker weather updates. The feature known as the Weather Overlay is advantageous as it adds an extra level of safety, efficiency, and productivity to the mix of your daily activities. With this feature, you can have access to 10-second updates. That means that any time a storm might get too crazy for drivers to continue on their path the weather feature will allow dispatchers, managers, and drivers to see that information instantly.

Drivers don’t have to be stuck out on the road when a random storm brews up. The pre-planned routes and schedules can be easily manipulated so that drivers can either maneuver around a storm or changed until the storm passes. Being able to offer this kind of safety to employees is awesome. After all, safety is one of the top priorities for a fleet company.

For no extra cost at all, you can have access to the Weather Overlay program as it’s just a built in feature with our live GPS tracker service! If you haven’t started using this technology yet, there is still time to reap the benefits of a GPS tracker system.

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Using GPS Trackers To Monitor Driver Behavior

GPS trackers: Improved fleets

The main list of duties detailed in a fleet manager’s job is keeping up with their moving fleet. Implementing this, somewhat daunting, task well means having optimum monitoring ability. GPS trackers are a fantastic way to pull this off, improve your fleet, and keep you sane. Tracking solutions with unique telematics provides customized reporting, alerts, and live viewing to managers so that they can quickly and easily get instant feedback. If you’re a manager that questions if monitoring their drivers’ behaviors is necessary, stay tuned to find out why it is important.

How your drivers handle your company vehicles does make a difference in your bottom line. If your drivers are continuously driving harshly wouldn’t you want to know about it? With GPS trackers you’d know things like whether they are speeding, braking harshly, crazily changing lanes, revving the engine to accelerate too quickly, or idling excessively. All of these actions cause wear and tear on your vehicles, beyond the norm.

With customized reports, you can bring up historical data on all of the driver behaviors mentioned above. Looking back over the last 90 days of stored information, will give managers all the proof they need to show that the fleet is in order. In addition, alerts can be set to monitor and help regulate driver actions by sending management texts or emails each time drivers break the rules. Furthermore, live maps are useful for keeping an eye on activities happening in the present moment. With two-way communication, drivers can also receive instant communication to correct problems rather than waiting for reports or alerts, if desired.

Safe and reliable drivers are a must for a fleet company. You could start seeing a difference in your drivers’ behaviors and improve business practices by default. The implementation of GPS trackers is a simple step to take towards making your life easier.

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