GPS Tracking Testimonial Highlights Of 2015: Part 2

GPS tracking: Thankful for technology

We know that US Fleet Tracking is what it is thanks to our wonderful customers! With that being said, we also know how important it is to rely on testimonials from our customers about our GPS tracking system. The lifeblood of our business boils down to listening to customers, making changes to our system when we can and trying our best to accommodate what the people using GPS tracking actually need. In part one of this series we discussed how, in 2015, GPS tracking blessed some of our existing customers to the point that they wanted to share their stories with us. In part one, we listed two stories and here are a few more we feel humbled by:

“I’m very happy with the products I have from US Fleet Tracking. They have a great service and it suits my needs well. My company is so much better since we started using GPS tracking in our vehicles. Thanks for all the support along the way!” -J.W. (A Fleet Trucking Company)

“Dana took care of me from start to finish. I called upon her during our busy season and when she walked in the door I was frazzled with my hair on fire. Dana was able to put a calm into the air and gave a warm welcome and introduction to what her company could provide by describing how the units worked and the best part, how it would save the company money. She was very accommodating to our schedule to install each unit. US Fleet Tracking is by far one of the best tracking systems out there.” -B.F. (Texas Waterboys- An Irrigation and Drainage Company)

It is an understatement to say that these testimonials make our hearts happy, but we are also overjoyed that by using GPS tracking solutions, people have saved money and made positive changes within their own businesses. We want to send a special thank you to everyone that responded with such kind words. We do take note of everything mentioned to us in order to continue giving the best customer support that we can. If you have a GPS tracking story to share with us, please feel free to leave your feedback for us by clicking here.

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GPS Tracking Testimonial Highlights Of 2015: Part 1

GPS tracking: Thankful for technology

One of the most important aspects of our GPS tracking business here, at US Fleet Tracking, is listening to what our customers have to tell us. Of course, it feels good to know our GPS tracking system is helping so many people, but more importantly, knowing how people feel lets us know what we should keep doing or toss out. If we ever receive a bad testimonial, it’s a learning experience for us and we aim to make changes, when necessary. In 2015, we had quite a few success stories and positive feedback sent in from some existing customers. Here are a few we feel humbled by:

“US Fleet Tracking provided a great product. They have plenty of information to keep customers in the know. I never feel left out of the loop and I know they will be able to answer all my questions.” -S.B. (An Investigations Company)

“We checked four different companies before deciding on US Fleet Tracking to put the GPS monitoring system in our buses and minibuses. From the beginning Shaun was very clear on the product we needed and the offer to us. Once all our due diligence was completed we decided to use USFT as a company and their product. We look forward to a long term relationship with US Fleet Tracking for our vehicles. Thank you.”
-J.C. (A Charter Bus Company)

As you can see, GPS tracking is making positive impacts for all kinds of businesses across the nation. We are very grateful for the kind words we have received from our customers. This information helps us to continue on a strong path towards providing the best customer service possible. If you have a GPS tracking story to share with us, please feel free to leave your feedback for us by clicking here.

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