GPS Tracker Units Bring Awareness To Pipeline Construction Crews

GPS tracker: Reports and historical playback

Being a company involved with energy services, whether it be oil and gas, wind energy, or electrical power requires many well functioning roles to be successful. From the crew members doing to the work to the physical parts being used, everything must be monitored closely and executed according to a well designed plan. Of course, management in the pipeline construction field who choose to utilize GPS tracker units have an advantage. Thanks to the automatic data recording capabilities that GPS tracker devices offer, they’re able to monitor ongoing activities on a daily basis to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

From the pre-construction phase all the way to the post construction phase of pipeline building, fleets can be monitored either live on the GPS tracker map during the entire process or historical playback can be pulled up. While live map viewing is always available, the historical playback feature is a significant help to management teams that are simply too busy to sit and monitor live activity on a daily basis. With the GPS tracker historical playback feature, a manager can see the locations of where their drivers went every few hours on any given day for up to 90 days back.

Other helpful aspects for pipeline construction crews are the other various GPS tracker reports for regulating safety procedures. Safety should be a top priority in this line of work and reports can help managers bring a new level of awareness to their crew members. For example, the excessive idling, aggressive driving, and speeding reports are three important safety related reports that first come to mind for keeping fleet drivers in check.

If you’re in the pipeline construction business with the goal of promoting the safest work environment while also wanting to keep projects moving along then GPS tracker units are something to consider. As an added bonus to maintaining a steady workflow and emphasizing safety, GPS tracker devices are a great investment as they do offer ROI quickly. To learn more about how you could receive a return on your investment, click here to use our ROI calculator.

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4 Ways You Lose Money Without GPS Tracking: Part 2

GPS tracking: Reducing the waste of profits

As we explained in part one of this series GPS tracking technology can make a fleet so much more organized and keep vehicles up to date on routine maintenance. The live, 3G map provides a view of every active fleet member in the field so there is no question about where one is located when you need them. Truthfully, if you fleet business isn’t using GPS tracking your budget may be blown. Today, we’re going to shed some light on 2 more ways that you lose money without GPS tracking.

1.) Excessive idling: Allowing fleet trucks to run in an idle state for too long will eventually break down the engine. Without GPS tracking you may not ever know which drivers are excessive idling causing your company budget to be spent on more maintenance than necessary.

2.) Wasting fuel: Without GPS tracking you won’t really know how fast drivers are driving, if they’re driving aggressively, idling too long, or if harsh braking is a habit. These are all actions that burn fuel faster and cause your profits to go up in smoke.

If your fleet company is busy exhausting all the income that the business earns on more maintenance than necessary and extreme fuel consumption there is a problem. The live map and the maintenance alerts that we talked about in part one are great tools to avoid wasting profits. A few other ways that GPS tracking can help you avoid wasting profits include reports to monitor idling and fuel usage. The reports will show details like when the ignition was turned on and how long a vehicle sat in one spot with the engine running. It’s quite simple and all you had to do was get the devices installed. Are you ready to start seeing your savings add up within a few short weeks?

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How GPS Trackers Help You Reduce Pollution: Part 2

GPS trackers: Decreasing harmful emissions

In part one of this series we talked about how GPS trackers can help you reduce pollution by also helping your fleets to control their speeding. As most everyone is aware of these days, air pollution is by the far one of the most harmful forms of pollution to the world. Aside from speeding being a problem this fall, your fleet drivers might be tempted to leave their trucks idling to “warm up.” Idling is an action that takes a harsh toll on engines, but it is also horrible for the environment. If you’re not worried about speeding, perhaps you’re the type of manager that wants to be cut down on idling and GPS trackers can help you accomplish this objective while also helping you to reduce pollution.

Idling: Just like speeding, idling has negative affects on the atmosphere. Idling causes engines to operate inefficiently spewing out soot from the tailpipes. These vehicle emissions are hazardous and produced more by a degraded engine that got that way from idling. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually been shown through studies that driving vehicles actually warms the engine up faster than letting the engine run. GPS trackers can help by automatically identifying when excessive idling takes place. Just like with the speeding reports, an idling report can be generated from the GPS trackers.

As a fleet manager you may have thought about what you can do to be more “green’ and promote a positive image of your company. The truth is that you don’t have to be a big environmentalist to run a “green” fleet. GPS trackers make it easy for small, medium or large fleet businesses to do their part in helping the environment. Using GPS trackers you can start making simple changes like reducing speed and idling. In this way GPS trackers can help you and your fleets reduce pollution.

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How GPS Trackers Can Save Delivery Companies Money

GPS Trackers Are Providing Reduced Fleet Costs

Luckily, GPS trackers can save delivery companies money in a lot of areas. Realistically, every business owner relies on some type of delivery service at some point in their business career in order to continue operations. Even personal uses require delivery fleets to do what they do. This puts a lot of pressure on delivery companies to be fast and reliable. It also puts pressure on management to make sure the business doesn’t fail financially.

With a delivery business comes the responsibility of keeping vehicles safe from theft, paying off expensive fuel charges and combating false claims from customers, whether it be against the drivers or about reportedly missing products.

Responsibility: Keeping vehicles safe from theft

Solution: GPS trackers allow for automated alerts to be sent to managers via text or email when a company vehicle is moved from a designated geofence after hours. Thus, even if a vehicle did get taken it would be much easier to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle and retrieve it quickly.

Responsibility: Paying off expensive fuel charges

Solution: GPS trackers automatically record fuel usage percentages for analysis. GPS trackers also monitor excessive idling, driver speed and other gas-guzzling driving behaviors.

Reports generated with this information can help your team to make appropriate changes to prevent wasting fuel.

Responsibility: Combating false claims from customers

Solution: GPS trackers are integrated with the ability to keep a running list of inventory items. For a delivery business this is a huge deal! The list can help drivers to keep track of which packages have been delivered safely.

GPS trackers also have the capability to time-stamp when a driver stops and a delivery was made. Using this accurate information decreases the likeliness of false claims. The same goes with the previously mentioned recorded driver analytics. With those analytical reports, claims about how a driver was performing on the road will be easily thwarted.

While managing the fleets is a major aspect of the job, so is maintaining business costs. By keeping vehicles safe from theft, decreasing fuel costs and having the ability to reduce false claims against your delivery company, GPS trackers really do save your business money. If you’re ready to give GPS trackers a try, we’re here to deliver you some great options.

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4 Ways GPS Tracking Benefits Fleets: Part 2

GPS tracking: Improving business practices

Today is the last day of this month and like many businesses, your gearing up to take on the next one. As August approaches people get a feeling of change with back to school ads everywhere and a new season creeping in. That’s why it’s a fantastic time to start thinking about how you could be doing business better. Setting goals for the last part of the year is a wise choice. GPS tracking can truly give your fleet business a push in the right direction. In part one of this series we talked about how GPS tracking helps fleets to be better at job scheduling and provides easy dispatching. In part two of this series we are going to list two more ways that GPS tracking benefits fleets.

1.) Provides safety: GPS tracking technology allows you to keep tabs on your drivers in more than one way. The GPS tracking devices monitor driver behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and other aggressive driving behaviors. With this data, management can take action to reduce expensive claims and repairs. GPS tracking can be used to provide safety for your drivers and business.

2.) Fuel control: It’s no surprise that fuel is one of the most costly expenses for any fleet business. GPS tracking displays the shortest routes, excessive idling, aggressive driving and more. With all these reporting features, GPS tracking can be used to cut down on those actions which burn up more fuel.

GPS tracking makes job scheduling and dispatching easier. It also provides safety and helps fleets to control fuel usage. GPS tracking is a powerful, smart way to save your business a lot of time and money in the long run. With so many benefits, it’s difficult to turn down something that will make your business run more smoothly. If you’re considering GPS tracking for your fleets, be prepared to see a return on investment. Our sales staff stands ready to have you up and running as soon as possible.

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