How GPS Tracking Helps Identify Bad Fleet Employees: Part 1

GPS tracking: Eliminating bad behaviors

Hiring the “right” person for the job is a challenging task for fleet managers. You just never know whether what you learn about a person in an interview is truly genuine or a complete facade put on long enough to be offered a job. Some bad fleet employees continue on with their bad behaviors long before they’re ever caught. That is, unless, the fleet company in question happens to be utilizing GPS tracking technology. These devices can be a help in multiple ways to help fleet business owners identify and eliminate the behaviors associated with a bad fleet employee or to end the working relationship with that employee.

Here are two common traits of a bad fleet employee that would be best to identify sooner rather than later:

  • Missing important deadlines
  • Putting personal business before company business

Missing important deadlines such as delivering goods to customers late or arriving late for customer services is a bad way to do business. If your drivers don’t care about keeping to a schedule it will look bad on management and the company as a whole. Not knowing whether your drivers are even en route is just inefficient. With GPS tracking all of those worries go out the window thanks to having accurate estimated times of arrival to offer customers.

Some bad behaviors indicative of a bad employee include taking company vehicles off to work side-jobs or idling in obscure places between jobs. Using fleet vehicles for anything other than the job you want your workers to be doing is a waste of company money. With GPS tracking the real-time monitoring for every vehicle makes it possible to know the exact location of every driver, everywhere.

A good fleet owner gets to know their employees and establishes clear, measurable expectations. Many managers may intend to do this, but GPS tracking certainly makes it easier to have tangible evidence of acceptable (or unacceptable) work behaviors. Are you ready to eliminate bad behaviors for your fleet drivers?

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Are You Wasting Money Without GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers: Ending the money pit

The rise and fall, the earnings and expenses; all of these are just a natural part of doing business. Of course, spending more than you need to be can take a toll on your fleet business and your bottom line. Have you ever thought about the money pit you’re throwing your money into? Truthfully, if you’re not using GPS trackers for your fleets then there are numerous areas you’re most likely wasting money. Some of the most costly endeavors stem from unnecessary fuel usage, idling, vehicle repairs and inefficient employees. Let’s take a look at how you could be suffering without GPS trackers.

Fuel usage: Without GPS trackers you won’t really know how fast drivers are driving, if aggressive driving is taking place or if harsh braking is a habit. These are all actions that burn fuel faster.

Idling: Leaving fleet trucks running idle for long periods of time forces the engine to operate inefficiently while increasing the need for maintenance. Without GPS trackers you wouldn’t have automatic data to tell you which drivers are idling excessively, causing your engines to eventually degrade and reduce mileage.

Vehicle repairs: Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is important. Without GPS trackers to help you automatically schedule maintenance reminders, you’re left to keep track of repairs manually via time consuming methods.

Inefficient employees: Do you know where your drivers are at throughout the whole day? How can you really be sure? Without the GPS trackers, you don’t have a digital, live map to actually see the location of all drivers.

GPS trackers are wonderful technology which can do many things to make your business easier to run. With 3G capability you’ll have a strong connection to all the data you need. It’s clear to see how fuel usage, idling, vehicle repairs and inefficient employees can bring your business down by costing you far too much money. GPS trackers can be the answer to ending the money pit.

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GPS Trackers Make Billing Effortless

GPS tracker: Business just got easier

If you own a fleet business, you know that paper billing can sometimes become a hassle. Without GPS trackers there are possible customer disputes to handle, mathematics to cross check (possibly multiple times) and invoices to be re-written if they weren’t done correctly to begin with. Did you know that GPS trackers can make business transactions easier? You would definitely benefit from being able to simplify your billing processes, because it would be saving you time and many headaches. GPS trackers can save your fleet business money by tracking necessary data for effortless billing. Regardless if your fleet is large or small, this type of record keeping is critical for preserving your business’ efficiency.

Drivers will be able to have paper-free “notes” starting from the time that they leave your facility to respond to a customer call. Your drivers will no longer have to manually record the number of miles they drove or the time they spent at a job site. GPS trackers automatically capture this data so that your managers can make sure drivers are properly performing their duties in a timely manner. GPS tracker allow for prints to be made with date stamps on them. This will make it extremely difficult for there to be any misreporting on the driver’s part or the client’s, but more importantly customers will have exact, printable proof of when drivers were at their location for work.

Because the GPS trackers make it easier for the drivers to clock their work time, administrative tasks will be quicker to complete. The GPS trackers will store all the data needed. The GPS tracker features allow for historical storing of the collected data for retrieval at a later date. The administrative personnel can generate a report via the GPS tracker and print it off in order to quickly analyze information. Gone are the days of tedious computer data entry!

Billing can be the most effortless business activity in the world when you make use of GPS trackers for your company vehicles. Kiss paper billing, goodbye.

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Three Ways To Have Success With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Be prepared

GPS tracker systems have complex software and if you have decided to install them in your vehicles, it is imperative to understand how the software functions. In addition, it is important to know how to utilize the system to your advantage in order to solve business obstacles such as managing driver safety, vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, customer service and more. There are three ways to have success with GPS trackers: Offer training, allow for ongoing training coupled with support and test your drivers before implementing the GPS trackers.

If you were running a race you would want to do some endurance training first to make sure your body was prepared. GPS trackers are no different in that regard, you have to train for it. As a fleet manager you should arrange to train your drivers on how to operate the GPS tracker system. Furthermore, rather than just telling the dispatchers how to do things like schedule fuel reports or alert setups, it is essential to take it one step further and explain to the team why they should be doing them.

Another way you will have the most success with GPS trackers is by selecting a platform that grants drivers the opportunity to have ongoing training and support with the system. Some GPS tracker systems have features that allow drivers to access training videos on demand within the system. This would be a tremendous help for future questions that drivers may have about the GPS trackers.

Once you have your training sessions completed, drivers should be tested on their knowledge of the GPS tracker system to ensure the highest success with using them. Taking the time to implement this extra step will give you the most on return and investments. Not only does this enforce participation of your drivers, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the GPS tracker system will be used to the best of its ability.

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GPS Tracker Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

GPS Tracker: Obtain Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance is something everyone is required to have. It’s that pesky necessity that everyone hates due to added monthly expense, but what if there were a way your fleet could actually save money on auto insurance?

You might be thinking that simply informing the insurance company verbally about your safest drivers out in the field will get you somewhere, but all it will get you is, possibly, applause or a pat on the back. That’s nice, but what you really want is proof to show the insurance companies that you really do have safe drivers out there. A GPS tracker is your ticket to obtaining auto insurance discounts. With a GPS tracker monitoring your fleets you will have evidence that your drivers are following driving laws and that they are in compliance with speed limits.

Having unsafe drivers can raise insurance rates by an average of 12.5 percent. Realistically, there is no sure-fire way to know if you are hiring only safe drivers. Your solution to that would be to use GPS trackers in your fleet vehicles to help boost driver performance. When people know they are being observed, they tend to operate more efficiently. One great thing about a GPS tracker is that it can record harsh breaking, acceleration levels, and ongoing driving speed. By auditing drivers you can maintain evidence that your drivers really are the safest drivers out on the road. In this way, you can save your company from being slapped with higher insurance rates.

As an added bonus, many insurance companies will even give businesses that utilize a GPS tracker system in their vehicles a discount. Not only do GPS trackers improve safety, they also decreases the chance of theft. With a live access GPS tracker map you can pinpoint where fleets are at and receive alerts about unauthorized vehicle movement. If something saves an insurance company from having to work a claim, they tend to appreciate it, because they can save money and time. GPS tracker is like the insurance company’s best friend in that regard.

So, just because you have to have auto insurance doesn’t mean it needs to be a pain the neck. Leave it to a GPS tracker to help you lower your auto insurance rates by being able to provide you with the proof you need to show that your drivers are safe and that your business is a low risk client to insurance companies.

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GPS Tracker Stops Aggressive Drivers In Their Tracks.

GPS Tracker: Seeing the warning signs.

Driving down the highway on a normal day involves risk, even for the best of drivers; Add bad weather, road construction, and traffic to the mix, and you have a greater potential for danger. This threat is magnified when an aggressive driver enters the scene.

How many news reports do we hear involving wrecks with a semi truck? How many times have we been scared out of our mind on the highway when an aggressive trucker is on our tail? If you own a fleet, finding out that a member of your fleet was responsible for a wreck involving injury or death is the last thing you want to hear.A GPS tracker cannot give you a 100-percent guarantee to always keep your drivers and business name safe, but it sure can help.

Your vehicles are an advertisement to your business. If your driver is the one on the road who is weaving in and out of the lanes, driving too close to other drivers, not using proper turn signals, or honking at drivers who are going the speed limit, they are not going to be the one who looks bad. It will be you the other drivers see.

A GPS tracker can help you identify these problem individuals who would rather risk the safety of others to carelessly get the job done. These are not the kind of people you want representing you on the road. With a GPS tracker you will able to:

1. See what speed your drivers are going and if it is above or below the required speed. Speed limits are set for a reason, drivers not following these guidelines become a liability.
2. Pinpoint consistencies in abrupt or extreme braking. If you start to see a pattern in braking, you will more than likely find an aggressive driver.
3. See hours that a vehicle is in use. Sleepy drivers are also dangerous drivers. If you find someone exceeding drive time limits, you can take action to eliminate this hazard to the highways and the lives of others.

As a business owner, you understand that the decisions your drivers make, can put a life-long red mark not only on your business name, but also your personal life. Do not allow a driver’s road-rage to leave you feeling your business was responsible for taking the life of another. Stop bad drivers in their tracks with a GPS tracker.

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Start Your Small Business Proactively With A GPS Tracker: Part 3

Minimize risk, maximize efficiency with a GPS tracker system.

While being prepared for every single scenario that can take place in business is impossible, we believe that being as proactive as possible now can eliminate the risk of many issues coming up.

We left off with your desperate attempt to take a job from the referral you were given by a large name account. Unfortunately, due to your not being able to reach one driver, another driver getting lost returning from a job, and the third breaking down on the side of the road, your competition stepped up to the plate to take the job. This for sure was a loss of this client, any potential residual work down the road, and a loss of credibility with the person who referred them.

So, how could a GPS tracker system have changed this situation?

Well, this could have been wrapped up with Driver A. Instead of immediately calling this driver, while you still have the referral on the line, you see Driver A’s exact location on your GPS tracker software map. You then send an alert to their GPS tracker making them aware of their next assignment, they accept, and you promptly confirm the appointment window. The fact that Driver A left their cell phone at the last job site is irrelevant in this case since your in-vehicle communication is all you need.

As far as the other issues, Driver B would never be lost on the job, instead they would have been given step-by-step route instructions to and from their last job via their GPS tracker within their vehicle. Should they ever take a wrong turn, their GPS tracker would calculate another route keeping them aware of their location at all times.

Driver C would never have broke down on the road since a GPS tracker system installs maintenance alerts to maintain the health of the vehicle that caused it to break down in the previous scenario.

You are a new small business which means that more than ever you need the help of a GPS tracker system. There are so many more features of a GPS tracker system that you could personally benefit from, so please do not wait around for a problem to occur, implement this vital tool now.

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Start Your Small Business Proactively With A GPS Tracker: Part 1

Don’t think you need a GPS Tracker System?

If you are a new business owner with only a few vehicles and a few employees who thinks a GPS tracker system is only for more established/larger businesses, you could not be more wrong. While, yes, more established/larger businesses benefit, so do you.

You are new in town, so you are not on everyone’s radar as “The Business to Call”. This means that any potential client is important for several reasons. The obvious reason, they are giving you business themselves, but aside from that, they are your free advertisement. If you leave them with a good impression, they are most likely going to use you again and they will tell the next person looking for what you offer, about you. You may or may not be desperate for the business of every new lead, but each new voice is an opportunity to grow. If you are in your right mind, you do not want to take anyone for granted. You ask yourself, “do i really need to invest in a GPS tracker system?”

So, let’s paint an optimistic picture for you through a potential scenario that could occur:

Let’s say you are a heat and air company. It is Friday mid-morning on a hot summer day and your office gets a call from someone looking to fix their office air conditioner that will cool their weekend shift. They are in desperate need of your service and they heard about you from a friend. This individual is a personal referral from your only big account client. This is a high pressure opportunity since A, you want this new business, B, your large account client has taken the time to put their name on the line to refer you to a personal contact and C, it is Friday and you are closed for the rest of the weekend. Two of your crew happen to be finished with service calls for the day and are immediately available to respond to this new client. You saved the day, gained a new client, and made your other client a hero for referring you. Without a GPS tracker system you could get by on “good timing” or “good luck” in a situation like this. A GPS tracker system will shine when things are not so easy.

You think to yourself, the perk of being a new small business with only three drivers to manage, is that you are not overwhelmed with too many jobs right now. You can easily keep tabs on where everyone is without a GPS tracker system. What could possibly go wrong? Next time we will explore how another scenario on the same topic.

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GPS Tracker Pays for Itself and Puts Money Back into your Pocket: Part 2

Keep more of your pie with a GPS Tracker system.

Every business, especially small businesses are not only looking for ways to cut costs, they are looking to make sure not to accrue any additional costs. For this reason, the thought of adding another monthly expense may seem crazy, but what if that addition ended up saving you money.

Besides savings in fuel, we looked at the saving that come from a properly maintained vehicle. a GPS tracker system offers maintenance alerts that leave no room for “we forgot to change the oil!”

Before the “check engine” light pops on, you have already serviced the engine. Never risk blow-outs since your tires are properly rotated, and changed out before they ever get to the point of no return. Instead of relying on your drivers to remember that it’s time for an oil change, a GPS tracker system will be ahead of the game. Let a GPS tracker system take the wheel on all of your maintenance need alerts, decreasing the chance of human error.

Employee wages: How often do you check to make sure that those employees who have clocked overtime are actually working overtime worthy hours? We want to believe the best about those we hire to do a job, but not everyone is going to honestly work the hours they clock in and out. If you are relying only on their good word, you may be missing out on money. A GPS tracking system can take the guesswork out of the equation.

With a GPS tracker system, your employee’s stats will be virtually accessible through the numerous reports available via your online portal. You will also be privy to reports you create to let you know where your drivers are at all times, and alerts when they leave a certain area. This gives you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your company. We like to say ‘trust, but verify’ when it comes to your mobile workforce.

On top of these wonderful features, your accounting department will love you for the fact that you made their job a lot easier, accurate, and fool- proof by installing a GPS tracker system. They will spend less time double, triple, and quadruple checking their homemade reports. Within a few clicks, they will have access to all the information they need to properly and efficiently designate money.

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Rise Above Your Competition with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is paving your way.

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison said, “there are no original ideas. There are only original people.” What this statement means to you is that more than likely, the idea that makes you money, makes someone else money as well. They are your competition and the question we have for you is, “Who is doing it better?”

To make money, you must be able to gain new clients as you go along, but how do you do that when your competitors are so good at doing the same thing? How do you rise above and stand out to your potential client? Have you ever thought that GPS tracking may just be the element of change you need to rise above the rest?

With GPS tracking, what elements of your business will elevate you to the top of your industry?

Competitive prices – Because you are able to save money, so will your customers. GPS tracking saves you money in so many ways you can cut your costs enough to beat out your competition.

Better drivers – GPS tracking is a safeguard against those individuals who might otherwise be haphazard with their driving. GPS tracking is an accountability piece you may be currently missing. With the tracking located within the vehicle, transmitting messages back to your dispatcher, drivers will know that you have your eye on them and the quality of work they produce.

Quicker service – GPS tracking gives your drivers play-by-play on where they need to go. This allows them to get to their destinations faster, and in doing this, frees them to take on more jobs. This also makes your customers happier because they don’t have to wait around all day for you to show up. You can give them a smaller window of wait time they must take out of their busy day. This is something your competition may not be able to offer.

These are only a few ways that we can help you beat out your competition. This may not be your original thought, but why try to reinvent the wheel when we have the perfect solution for all off your needs?

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