GPS Tracking Means Tracking Mileage The Easy Way

GPS tracking: Getting a grip on effective routing

As a fleet business, the main focus at hand is to complete jobs, but there is an aspect to traveling fleets that is most obvious, but not always thought about and that is mileage. If you have your business vehicles out on the road regularly there is most likely a lot of distance they travel between jobs. As GPS tracking technology improves there are more opportunities for fleet managers to streamline their business routines making daily activities run more smoothly and help employees to work more efficiently. Many managers have decided that tracking mileage is important so they stick to the old fashioned clip board and paper sheets, not realizing that GPS tracking could make this task much less strenuous.

If you’re one of these fleet businesses still using old methods of mileage tracking then you will agree that it takes quite a bit of time and energy to gather and process every record sheet from every vehicle. This effort is a time constraint and makes for a very inefficient work day. If your business isn’t tracking mileage at all, that’s even worse. You may ask “why is tracking mileage important?” The answer is that every mile logged in a fleet business vehicle goes against the bottom line in the form of fuel expenses and eventual maintenance costs. With old methods or no tracking at all you have no way of knowing whether your vehicles are being used for personal use. Managers have to know which problems exist before they can make adjustments to lower fuel and maintenance expenses. This is where GPS tracking comes into play.

GPS tracking software offers automated reporting options, eliminating the need for manual logging. GPS tracking devices give managers the opportunity to see a live map which displays all business vehicles in use. With the use of live GPS tracking devices you’ll be able to receive alerts in regard to harsh driving patterns, which increases fuel usage. Knowing who is wasting fuel will help you hone in on the problem and correct it. GPS tracking also makes it possible for dispatchers to plan out the most effective, short routes to decrease mileage driven which will also save on fuel costs. In addition, with GPS tracking, geofences or designated locations can be pre-set so that if a vehicle is not where it should be, managers will receive an alert. This keeps employees accountable, but also allows for after hours tracking to prevent theft of business vehicles.

GPS tracking is a perfect way to take control of costs associated with high mileage. Having GPS tracking is also an additional level of security for your business vehicles. If you want to know more about GPS tracking, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 405.726.9900!

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GPS Trackers Make Billing Effortless

GPS tracker: Business just got easier

If you own a fleet business, you know that paper billing can sometimes become a hassle. Without GPS trackers there are possible customer disputes to handle, mathematics to cross check (possibly multiple times) and invoices to be re-written if they weren’t done correctly to begin with. Did you know that GPS trackers can make business transactions easier? You would definitely benefit from being able to simplify your billing processes, because it would be saving you time and many headaches. GPS trackers can save your fleet business money by tracking necessary data for effortless billing. Regardless if your fleet is large or small, this type of record keeping is critical for preserving your business’ efficiency.

Drivers will be able to have paper-free “notes” starting from the time that they leave your facility to respond to a customer call. Your drivers will no longer have to manually record the number of miles they drove or the time they spent at a job site. GPS trackers automatically capture this data so that your managers can make sure drivers are properly performing their duties in a timely manner. GPS tracker allow for prints to be made with date stamps on them. This will make it extremely difficult for there to be any misreporting on the driver’s part or the client’s, but more importantly customers will have exact, printable proof of when drivers were at their location for work.

Because the GPS trackers make it easier for the drivers to clock their work time, administrative tasks will be quicker to complete. The GPS trackers will store all the data needed. The GPS tracker features allow for historical storing of the collected data for retrieval at a later date. The administrative personnel can generate a report via the GPS tracker and print it off in order to quickly analyze information. Gone are the days of tedious computer data entry!

Billing can be the most effortless business activity in the world when you make use of GPS trackers for your company vehicles. Kiss paper billing, goodbye.

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Reduce Speeding With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Curb speeding drivers

GPS trackers have reformed the way businesses, with fleet drivers, function in many ways. As a business manager, you know you have to be concerned about saving money whenever possible. Over the years, business costs have become more expensive so company budgets have become even more of a focus point. Any practical action you can take to reduce your cost of fleet operations makes a difference in your company earnings. Sometimes, the best way to save money is by changing the behavior of your drivers.

Speeding has become a severe problem for most companies, because if the drivers are being unsafe it increases the chances of accidents and tickets. Both of these dangers can be costly. If your drivers are caught speeding by authorities, the speeding ticket is not the only cost to them. Every time they are caught speeding, points are added to their license; these points increase their auto insurance rates. If they have too many speeding tickets, they could even risk losing their license.

Speeding also costs your business money. When one of your drivers is dealing with a court date related to the speeding violation, they lose work time. If one of your drivers loses his or her license, your business loses a driver. That’s both time and money wasted. Beyond these two issues, speeding increases your fuel and maintenance costs. When a driver speeds, fuel is consumed more rapidly. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by thirty-three percent at highway speeds and by five percent in town. Driving too quickly is also hard on the brakes, suspension and tires, leading to increased maintenance costs.

GPS trackers allow managers to become informed about how fast their drivers are going. You will be able to give appropriate consequences to drivers that are not compliant with speeding regulations. GPS trackers also store the history of information so that employee performance reviews are easier to process. By having drivers alerted to the fact that their speed is being monitored, it will increase performance.

Clearly, if you could reduce speeding, it would benefit your business. You can reduce speeding with a GPS tracker monitoring system.

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Increase Productivity With GPS Trackers: Part 1

GPS tracker: Creating better business

If you’re a company manager, with fleet drivers, then you know that profits come from taking care of your business and your customers. To be successful, your company must be able to respond quickly to your customer needs. If a piece of equipment is crucial to your customer, diagnosing and repairing any problems with that piece of equipment should also be crucial to you.

The quickest way to increase profits is to reduce your company expenses. You can dramatically reduce your fleet management costs by using a GPS tracker system. Integration, employee accountability, live dispatching and cost savings are all important ways to increase your productivity with GPS trackers. In part one of this series we will discuss two ways GPS trackers allow for better business.

1.) Integration: GPS routing systems and fleet management are both valuable ways to maximize your business. You can integrate GPS routing and fleet tracking systems with your existing systems and processes. Our GPS tracking systems allow you to integrate fleet tracking, dispatch and even traffic and weather data into existing ERP systems, where all your assets can be managed together. Your business always runs the best when you are managing all of your resources effectively.

2.) Employee accountability: Your customers are counting on you to come through for them. This means that you must be able to count on your fleet drivers as well. Although you may struggle with the idea of being perceived as micromanaging your employees, you also want to make certain that your business is running smoothly. With GPS trackers, you can receive desired status updates by email or text messages. One of the most powerful features of the management system is the range of reports that are available to you. Historical information on mileage, total driving time and many other aspects of job performance statistics are logged automatically and are available for review at any time.

It is expected that you can make better decisions by having better information. At the touch of your finger, you could monitor many things in order to keep your business flowing and keep it successful.

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Monitor Idling With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Cost efficient

GPS trackers have helped many business owners with their ability to monitor the movement and location of their vehicles. They have been able to save managers business dollars by keeping an eye out for their drivers and maintaining best business practices. In addition to being able to monitor the vehicle movement, GPS trackers can also detect when drivers are sitting idle. This is significant, because problems like increased fuel costs, additional vehicle maintenance, and being environmentally unfriendly can be bad for business and ultimately bring down your bottom line.

Your company’s fuel costs are sure to increase if your trucks are forced to remain idle, because as the motor runs it is burning up fuel. With the high cost of fuel, you definitely do not want to be wasting business expenses on more fuel than is necessary. Of course, it is practically impossible to assume that idling at traffic lights will decrease, but idling unnecessarily at job sites or for employee personal use can be brought to a minimum with the GPS tracking monitoring system. When a driver arrives to their destination, rather than leaving the vehicle running, they should turn the engine off. If drivers aren’t compliant, managers could chose to receive real-time alerts from the GPS tracker.

Not only does idling burn fuel, but leaving the motor running while in park can cause engine wear. There are the usual expenses to deal with when it comes to tire changes, oil changes, and under-the-hood preservation. Then, there are the other expenses associated with extra maintenance needed brought on by idling too long. Vehicle maintenance expenses can add up in a hurry and tacking on more maintenance costs just because your drivers were idling unnecessarily is inefficient.

As if burning fuel and additional maintenance expenses weren’t enough, vehicle idling is also terrible for the environment, which may become an issue among government regulations. While your vehicle is sitting there, the engine is releasing pollutants into the air making your company environmentally unfriendly. If mangers know where the vehicles are by use of GPS trackers, then they will also know what their drivers are doing. GPS trackers can help you to monitor unproductive time and unjustified usage.

With GPS trackers, you can have the power to monitor idling, which will drastically decrease fuel costs, reduce extra vehicle maintenance and improve your ecological footprint. If you choose to be more cost efficient with GPS trackers, you will soon be able to account for the fact that the benefits quickly pay for themselves.

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Pest Control Companies Use GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Enriching pest control businesses

GPS trackers are being used by many businesses these days, including pest control companies. In the pest control industry there are more than just critters about which to worry. Crawling around in the back of your mind are thoughts about business related costs and how to keep them as low as possible. There are many ways that GPS trackers can help such as improving customer service, increasing response time and decreasing costs.

Great customer service is important to your pest control company, because contact is what customers will remember and you don’t want customers remembering negative things about you. Customers are the most vital aspect to the company. It can be difficult to have tangible evidence of pest control services to offer your costumers unless you have GPS tracking. With GPS trackers, you will have the capability to show to your customers details of the date, time and how long your technician was at their home or business. This will decrease the likelihood of any discrepancies due to proof provided.

Another way to inevitably increase customer service and improve business is to increase response times. With GPS trackers, managers can improve dispatching. Managers can relay messages to drivers with new stops in their daily routes with optimized routing. This allows the technicians to arrive to job-sites in as little time as possible. Not only will technicians be able to make it to more job-sites by eliminating down time, they will be able to serve each customer sooner.

Decreasing costs is something every pest control company wants to do. Luckily, GPS trackers can help them do just that. GPS trackers can be used to prevent technicians from falsifying work hours and reduce a lot of business related expenses. A GPS tracker can identify when drivers start and end their workday, how many breaks they take and how many jobs were completed during their shift. Another cost cutting feature of GPS trackers is that they can improve route efficiency. Fuel can be majorly reduced if managers can monitor routes taken throughout a technician’s work day to ensure drivers are choosing the fastest routes possible. In addition, GPS trackers can help monitor vehicle maintenance needs.

GPS trackers definitely improve business practices and this is why so many pest control companies continue to use them.

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Monitoring Company Vehicles with GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Audit personal use of company vehicles

If your drivers are utilizing company vehicles for personal use this will increase your operational costs, fuel usage and other business expenses. If your drivers take home company vehicles for their personal use, how will you know about it? What if your drivers are using company vehicles to complete side jobs that don’t involve your company? If you do not have GPS trackers in your vehicles then chances are you may never know. A GPS tracking system can be a business’ life saver in more than one way.

GPS trackers can help managers keep track of ongoing business operations in the field. With live (by the second) tracking updates, managers will know where their drivers are at all the time. The GPS tracker in each vehicle can be used to log when a driver arrives to the scene of a job-site, when they begin their work and when they leave.

Some GPS trackers allow for programmed off-hour alerts. This means that managers can make certain their vehicles aren’t being taken out on the town during non-working hours. The GPS tracking software can send automated emails or text messages to managers to let them decide what needs to be done.

Fuel expenses would also be less if vehicles remained unused during unauthorized times. If your drivers were using the company vehicles for personal use, who is to say they weren’t filling up the gas tank with the company fuel card also? With GPS trackers you would never have to worry about the fuel being used inappropriately in your company vehicles. The GPS trackers can be coordinated to work with your fuel card provider to help monitor fuel card fraud.

Of course, you also don’t want your drivers making money on the side with your company vehicle. You might be helping competitors without even knowing it if this occurs. Moreover, there are tons of expenses that come along as a result of over-using the company vehicle outside normal working hours. There will be an increase in vehicle part replacements and more overall maintenance costs due to more wear and tear. GPS trackers will allow you to keep track of scheduled maintenance so if problems start occurring more frequently than usual, then you will know there is an issue.

Auditing personal use of company vehicles with GPS trackers is a smart way to save your company money.

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GPS Trackers Can Deter Employee Shoplifting

GPS tracker: Merchandise monitoring

GPS trackers can be used for more that just vehicles these days. Studies show that shoplifting is quickly becoming out of control in America and GPS trackers could help. Retail Theft Barometer is the only global research team that puts together an analysis on the cost of shrink, comprised of shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud and administrative errors. The most recent survey conducted by this team found that, in America, forty three percent of employees accounted for lost revenue and traditional, customer shoplifters accounted for thirty seven percent.

It has been ingrained in all of us at some point, whether at school or through family values, that shoplifting is a crime. Retail loss is a grave concern, because this is one of the main reasons why stores have to raise prices. They have to cover their shrinkage in order to make profit. Many stores have already started using small, alarm devices on the outside of their merchandise to alert them when customers attempt to leave the store without paying for an item.

GPS trackers could be used for larger items of greater value by placing the devices inside the packages rather than on the outside the packages. This way, the packages could be tracked from shipping all the way to in-store placement. This will prevent employees from being able to shoplift the items prior to them being displayed in stores. Once merchandise is in stores, GPS trackers would be a great way to prevent items from “walking out the door.”

If merchandise did happen to make it outside the store without being paid for, GPS trackers could be activated to alert store management. In this way, it would be much easier to locate and recover items quickly. Imagine what the big sale weekends would be like if GPS tracking were monitoring all the large ticket items. When people pay for their items they could be tracked by serial number so as to maintain a list of what is no longer in inventory. The items bought and paid for would not need to be tracked any longer.

GPS trackers could not only deter employee and customer shoplifting, but they can help with the store’s bottom line.

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GPS Trackers are Christmas Magic: Part 1

GPS tracker: Helping Santa

Have you ever considered how Santa manages to deliver each and every gift to every boy and girl before they wake up on Christmas morning? While some suspect Christmas magic is involved, we are stuck on the belief that Santa has been using a GPS tracker long before it was ever available to us.

We would like to think of GPS tracker features as being behind the success of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. For example, turn-by-turn directions to each house. A GPS tracker being installed in the sleigh means that Santa never has to depend on an outdated map to arrive to each child’s home. Even in the event that a child moves to a different house, state, or country than the one Santa has been used to, GPS tracker alerts Santa on the exact directions to the new location. Turn-by-turn instructions mean that Santa never gets lost. This means more time to spare on his journey, which more than likely leads to more milk and cookies back at home with Mrs. Claus.

Weather delays do not cause setbacks for Santa, because his GPS tracker allows Santa free access to the sky he needs to arrive at his destinations. His team at the North Pole can look at their virtual portal and see weather patterns that may hamper his timeliness. Interactive maps allow the elves to see where Santa might have a hard time navigating.

GPS trackers could be being used for the accountability for the elves. While we like to believe that every elf is honest, this is not always the case. GPS tracking is a way to keep tabs on if the elves are where they need to be when they say they are going to be there. This keeps them more productively producing toys needed to meet the demands of the growing population.

The elves also know that their timecards are being recorded properly so they will always get paid on time. If an elf is able to take care of their family effectively, they will hopefully never feel the need to go on strike. If the elves are happy, everyone is happy.

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GPS Tracking: Avoid Timecard Error Confusion

Can GPS Tracking improve employee accountability?

“I am going to be late! I am going to be late again!” You say aloud as you sit trapped in line for your McMuffin with five cars ahead of you and no way to escape to the “fast lane.” If you could escape however, you would not only have no breakfast, you would leave a fifteen minute ordeal empty handed.

Once you are at work, you immediately start the day, get through the stack of work, take a fast lunch, and while you sit in evening traffic after five hours of overtime, you remember the sign on the way by the door that clearly reads “Your failure to clock in and out of your shift mean you will not be paid.” NOOOOOOOO! You forgot again!

While most employers will go back and help an employee retain those hours worked one way or another, this scenario is no stranger to many of us, and those who are in fleet management know that their workers are not exempt either. Fixing timecard errors can be a huge mess to fix and failure to keep correct time card documentation is only the start. The challenge in fleet management is not only do you have multiple employees and departments, which is the case in many companies, you have the added element of your employees being in various locations and mobile workspaces.

A huge perk of implementing GPS tracking into your business is that you give yourself an insurance policy for error, intentional and unintentional. GPS tracking provides for you, a way to keep better track of what your employees.

Time clock errors: You are given the tools to eliminate intentional and unintentional time clock errors. With GPS tracking, the variable of incorrect timesheet entry is taken out of the equation completely since the moment the engine is turned on, you have tabs on hours worked. The same is true for when the engine is turned off. This keeps the forgetful or the unethical employee’s mistakes at bay.

Human error: With manual entry, your payroll department no longer runs the risk of accidental duplication of timesheet records since timesheet information can be exported at any time.

Overtime: While we would love to think that all employees are honest about the hours they work, not everyone will be. From time to time, overtime is needed to complete a job, or an employee may be approved to work overtime hours. With GPS tracking, you are able to record instances where a driver may be wasting time just to gain their overtime pay. Your GPS tracking system will be able to pinpoint this type of behavior, while finding the most thorough ways to complete an assignment.

Virtual timecard entry is just one of the ways that GPS tracking is here to save you time, money, and resources. At US Fleet Tracking, our goals, are your goals. Let us know how we can help.

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