3 Conveniences Of GPS Tracking For Snow Removal Services

GPS tracking: Up to the challenge

While some states are enjoying the comforts of warmer winter weather at this moment, others are experiencing quite the opposite. When specific areas are cloaked in white sheets of snow a very special industry shines. From roadways to entry ways, snow removal services are counted on to ensure safety and luckily GPS tracking is there to makes this task a lot easier to manage. Here are some of the best ways GPS tracking helps snow removal service companies complete their jobs more efficiently:

1.) Live GPS Tracking Map: Snow removal service managers can keep track of their crews by seeing their exact location within the city on the live streaming map. Leveraging this means being able to position fleet drivers in the way that makes the most sense.

2.) Route Planning: Planning out routes for drivers is smart as it cuts out any backtracking that may have happened without the plan. It’s also as simple as clicking a few buttons, entering destinations and allowing the GPS tracking system to automatically generate the shortest, smartest route.

3.) Automatic Updates: Imagine having 1, 5, or 10 second updates. Even at 10 seconds one could hardly call that slow. These updates are extremely helpful for various alerts like geofences, speed alerts, or weather updates. These, of course, are all in an attempt to increase safety.

Bring on the snow, because GPS tracking is definitely up for the challenge with multiple features like live map, route planning, and automatic updates which provide efficiency, accountability, and safety for your drivers. When the snow has piled up outside and the population is relying on your snow removal services to help them get to where they’re going you can look to GPS to make things easier.

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GPS Tracker Summertime ROI Benefits For Truckers: Part 1

GPS tracker: Increasing summer savings

Being a manager of a trucking company means that at some point you’ve probably heard about GPS tracker devices. You may have also heard about the thousands of dollars other trucking companies have saved simply by investing in these wonderful devices. The fact is that there are so many advantages that the GPS tracker software awards to the trucking industry that we simply had to split this series into two parts! Today, we’re going to be honing in on the true ROI benefits for truckers involving savings in gasoline expenses and improving scheduled routes.

1.) Saving On Gasoline Expenses: When you think about ways to cut down on gas usage driving less may be the first thing that comes to mind. How do you achieve this goal when you’re a trucking company? The answer is simple with GPS tracker devices. With the live map drivers don’t have to worry about getting lost, therefore; there is no time wasted backtracking. In other words, that means there are no wasted miles and no wasted gasoline. If your trucking team includes a dispatcher, two-way communication is also available to help keep your truckers on the right path. In addition to cutting down on mileage, idling can be monitored via alerts to cut down on this gas-guzzling habit.

2.) Improving The Scheduled Routes: As your truckers journey out on their daily routes they’re bound to hit traffic and chances are likely that there will be construction somewhere. Planning out scheduled routes ahead of time not only improves efficiency, but it can also reduce vehicle wear and tear. GPS tracker devices have the built in capability of allowing users to program the safest routes while working around traffic conditions and other road hazards. Since the system is live, if traffic congestion occurs later on, the route can easily be manipulated to work around those issues as the arise.

Once trucking companies take initiative to invest in GPS tracker devices, they quickly see the ROI and often question why they didn’t agree to the change sooner. If you’re still uncertain about the benefits you could receive from these devices, stay tuned for part two to learn a little more. If you’re ready to start increasing your summer savings, you’ve come to the right place.

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GPS Trackers Helping Police Keep Criminals At Bay: Part 2

GPS trackers: Law enforcement friendly

In part one of this series, we talked about how GPS trackers can be used to track police vehicles for efficiency and safety purposes. What many may not realize is that while GPS trackers for vehicles are a great benefit, they can also be helpful for individual police officers to utilize. Enhancing the police force doesn’t stop at monitoring vehicle usage. Today, we’ll talk about a few more ways that these devices have helped answer a few questions police departments may ask on a regular basis.

Can my officers easily log evidence for prosecution? Everyone that has access to the system can view the data stored there. This becomes incredibly useful for showing the captain back at the office when illegal cargo has been confiscated or evidence has been collected for prosecution. Officers can log this information in the device for easy retrieval later. Being able to simply efforts can aid in the activities that lead up to convictions in court.

Has the evidence made in into the appropriate storage lockers? Evidence can be logged while officers are still out in the field. From there, using the technology provided by GPS trackers, information can be updated to show cargo as stored away, properly, inside the evidence lockers.

These are just a few more ways that law enforcement can take advantage of GPS trackers. When information enters the system everyone gets updated immediately rather than waiting hours or days to be in the loop. Now, police departments can strive to meet their goals and be better than they ever were. Whether it means providing safety, efficiency, tracking vehicles, or helping officers keep track of vital information, GPS trackers are certainly law enforcement friendly.

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The Simplicity Of Scheduling GPS Tracker Reports

GPS tracker: Awesome system

A lot of fleet owners already know that utilizing GPS tracker reports can add value to their business, but some may not realize just how particularly reports can be used. A fairly recent addition to the system is one of the best functions within the reports feature. This awesome addition is the capability to schedule your reports. Scheduling GPS tracker reports is wonderful, because it can lend an extra level of efficiency and provide more peace of mind for management.

The majority of GPS tracker users are fleet teams and they are simply too busy to constantly log-in every single day and run reports. For the first time, you will need to enter some basic information. After doing so you can open up the possibility of scheduling the same types of reports to prevent you from having to come back and re-enter the same start-up information all over again.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Upon logging in to the system and entering the report area, a generated list of report types will appear. Click into the report type (for example, the Start/Stop Report) that you want to schedule and select the desired device. From there you should choose the time frame you wish to know more about (for example from 03/01/16 to 03/04/16) as well as the amount of time (such as increments in minutes) you want to see.

When you click the “View Report” button you will see the data you requested and above that, in the top left corner of the screen, you will see the option to schedule ongoing reports of the same type. This makes it super easy to automatically email the person or multiple people needing to view reports every day, week or month depending on the setting you choose.

It really is simplicity at it’s finest! We’re all about making sure businesses are able to use their GPS tracker devices to the fullest.

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Traveling Into 2016 With GPS Tracker Devices

GPS tracker: Safety and efficiency ahead

Are you ready to travel into the new year? For fleet business owners, this is the perfect time to contemplate over the team’s efforts in the past year and start making new business goals. Of course, you’ll want to strive for success in 2016. To help your fleet really improve you could consider the implementation of GPS tracker devices. The technology of GPS tracker systems will help propel a fleet business into a safer and more efficient future.

Safety: When drivers speed or display aggressive driving habits it puts everyone on the road in danger. If this kind of driving is allowed to continue, it can lead to expensive accident claims and a tarnished business reputation. GPS tracker technology can change that by providing management with the ability to monitor their drivers. Statistics such as speeding, harsh braking, frequent lane changes and rapid acceleration can all be viewed in generated reports.

Efficiency: Planning the fastest routes for fleet drivers can be very time consuming and nerve racking. When you have several drivers going to various locations it doubles or triples your work. The GPS tracker Advanced Routing option makes it possible to take all locations in a driver’s itinerary and order them to create the shortest route. The live map also makes dispatching easier. They can see live traffic conditions and possible road delays. This is helpful, because with a few clicks dispatchers are able to quickly re-route drivers.

Safety is obviously important for a fleet business, because it keeps your accident rate down. It also helps you maintain a decent name for your business. Moreover, having lower insurance rates isn’t a bad benefit in itself. Coupled with safety is the importance of having an efficient team. Being able to plan routes quickly allows your drivers to get to jobs quicker and get more done in one day. Traveling into 2016 with GPS tracker devices enables you to see a safer and more efficient future ahead.

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Achieve Customer Satisfaction Using GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Keeping customers content

As a fleet business owner it is important to pay attention to daily office operations and managing your fleets, but keeping customers satisfied should become part of your regular process. It’s been said time and time again that if you have a satisfied customer, you will have a repeat customer. It doesn’t matter what your industry is or what services you have, because, in business, we all have someone we need to keep happy. There is a simple way many business owners have started to improve customer service practices. You, too, could have this simple solution! Yes, you can achieve customer satisfaction using GPS trackers.

The best way to improve customer service is by decreasing the time it takes for services to be completed. GPS trackers help fleets to be both speedier and more accurate with their response times. Using live, 3G connectivity the entire fleet team has the capability to know what is going on in the field. Dispatching becomes a cinch as there is no need to waste time calling every driver for tedious updates. Efficiency is the key to improving customer service.

Making sure employees complete their jobs timely is inevitably going to boost efficiency. To do so, managers can utilize the built in features provided by GPS trackers. Employee statistics being recorded by the GPS trackers allows management to recognize a job well done. Most employees love being noticed for their hard work and will be more likely to put forth extra effort to be the best that they can be. The result? Keeping customers content. Do you see the pattern? GPS trackers provide this revolving door of awesome all in the name of customer service. Are you ready to start achieving customer satisfaction? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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The GPS Tracker Fall Weather Updates

GPS tracker: Current weather conditions

This year the United States has seen a record-breaking amount of rainfall, particularly in the south. With that being said it can only be predicted that this last month of fall, going into winter will wield more rain than normal. Weather is never precise, but fleets have to be prepared for anything that may come their way, especially if their work load depends on weather conditions. Many fleets have already been taking advantage of the GPS tracker fall weather updates. If you haven’t started yet, there is still time to take advantage of the benefits that a decent GPS tracker system has to offer.

You can add to your fleet company’s safety, efficiency and productivity by utilizing US Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracker weather overlay feature. Dispatchers can help ease drivers by pre-planning routes and schedules with the groundbreaking weather overlay features of the GPS tracker. In addition to planning, the GPS tracker updates also allow drivers to react quickly to unpredictable weather conditions. With this feature, you can have access to 10-second GPS tracker updates. What sets this wonderful GPS tracker feature apart is that it is uniquely partnered with the National Weather Service. There is no better way to know the current weather conditions. If one of your fleet drivers is out when severe weather is on the rise, they will know almost immediately of any impending danger.

Imagine how much time and money would be lost if someone from your maintenance team headed over to a job-site only to have to leave and come back at another time due to a sudden on-set of terrible weather. The nice part about the weather overlay program is that it comes standard with the live GPS tracker service, so there is no extra charge! You don’t have to lose out on profit and you don’t have to allow drivers to get stuck in a storm.

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Truckers Gain Summer Savings With GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS tracker: True cost savings for ROI

As we mentioned in part one of this series, there have been all types of fleet companies that have started using GPS tracker software to help them save time and money. We went into detail about trucking companies benefiting greatly from GPS tracker devices by being able to reap summer savings on fuel and have improved scheduling. In part two of this series we will be highlighting another two ways that GPS tracker devices are true cost savers so that you can join other truckers who want to gain summer savings, too!

1.) Logistical efficiency: Without a product to haul what would delivery truckers do? That’s why what goes inside the trucks for distribution is important. It makes sense to want to know where drivers are at in order to keep your truck, trailer and product assets safe and delivery times on target. GPS trackers make for better shipping with the possibility of keeping an active, digital list of all inventory while tracking when and where it goes. It’s easy to monitor everything with as few as 1-second updates in some cases.

2.) Compliance with hours of service: Being a trucker means long hours out on the road, but even the trucking industry has regulations to follow as presented by the Department of Transportation. Motor carriers operating in interstate commerce and drivers of commercial motor vehicles need to comply or companies can face hefty fines. GPS trackers can act as an automatic time card showing start and stop times of a driver’s work day. It couldn’t be much easier than that to make sure drivers comply with the hours of service laws and make sure your company doesn’t pay fines which would bring down your bottom line.

We know that trucking companies have large expenses, but with GPS trackers these costs can be minimized. You have come to the right place if you want something that will save your trucking company money on fuel costs, improve your scheduling, give you logistical efficiency and comply with hours of service laws. GPS trackers are a return on investment due to all their benefits. If your ready to gain your summer savings, give us a call.

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