GPS Tracker Summertime ROI Benefits For Truckers: Part 1

GPS tracker: Increasing summer savings

Being a manager of a trucking company means that at some point you’ve probably heard about GPS tracker devices. You may have also heard about the thousands of dollars other trucking companies have saved simply by investing in these wonderful devices. The fact is that there are so many advantages that the GPS tracker software awards to the trucking industry that we simply had to split this series into two parts! Today, we’re going to be honing in on the true ROI benefits for truckers involving savings in gasoline expenses and improving scheduled routes.

1.) Saving On Gasoline Expenses: When you think about ways to cut down on gas usage driving less may be the first thing that comes to mind. How do you achieve this goal when you’re a trucking company? The answer is simple with GPS tracker devices. With the live map drivers don’t have to worry about getting lost, therefore; there is no time wasted backtracking. In other words, that means there are no wasted miles and no wasted gasoline. If your trucking team includes a dispatcher, two-way communication is also available to help keep your truckers on the right path. In addition to cutting down on mileage, idling can be monitored via alerts to cut down on this gas-guzzling habit.

2.) Improving The Scheduled Routes: As your truckers journey out on their daily routes they’re bound to hit traffic and chances are likely that there will be construction somewhere. Planning out scheduled routes ahead of time not only improves efficiency, but it can also reduce vehicle wear and tear. GPS tracker devices have the built in capability of allowing users to program the safest routes while working around traffic conditions and other road hazards. Since the system is live, if traffic congestion occurs later on, the route can easily be manipulated to work around those issues as the arise.

Once trucking companies take initiative to invest in GPS tracker devices, they quickly see the ROI and often question why they didn’t agree to the change sooner. If you’re still uncertain about the benefits you could receive from these devices, stay tuned for part two to learn a little more. If you’re ready to start increasing your summer savings, you’ve come to the right place.

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How To Be An Eco-Friendly Fleet Using GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS trackers: Reducing carbon footprints

Things are a lot different now than they were a few years ago in regards to our awareness about keeping the planet functioning properly. More effort has been made by several big businesses to create lines of eco-friendly products and to provide services with as little toxicity as possible. In part one, we discussed how corporate companies are taking on the challenge to become more eco-friendly and how you could, too! In part two of this series, we’ll provide 2 more ways that you can become an eco-friendly fleet using GPS trackers.

1.) Speed Less: It may not be as easy as asking everyone to obey the traffic laws. If it were, wouldn’t they be doing so already? The truth is that speeding consumes fuel faster, causing your drivers to fill up more often and use up precious resources. Not only is it terrible for the environment when chemical waste enters the airway, but it’s harsh on the vehicles, as well. With GPS trackers, reducing speeding is as simple as monitoring with alerts and reports that show these driver behaviors.

2.) Repair Less: By idling less, driving less, and speeding less your drivers will be aiding in your attempt to have fewer vehicle maintenance repairs. Of course, you cannot stop vehicle maintenance all together. In fact, keeping up with routine maintenance is better than not doing it all. Maintaining the appropriate amount air in the tires, performing regular oil changes, and giving your company vehicles a tune-up here and there can actually prevent harmful chemicals, from damaged parts, from entering the air. It will also improve gas mileage.

If your goal is to become an eco-friendly fleet, you can start reducing your carbon footprints with the implementation of GPS trackers. With these devices it’s simple to meet all of the goals of driving less, idling less, speeding less, and having to repair less.

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