Using GPS Tracking To Motivate Employees

GPS tracking: Giving drivers recognition

A study conducted by an associate professor of accounting, Karen Sedatole, at Michigan State University concluded that employees are motivated more by rewards than by penalties. Having negative things said about their work is that last thing a decent employee wants to hear. So, hard working employees will put in more effort to avoid the penalty associated with rotten customer service. With that being said, the modern way of allowing fleet management to measure the success of their drivers lies within GPS tracking technology.

How is the etiquette of your drivers out there are on the road? The answer can be found in your GPS tracking system. You have the choice of viewing historical playback of recorded data or watching live GPS tracking maps to be provided with the ability to check up on driver behaviors right away. Alerts can also be set to be sent to managers in regards to driver speed, braking, and lane shifts. The live map shows all drivers in a fleet and every 10, 5, or 1 second updates can be provided.

Using the report system, managers can have proof of statistics when it comes time to do employee reviews. Having the information from the GPS tracking system allows management to highlight the areas where drivers excel and since most employees are said to be motivated by positive reviews, it’s likely to spur on a cycle of awesome productivity. Moreover, if drivers know that their managers are taking time to notice their hard work it’s likely that they’ll find greater value in the review process, in the first place.

It’s simple to understand how GPS trackers can give companies an entire overhaul in the way their business functions and how their fleet managers can utilize them to award some much deserved driver recognition.

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GPS Trackers Offer A Resourceful Approach To Work

GPS trackers: Allowing drivers to work efficiently

If your fleet vehicles aren’t equipped with GPS trackers then it’s possible that your customers are suffering from longer than average wait times for services to be completed. If your technicians are already in the field and another customer call comes in, how do you know which driver is the closest? Which person does it make the most sense for you to send? Does that particular driver even have the inventory in his vehicle to properly help the customer? With GPS trackers none of these questions would have to be asked.

Delaying repair jobs due to the unknown would be a thing of the past with GPS trackers. These handy devices offer you a resourceful approach to your daily work. If management needs to know where drivers are located in order to quickly dispatch the closest employee to a customer’s job site that’s not a problem thanks to live maps. Management and dispatchers can both see if a vehicle is parked at a customer’s address or if a vehicle is en route.

GPS trackers can do much more than help you keep an eye on your fleets in the field. In fact, data storage can be done within the system to help keep track of tools and other equipment in each vehicle. This way, if parts are needed to repair something for a customer, you don’t have to second guess as to whether a driver has the necessary inventory. Furthermore, a driver doesn’t have to make multiple trips to a customer’s location just to go pick up parts they didn’t have on hand.

The objective, for most fleet industries, is to be equipped with an operating system that will allow them to take charge and have drivers be able to work in a more efficient way. Luckily, GPS trackers can offer valuable features to aid businesses in achieving this goal. Will you be the next company to reap the benefits?

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Know More By Glancing At The GPS Tracker Mobile Screen

GPS tracker: Keeping it quick

Being a fleet manager means you’re busy and you’re doing far more than just managing people. You have the task of monitoring company assets and equipment, too. A lot of fleet managers have found that GPS tracker devices make their daily tasks much more efficient than they were before. The GPS tracker system is simple to learn so that your team can get on the road to success quickly. With a few clicks on a mobile phone, managers can see all of their devices and know quite a bit about what’s going on in the field. Today, we’re going to talk a little bit more about that and how you, too, can get a clear picture and know more about your fleets by glancing at the GPS tracker mobile screen.

Step 1.) Log-In to the system and there is an option to save log-in information after initially signing in so as to make it quicker for the future.

Step 2.) After logging into the system it’s pretty easy to navigate around by “clicking” or tapping tapping your smartphone’s screen. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a spot where you can click on devices. Click it!

Step 3.) A screen opens up which gives you some very basic information right at a glance. The list of devices have the letter “i” next to them which are color coded for a one-second recognition of what is going on. The clear letter “i” means that a particular vehicle is stopped or not being used. Yellow indicates that a vehicles is in idle and by clicking into that device more information can be seen such as; how long that vehicle has been idle and the address where they are located. Devices in the list with green next to them means that those vehicles are on the move and clicking on a particular vehicle will give information such as how fast that vehicle is moving.

See there, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! In just a few clicks into the system managers are able to obtain automatic visuals on all their drivers in the field and know exactly what each driver is doing. Managers utilizing GPS tracker devices in their company vehicles have the capability to complete a quick check-up on their fleet drivers in a matter of seconds. We don’t know if it could get any easier than that. If you’re not using GPS tracker devices for your fleets you could be missing out on the best thing since sliced bread.

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Save Battery Power While Using The GPS Tracker App

GPS tracker: Staying charged up

Smartphones are amazing in many ways, but one thing they are infamous for is their inability to hold a battery charge for long. The battery drains more quickly the longer the screen is on, the more applications (apps) the phone has open and if even more so if you’re working with an app that is intense. Since you’re on the go in the fleet world, smartphones are becoming one of the best ways to get data quickly. The bummer is that the battery life hasn’t caught up to the power of all the apps you want to use. There is, however; a quick and simple option within the mobile GPS tracker app that allows you to preserve your battery life for just a little longer.

Changing Maps: When using the satellite style of map you will be able to see a more in-depth image of the area you’re viewing. This view is detailed with streets and buildings, but the downside is that it can drain your phone’s battery due to the amount of work that goes into displaying these details. Consider switching your map to “Road” view. It’s more basic, still shows the location of all your vehicles and saves battery power.

Will you be one of the many business owners joining the digital world this year? Using GPS tracker devices you will know what you need to know and see what you need to see regarding the location of your drivers out there on the road. Many fleet business owners already know that they can benefit by using the GPS tracker app. It really is one of the best features about having a GPS tracker system. Now, there is an option to utilize this fantastic feature without killing your phone’s battery!

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Drivers Using GPS Tracking To Deliver Gifts: Part 1

GPS tracking: Helping at Christmas time

Most people know the old story about how Santa delivers gifts to every good boy and girl on Christmas day, but how many people really stop to think about the reality of gift delivery? Delivery drivers are like the real life version of Santa. Think about it! Tons of people order gifts online these days and all of those orders have to be delivered by someone. Have you ever considered just how difficult a delivery driver’s job is, especially around Christmas time? What could help get delivery drivers to all their locations safely and in a timely manner? For many, the answer is GPS tracking. A lot of delivery drivers will tell you that without GPS tracking, they’d be truly lost and not just literally!

One of the best benefits for delivery drivers is the option for dispatching to give turn-by-turn directions to each house. Say goodbye to getting lost! GPS tracking being installed in each vehicle means that these Santa-like drivers will never have to depend on an outdated map to arrive to each customer’s home or delivery location. Having live maps with advanced routing options decreases the chance of wasted time.

Another great benefit is the weather overlay feature. With this technology, weather delays do not have to cause setbacks for delivery drivers. GPS tracking weather updates allow delivery drivers to navigate around harsh storms. Interactive maps allow dispatchers and managers to also see where drivers might have a hard time navigating and can easily re-route drivers.

Timeliness and safety are both key factors in making sure that delivery drivers get the goods where they need to be! These are just a few ways GPS tracking is helping around Christmas time. Drivers that use GPS tracking just seem to have a better time when it comes to delivering all those gifts. If your delivery company hasn’t used GPS tracking before, but you’d like to consider having them for next year, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Snow Removal Companies: Part 1

GPS tracker: Let it snow!

Right now there are some states being covered in blankets of snow. While the majority of industries quiver in their boots as snow and winter weather storms blow through, snow removal companies thrive in those conditions. Even better, a lot of snow removal companies have turned to a high-tech approach to completing their jobs with ease. Enter GPS tracker systems. There are several GPS tracker benefits snow removal companies have come to realize. In part one of this series we are going to discuss two of those benefits.

1.) Knowing where drivers are located: Live GPS tracker maps are helpful for the snow and ice removal companies as inclement weather rolls in. With this helpful feature, managers know their crews are safe and arriving at their destinations using the clearest, safest routes. Using the GPS tracker live tracking map means being able to position your fleet to not only perform, but excel when speed and nimbleness is essential!

2.) Scheduling multiple stops: Being prepared for calls that come in is one thing; being equipped to instantaneously schedule multiple team members and lay out their whole day of stops so they focus solely on the task at hand (completing as many service stops as reasonably possible) sets you apart. Planning out routes for multiple drivers at once is as easy as clicking a few buttons, entering destinations and allowing the GPS tracker to generate a smart route.

No matter how cold it becomes, snow plowers are saying “let it snow”! Business is good when it snows, but it’s even better when they’re implementing the use of a GPS tracker system. We’re willing to bet that the winter season is still brewing up some delightful snowfalls. Whether you’re old or new to the industry, if you haven’t started using GPS tracker devices in your company trucks, it’s not too late!

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Simplify Your Work With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: The power of a button click

As a fleet manager it’s your job to know what your drivers are doing. You may have a rough estimate as to where they are and what job they are completing, but keeping track of their routes for several stops in a day can be challenging. This is especially true without a tracking system. Is the old fashioned pen and paper mileage tracker or cell phone app your current method of “verification”? What if we told you that GPS tracking could do a much better job of helping to create and plan more efficient routing? Now that we have your attention, let us explain how!

As a manager of fleets aiming to be service providers, it is your job to make sure your drivers are making it to their appointments on time. Say you have one driver with 15-30 service stops scheduled for the day. Organizing those stops, manually, to maximize time, in a way that they make the most sense and don’t cost your business more money on fuel would take a lot of effort! While more stops may mean more clients on the schedule, that doesn’t mean your drivers will actually make it out to see everyone on the list if routes aren’t planned efficiently.

GPS tracking has the power of a button click, available right at the fingertips of dispatchers back at the office. Best of all, managers can see everything and so can drivers! With GPS tracking, the Advanced Routing options make it easy for dispatchers to enter in all stops or locations and generate a path that is the quickest, thus; saving your driver’s time, decreasing fuel usage and increasing the possibility of actually finishing all stops on the schedule for the day. Being able to complete work quickly means having an increased bottom line. Who doesn’t want more revenue?

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The Various Map Views For GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: What you see on the map

When you install GPS trackers for your fleets, you will be awarding your entire business with many money-saving benefits. One way to ensure business runs smoothly is to make certain that your drivers are able to get to their destinations safely. Getting down to the basic functions of GPS trackers, the goal is that you want to be able to see everything that is going on out there on the road. By having GPS trackers, drivers and managers can both see detailed map views. Depending on your preference, you may choose up to four different map views for your convenience. The four different types of views you can choose from in the live tracking web-based system are: Map view, Hybrid, Birdseye and Satellite. In this post, we will go in to detail about what each of those four map views offer users.

1.) Map View: This style allows GPS tracker users to see a simplistic form of the map that is fast-loading. The best way to describe what it looks like is that it resembles the view of a simple Google Maps view.

2.) Birdseye: This is a high-resolution view which looks like an aerial photograph on the map. For this view, the GPS tracker screen allows the user to change angles of viewpoints. It should be noted that not all geographical locations allow this view to be used, so it will not be available everywhere.

3.) Satellite: When using this style of map you will be able to see a basic satellite image of the area that your vehicle is located in. The map image displayed is detailed with streets and buildings showing, but the names of the roads are not listed.

4.) Hybrid: This view is also a detailed image with streets and buildings showing. It is just like the satellite view with the difference that this option does list the names of streets. This view will, generally, be your GPS trackers’ default view mode.

It has been understood for quite a while by many business owners that they can benefit by using GPS trackers. One of the best features about GPS trackers is their ability to provide live map tracking. Will you be one of the many business owners joining the digital world this year? Use GPS trackers and you will know what you need to know and see what you need to see regarding the location of your drivers out there on the road.

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