Why Fleets Should Be Using GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Ways to be a better fleet

Whether you’re an “old dog” seeking to learn new tricks or a brand new fleet business owner, you know that running a business of operating fleets is a large financial investment. Any way that a fleet manager can help things run more smoothly is a bonus to having a fleet business either starting off in the right direction or changing gears to reinvent themselves. GPS trackers being implemented by any fleet business is a major return on investment opportunity. A business with GPS trackers can utilize them for improved safety. Here is a list of ways that GPS trackers have been known to help fleet businesses:

  • GPS trackers allow for monitoring employees which increases safety by fleet managers being able to know their exact location. If pit stops occur more regularly than they should, managers will know about it right away thanks to the live map.
  • Generate reports on driver speed, braking, idling and other aggressive driving behaviors which can help managers to cut down on expenses paid to high maintenance repairs and speeding tickets.
  • With the push of a button, the panic alert feature can be utilized by drivers if they happen to find themselves in a dangerous situation and need to inform someone back at the office.
  • Tracking inventory keeps company assets safe. GPS trackers make it possible for fleet managers to know when inventory moved from site to site.
  • GPS trackers keeping tabs on your vehicles means a quicker way to provide police with exact location of any stolen vehicles.

Using GPS trackers might seem like a tough decision until you know how many benefits are at your finger tips. Increased safety is something many fleet businesses strive for and without GPS trackers they’d have a hard time achieving that goal. If you need help deciding which device is right for you business, US Fleet Tracking’s support group is available to answer your questions.

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How GPS Trackers Can Save Delivery Companies Money

GPS Trackers Are Providing Reduced Fleet Costs

Luckily, GPS trackers can save delivery companies money in a lot of areas. Realistically, every business owner relies on some type of delivery service at some point in their business career in order to continue operations. Even personal uses require delivery fleets to do what they do. This puts a lot of pressure on delivery companies to be fast and reliable. It also puts pressure on management to make sure the business doesn’t fail financially.

With a delivery business comes the responsibility of keeping vehicles safe from theft, paying off expensive fuel charges and combating false claims from customers, whether it be against the drivers or about reportedly missing products.

Responsibility: Keeping vehicles safe from theft

Solution: GPS trackers allow for automated alerts to be sent to managers via text or email when a company vehicle is moved from a designated geofence after hours. Thus, even if a vehicle did get taken it would be much easier to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle and retrieve it quickly.

Responsibility: Paying off expensive fuel charges

Solution: GPS trackers automatically record fuel usage percentages for analysis. GPS trackers also monitor excessive idling, driver speed and other gas-guzzling driving behaviors.

Reports generated with this information can help your team to make appropriate changes to prevent wasting fuel.

Responsibility: Combating false claims from customers

Solution: GPS trackers are integrated with the ability to keep a running list of inventory items. For a delivery business this is a huge deal! The list can help drivers to keep track of which packages have been delivered safely.

GPS trackers also have the capability to time-stamp when a driver stops and a delivery was made. Using this accurate information decreases the likeliness of false claims. The same goes with the previously mentioned recorded driver analytics. With those analytical reports, claims about how a driver was performing on the road will be easily thwarted.

While managing the fleets is a major aspect of the job, so is maintaining business costs. By keeping vehicles safe from theft, decreasing fuel costs and having the ability to reduce false claims against your delivery company, GPS trackers really do save your business money. If you’re ready to give GPS trackers a try, we’re here to deliver you some great options.

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GPS Trackers For The New Quarter

GPS tracker: Preparation station

With this quarter coming to a close and the new one fast approaching, budgeting is an immense concern. With business expenses and taxes, sometimes fleet businesses can feel the strain. If you’re a fleet business owner, it may be a good practice to start reevaluating your budget and seek new ways to reduce business costs with each new quarter. GPS trackers are a great way to get your new quarter started off in the right direction. Two of the best ways that GPS trackers can be of assistance to your business is by allowing you to lower fuel costs and to decrease risk related costs.

Although the cost of fuel has leveled out a bit in the previous months, the cost of fuel consumption is something that every fleet business has to endure. Anywhere you can cut costs that would be beneficial to your budgeting plan is worth it. GPS trackers assist you in reaching your fuel savings goal by helping you to monitor idling time and by optimizing your drivers’ routing options. With your GPS trackers, you will clearly see the amount of time a vehicle is in idle. This will allow you to know which drivers aren’t shutting the engine off when they make stops. In addition, GPS trackers give the dispatchers the ability to speak directly to drivers via the two-way communicator for optimal route planning. The dispatcher can simply check the map for the best routes and give the driver turn-by-turn directions to the safest, shortest path. Improved routing also leads you to the starting line of decreasing risk-related costs.

The idea of decreasing risk-related costs is something else to consider when making your quarterly budget plans. It is very important to make safety a priority and GPS trackers can help you do so. Driver safety is serious and accidents should be brought to a minimum. GPS trackers can help you verify that your drivers are being safe, because GPS trackers can help you see where all of your drivers are at. Furthermore, you can also pull reports to evaluate driver habits like harsh breaking and driving speed. Higher safety standards means there will be less room for accidents and in turn, less of the business’ expenses will be spent on accident recovery, vehicle repairs and company downtime.

Are you ready to save money on fuel and decrease your risk related costs? GPS trackers might be your answer. Let your new quarter start off well with GPS trackers and that way you can end it well, too.

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GPS Trackers Help Managers Improve Safety 

GPS tracker: Monitoring for driver safety

Driver safety should be on the top of any managers list, because not monitoring this can lead to an accident. There is no doubt that the costs of an accident can be gruesome. You might be wondering how are you going to monitor all of your drivers at once? GPS trackers can be your simple solution.

Drivers who have been in an accident are costing the business money for vehicle repairs or replacement and company downtime. What you want is safe drivers and to reduce the amount of accidents. GPS trackers can help you have the proof that your drivers are being safe so that you can keep your mind at ease. With a GPS tracker monitoring your fleets you will have evidence that your drivers are following driving laws and that they are in compliance with speed limits. If your drivers know they are being monitored, they tend to work more efficiently.

GPS trackers can help you see where all of your drivers are at, always, with the live tracking map feature. You can also pull reports from the GPS trackers to see things like harsh braking habits, acceleration levels and ongoing driving speed. By auditing drivers you can keep facts that your drivers really are being the safest drivers that they can be while they’re out on the road. If drivers aren’t being safe, you will have evidence to show them and take the appropriate follow-up action if the behavior isn’t corrected.

As an added bonus, many insurance companies will even give businesses that utilize a GPS tracker system in their vehicles a discount. They will do so, because they know that GPS trackers improve safety. Leave it to a GPS tracker system to help you improve the safety of your drivers.

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Track Company Assets With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Keep equipment safe

Theft of vehicles and other important equipment can be a serious, high cost endeavor that no one wants to have to go through. You will be stuck with having the expenses of vehicle replacement and also pay the price of business downtime. Moreover, you may even have increasing insurance rates. These are just a few reasons why it is so important to monitor your vehicles, trailers, freight, heavy equipment and other assets. Using GPS trackers, you could help protect your fleet against theft.

GPS trackers help you to tackle a number of issues on a regular basis. You may find it challenging to keep up with where your drivers are and what they are doing. With the installation of 10-second live GPS trackers, you will acquire the ability to keep tabs on the vehicles within your fleet. From one dashboard, you will be able to see when your drivers start your vehicles, how long they idle, what speed your drivers are going, and any unauthorized usage. With the open channel established between your dispatcher and drivers your team will be more efficient.

GPS trackers can also maintain a list of your vehicles and other equipment. You can log which vehicles, trailers or other heavy equipment tools are being used and which ones remain behind. You can set-up geofences on a map to indicate where these items are allowed to be used or the location of where they are not to be used. Alerts will keep managers up to date about where their vehicles go. Even in non-business hours, alerts can be set up to inform managers if the vehicles or other equipment tools are being used or are outside of their designated geofences.

By adding a GPS tracker system you could have firsthand observation of your fleet’s whereabouts and the knowledge needed to reclaim your stolen property in a quick fashion. With a GPS tracker you will be watching your assets, which means surveying your bottom line and irrefutably means saving you money.

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Delivery Times Decrease With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Improving business

GPS trackers can make being a manager of delivery drivers much easier. As a manager of delivery drivers you have an assortment of challenges popping up on a regular basis. In addition, your drivers have to endure many things like weather conditions, traffic, construction and vehicle maintenance. All of these obstacles are in combination with the continuous process of making deliveries and all of them are equally important to your business. Obviously, you want to maintain a good business image by ensuring that deliveries are on time and making customers happy.

Wonderful customer service isn’t required, but it sure is recommended for best business practice. GPS trackers give you access to live maps and the ability to offer route-planning to your drivers. This will decrease the risk of drivers being held up in traffic or taking a wrong turn. Since the GPS tracker can show you the ongoing location of each driver, you can also easily conclude which driver is nearest to a location and assign them to the job. This will save loads of time.

The types of things you, as a manager, should be looking for are drivers’ speeds and idling times. More specifically, you will know how long a driver stayed at any given location and you will be able to monitor if anything happens off the clock. GPS trackers can offer you reports at the touch of a finger with all of this information. With this evidence you can have a meeting with your drivers to review their progress. When they have the information provided to them, they will know what they need to do in order to decrease their delivery times.

As an added bonus, thanks to the technology that GPS trackers provide you, customers can be informed by you with up-to-date delivery information. This will help you build a solid foundation with your customers making them more likely to be return customers.

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GPS Trackers: Adding Valuable Vehicle Upgrades in 2015

GPS tracker: Upgrades vs. vehicle purchases

GPS trackers are more than just a trend, they are becoming a necessity for many companies. It is “out with the old and in with the new” way of doing business with the arrival of 2015. With every new year business managers are looking to improve on their practices. As per usual, CK Commercial Vehicle Research conducted their yearly research with commercial and government heavy truck drivers. Their survey from 2014 compared changes between the year 2014 and 2013 in order to predict how many vehicles businesses would purchase for the following year.

The statistics gathered from the survey found that most companies plan to purchase less than in the years before. This prognosis was made in light of the industry-wide shortage of qualified drivers. Due to the limited number of drivers, the amount of trucks each company can run will inevitably decrease. While the driver shortage is not a new problem, the results of the limited drivers are changing what business managers want for the future.

Based on past purchasing tendencies, possibly related to the driver shortage, business managers are looking to upgrade their current vehicles rather than buy more. If there are to be new purchases made in 2015, it is said that the majority of them will be for vehicles with adaptive cruise control and other driver comforts. One very important upgrade that could make the managers’ and drivers’ lives a little easier would be the installation of GPS trackers.

The GPS trackers would help business managers so much that they would have more time to focus on other business needs. Since there is a shortage of current drivers, managers want to make certain that the drivers they do have are being safe and driving efficiently. GPS trackers could help with monitoring of driver speed, idle time and give vehicle maintenance reminders. Since business managers would be able to track driver statics they could reward their best drivers on a regular basis. This would increase the morale of current drivers and be a great incentive for future drivers.

With the addition of GPS trackers to vehicles the current vehicles would be even better and with upgrades taking place of new vehicle purchases, this year has the potential to be a very good financial year.

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