How To Get Your Drivers On Board With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Get the most for your fleet When fleet managers implement anything new it is always important for them to consider the drivers, because without them there wouldn’t be a business to run. That’s just simple common sense, of course. So, as with any new policy or operating standard when GPS trackers are introduced … Continue reading “How To Get Your Drivers On Board With GPS Trackers”

GPS Trackers Reduce Driver Distractions

GPS trackers: The hands-free devices There has been a growing concern for the amount of cell phone usage by drivers all over the United States. In fact, according to The U.S. Department of Transportation there are approximately 660,000 American drivers using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving and this is number that has … Continue reading “GPS Trackers Reduce Driver Distractions”

GPS Trackers Vs. The 1-800 Number Bumper Sticker

GPS tracker: Benefits beyond a phone call While driving down the highway you have probably seen a bumper sticker or two that asks fellow drivers to call the 1-800 number in order to weigh in on how a truck driver is doing. Here’s the problem, not all fleet companies want stickers on their vehicles. An … Continue reading “GPS Trackers Vs. The 1-800 Number Bumper Sticker”

Energy Industries Are Saving With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Improving energy companies The job that energy industry workers have to do is significant and getting it done safely, while being efficient is also important. GPS trackers have many benefits to aid the energy industry for an optimized work experience. The automation that GPS trackers provide to energy companies is helpful for many … Continue reading “Energy Industries Are Saving With GPS Trackers”