Benefits of GPS Trackers for HVAC Companies

GPS tracker: Helping heat & air companies

GPS trackers are being utilized by multiple vehicles these days, including HVAC vehicles. Within each season there are multiple weather changes and sometimes the weather can even change from month to month. One never quite knows when their heat or air will give out and both are equally important. This is why HVAC companies are constantly on the move. All of the stop and go action causes wear and tear on trucks and drivers. It also causes an increase in company expenses, however; there is a better way to do business that will actually cut costs. Adding GPS trackers to HVAC vehicles is a smart investment as there are many benefits to using them such as creating more efficient routing, enhancing customer service and improving management capabilities.

HVAC drivers must always be ready to make service calls and even perform routine maintenance on HVAC systems. It’s natural that HVAC technicians will not always work in one specific area and it can get rather hectic to schedule drivers to attend to customer needs. We will explain two scenarios to give you a better understanding of how GPS trackers can be beneficial for the best routing efficiency.

1.) Scenario for HVAC vehicles without GPS trackers: You have a customer call come in so you schedule a technician to attend to the customer’s need, but you technician is on the opposite side of town. Meanwhile, you already had a closer technician who could have completed the job quicker for the customer. That would have been a waste of time for everyone involved.

2.) Scenario for HVAC vehicles with GPS trackers: You have a customer call come in so you check your live map, using the GPS tracking technology, to pin-point which vehicle is closest to the customer in need. Using the communicator capabilities for the GPS tracker, you inform the driver of the job needed. You can also plan the route that provides the greatest fuel efficiency, avoids construction or bypasses heavy traffic. This saves the company a lot of gas money each year, but also cuts down on wasted labor.

Enhancing customer service comes along with being able to respond to customer needs more efficiently. Not only do you have quicker response times, but with GPS trackers you will have proof that service calls were made so there will be less customer disputes. You can simply pull up the location of your trucks at the time the call was supposed to have been made to verify that the truck was at the proper address at the time.

Monitoring several vehicles can be difficult if you are relying solely on your memory or paper maps of the local setting. It may also be difficult to keep up with vehicle maintenance if you’re using paper list reminder, or no reminders at all.

Whether you are planning daily service routes, dispatching emergency repair services, or scheduling vehicle maintenance, it is no doubt that GPS tracking makes your job easier. It lends a hand to you so that you may find the most efficient ways to do business. Your HVAC company could see a true return on investment by having a way to manage your drivers and vehicles better, by having better customer service and by optimizing your routing.

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Pest Control Companies Use GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Enriching pest control businesses

GPS trackers are being used by many businesses these days, including pest control companies. In the pest control industry there are more than just critters about which to worry. Crawling around in the back of your mind are thoughts about business related costs and how to keep them as low as possible. There are many ways that GPS trackers can help such as improving customer service, increasing response time and decreasing costs.

Great customer service is important to your pest control company, because contact is what customers will remember and you don’t want customers remembering negative things about you. Customers are the most vital aspect to the company. It can be difficult to have tangible evidence of pest control services to offer your costumers unless you have GPS tracking. With GPS trackers, you will have the capability to show to your customers details of the date, time and how long your technician was at their home or business. This will decrease the likelihood of any discrepancies due to proof provided.

Another way to inevitably increase customer service and improve business is to increase response times. With GPS trackers, managers can improve dispatching. Managers can relay messages to drivers with new stops in their daily routes with optimized routing. This allows the technicians to arrive to job-sites in as little time as possible. Not only will technicians be able to make it to more job-sites by eliminating down time, they will be able to serve each customer sooner.

Decreasing costs is something every pest control company wants to do. Luckily, GPS trackers can help them do just that. GPS trackers can be used to prevent technicians from falsifying work hours and reduce a lot of business related expenses. A GPS tracker can identify when drivers start and end their workday, how many breaks they take and how many jobs were completed during their shift. Another cost cutting feature of GPS trackers is that they can improve route efficiency. Fuel can be majorly reduced if managers can monitor routes taken throughout a technician’s work day to ensure drivers are choosing the fastest routes possible. In addition, GPS trackers can help monitor vehicle maintenance needs.

GPS trackers definitely improve business practices and this is why so many pest control companies continue to use them.

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Advantages of Real-Time GPS Tracker Alerts

GPS tracker: Live alerts

GPS tracker systems offer fleets an abundance of data for managers to monitor and it is fantastic to be informed. US Fleet Tracking offers GPS tracker systems that send live alerts as they happen. This is a great way to stay on top of business needs and for managers to monitor fleets effectively. This is a huge advantage over some of the other systems that do not allow for updated alerts in real-time. With GPS trackers, you could change your working world by getting information to you that is most important to your business.

Receiving alerts in real-time means that you will never miss out on what your drivers are up to. If you want to be notified of how many stops a driver makes in between job-sites, you will be able to track that. Other types of alerts you would want to send to management would be things like speeding alerts. If you have drivers in your fleet well-known for speeding then setting a speeding alert to be notified when drivers are over the speed limit is the obvious choice for you. The drivers can then receive specific instructions from the you based on what you learned from monitoring the GPS tracker system. You can also set schedule reminders for vehicle maintenance. Some GPS trackers systems can even be customized to send alerts only to the individuals that the alert is intended for. The reality is sending the alert as it happens to the right person is what clients truly need.

If a vehicle is spending too much time in idle it can consume fuel. The rising costs of fuel make idling a serious problem. The more money wasted on excessive fuel costs, the more your business’ bottom line suffers. By monitoring the true idle time of drivers through GPS tracker alerts you can enhance daily routes and reduce miles driven. This could, in turn, increase your bottom line.

Let the advantages of real-time GPS tracker alerts work for you.

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Attention Small Business Owners, GPS Trackers Benefit You Too!

GPS Tracker: A powerful tool for any size business.

Many small businesses have the misconception that a GPS Tracker system is only for large scale companies with tons of vehicles in their fleet, but this could not be further from the truth. While we do have our larger clients, we also know the value that GPS trackers adds to the small business. Whether you are managing 200 vehicles or managing 2, a GPS tracker system is the solution for you.

You might ask yourself how the same GPS tracker software that is used on fleets in the hundreds could be relevant to your fleet of a few and we understand your concern. At US Fleet Tracking, we understand that a small business encounters a unique set of challenges which is why our GPS tracker software is designed to cater to all sizes.

Discounting the addition of a GPS tracker system to your business because of size, could really be holding you back. We understand that one of the biggest challenges you face as a small business is that you have to wear so many hats. Where a large company employs hundreds of professionals to keep each department running efficiently, to cut costs, you are managing these departments on your own. The problem we see with this type of system is that you are not only taking away time from other time-sensitive tasks, your burning of the midnight oil leaves you open for more errors.

We give you access to many items that will simplify the way you do business, which intern offers you the commodity of time. Some of these items include:

Maintenance reminders
A user-friendly system interface with 24/7 access
Live traffic and weather reports
Turn-by-turn directions
Geofenses that notify you if a vehicle has left a set perimeter
Employee reports
Timesheet and payroll
Gas mileage/speed/idling reports
Driver behavior reports
Interactive maps that grant you a snapshot of your business in real-time

We would love the opportunity to talk with you in detail why these features are so beneficial and create a plan to make your job a whole lot easier. Give us a call to find out more at 405.726.9900! To view our GPS Tracker selection Click Here.

The GPS Tracker Tool Belt: Part 2

GPS Tracker: The right tools for the job!

GPS trackers offer companies everywhere a robust collection of reporting tools that really come in handy for those looking to eliminate unnecessary expenses and beef up their bottom line.

If a driver report card and Geofence technology were not enough to convince you of how beneficial GPS a tracker can be, here are a few more ways that GPS trackers will revolutionize the way you do business.

Multiple state reports: If you are a nationwide company and require your employees to keep track of information from each state, a GPS tracker system will make your jobs so much easier. We offer reports that will give you a breakdown of all the information you will need without room for error that occurs through guess work. State miles report will save you so much time and offer you better accuracy across the board.

Mileage: Upon accessing your mileage report, you will notice gas mileage, maintenance schedules, vehicle reports, and much more. At one glance, you will have the GPS tracker tools and info that could potentially keep you from liabilities down the road.

Driver speed behavior: When this report is opened, the GPS tracker system will display charts that highlight by color, your driver’s speed habits. If you see certain drivers are continuously going too fast, you can proactively mitigate the problem before it causes too much wear and tear on your vehicle, or even worse, causes and accident. By creating a safer driver, you are also less of a liability to your insurance company. If you notice that your drivers are continueing to go lower than the speed limit, you have the opportunity to look into the possibility of a better route to and from that destination.

Nip excessive idling in the bud: Idling is one of the biggest ways to watch your money go out the window. Many people have a misconceptions about the waste of fuel involved in idling. We have heard, “If I’m not driving, I am not wasting gas,” or, “stopping and then restarting the engine wastes more gas than if I just leave the engine running.” These falsehoods lead to more money loss than we care to discuss. A GPS tracker, will provide the proof you need to those stuck in this incorrect mentality.

Believe it or not, this is not the end of the list of features and reports we offer at US Fleet Tracking. Our GPS tracker systems offer our clients many more tools for their tool belts. We would love the opportunity to visit with you about your business goals for the upcoming quarter, and how implement a GPS tracker system can help you get there.

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The GPS Tracker Tool Belt: Part 1

GPS Tracker: Providing the necessary tools needed for the job.

When a business owner is looking to implement a GPS tracker system they usually have a few main reasons in mind. The most common reason is usually the monetary value that a GPS tracker adds, but the additional perks that contribute to that healthier bottom line far exceed original expectations.A GPS tracker system consists of a multitude of reports and tools designed to give you detailed information about the inner workings of your business. In addition, we offer our clients a look at items they would never have come across. Having access to these additional tools in your tool belt could be just what you need to jump ahead of your competition and place you on top of your market.

We know that in any business, especially small business, every dollar has a place. Our job is to help you stretch that dollar to create room for growth and expansion. Our GPS tracker tool belt grants you access to game-changing information in several keys areas where you might have room to improve.

Driver report card: GPS trackers will give you an overall report on how your drivers are doing. We find the accountability it offers to be one of the biggest benefits of GPS tracking period. You can access your drivers computerized time sheet, as opposed to just trusting they are clocking honest hours worked. You will know if they were where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there. You will clearly see the big picture of their journey from the time they turned on the engine, to the time they shut it off.

Geofences: This GPS tracker feature is a great way to keep your vehicles and equipment safe. Geofences allow you to set parameters of all shapes and sizes around a certain area. If your driver is stopping for the night and will not be in their vehicle, a boundary can be set until they return. If the vehicle goes outside of that small boundary before they return, you will receive an alert from the GPS tracker system. This is also a way to double check that drivers who may already be on surveillance do not violate the boundaries you have set.

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Our Favorite Ways A GPS Tracker Saves You Money: Part 2

GPS Tracker: Save your hard earned cash

Saving our customers money is one of our very favorite things to do. We love to hear the countless success stories of how a customer started using a GPS tracker for one reason and found it helped greatly in another area as well. We never get tired of that kind of news.

If you are in the market to save money, we hope our favorite ways to save you money will strike a cord for you.

Cut down those pesky maintenance costs: No maintenance cost is fun, but the worst kind is the one that could have been avoided. Those are the kind that make you want to repeatedly kick yourself. A GPS tracker will save you from that kick by offering you maintenance alerts that will remind you when your vehicles are due for routine maintenance. Prevention is key. If you can keep up with areas that could be problematic down the road, you are going to save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Employee Accountability: A GPS tracker is a way to discover if your employees are doing what they should be doing when they say they are doing it. Businesses of all sizes know the importance of their employees putting in an honest day’s work, and a GPS is tracker the accountability everyone needs.

Cut the Gas Costs: How much money are you wasting in gas costs? If you take closer look, you are probably losing more money than you care to think about! A GPS tracker helps you stretch that gas dollar by giving your drivers more efficient route to and from their destinations and keeping track of your idling time.

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A GPS Tracker Would Ruin Horror Movies: Part 2

Could a GPS tracker make horror movies not so horrible?

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d dress the blog up in costume and imagine how we could save our favorite scary movie characters from the horror awaiting them down the road. A GPS tracker could give those movies a different heroic twist.

For instance, in the movie Breakdown starring Kurt Russell, Jeff and his wife Amy are left stranded in the desert on the side of the road. Amy ends up hitching a ride from a random truck driver leading them to a night of unspeakable horror.

With a GPS tracker a dispatcher would have been able to pin-point their exact location to send trustworthy help. If they still encountered the truck driver mishap, the company he drove for would have been able to track the exact route he took when he kidnapped Amy. A GPS tracker could have saved Jeff an entire movie of searching for her and they could have easily avoided said night of horror.

Any Zombie movie. Period: The Zombie Apocalypse is a large topic of interest around this time of year. Surviving a zombie movie would be a whole lot easier with a GPS tracker.

Setting Geo Fences – Knowing boundaries is critical to surviving a zombie movie. Zombies are sneaky. The element of surprise is one of their biggest weapons. Setting boundaries around vehicles that would alert characters of a boundary breach would give drivers time to plan an appropriate escape. Furthermore, with the help of a GPS tracker, drivers would gain access to another route to better outrun the zombies.

Real-time traffic alerts – A GPS tracker would allow drivers to see which roads are packed with zombies and where the coast is clear. Avoiding zombie congestion on the road is a non-negotiable and now avoidable risk thanks to the GPS tracker.

Maintenance Alerts: The Zombie Apocalypse is neither the time or the place for a break-down. One of our favorite features of a GPS tracker is the maintenance alert. Routine maintenance reminders are a good way to secure a vehicle’s health before it gives up the ghost at the most inopportune time; as one usually does in a zombie flick.

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A GPS Tracker Would Ruin Horror Movies: Part 1

GPS Tracker: No more dark alleys, back-wood roads, or graveyards.


Once again, to no avail, your favorite horror movie star fails to listen to your cries and pleas through the screen, and once again, they drive down that obvious creepy road toward their imminent demise. “If only they had a GPS Tracker…”

Tis the season to knowingly subject ourselves to the scariest movies ever made, which feature characters lost in the woods, lost in the wrong city, lost in a futuristic time, lost in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. How different would these movies be if only these unfortunate characters had the luxury of a GPS tracker?

So, in keeping with the spirits of Halloween fun, we thought we would take a look at how a GPS tracker could increase the survival rate of the characters in your favorite scary movies.

The Shining: An oldy, but a goody – Anyone who has seen this movie knows the spine-tingling feeling you had the first time you saw the words: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Seeing it now may brings a few of those chills back.

If a GPS tracker had been installed on Danny’s tricycle, giving him turn-by-turn instructions, visions of those creepy twins chanting “Come play with us Danny. Come play with us…forever…” may not be haunting our dreams today. The GPS tracker would also have helped him make his ways out of that snow maze a little faster to escape his dear old dad with the ax. Finally, a panic button would have come in handy to alert the outside world to send back-up against his cabin fever stricken father.

Breakdown (Or any scary movie that involves a broken-down vehicle): This 1997 Thriller starring Kurt Russell shows us the worst case scenario of what happens when our lives are absent of a GPS tracker.

Breaking down on the side of the road is a risky move for any character in a scary movie.A GPS tracker could save those poor souls with the implementation of maintenance alerts. Having alerts to remind them of their vehicle’s maintenance needs would keep them from being targets on the side of the road.

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Where Are You Without GPS Trackers?

Sub-Par Business as usual before GPS tracker .

The success stories we hear from our clients makes us wonder what life was without us, especially for those who are primarily busy during a certain season.

One company mentioned the intense juggle of distributing work to 30 employees in their fleets. On some days that service call would reach into the hundreds. These days, although great for business, would drain every bit of energy from each and every person in the business. Despite the hard work, the company still felt as if they were falling behind and potential customers were falling through the cracks. This is a huge blow to a company who needs to walk into the slower months in the green. Customers do not care how busy you are, they want their job taken care of. If you cannot do the job, they will find someone else; It is a hard truth.

When the HVAC company employed a GPS tracker system, they found themselves able to not only compete in their industry, they found themselves rising to the top. The hundreds of service calls were no longer a blessing and a curse, instead, each one was taken care of in a timely manner, and given to an employee ready to take the job. GPS trackers meant each call was a new golden opportunity to advertise to the public about the stellar job they were able to do.

Where before, his 30 employees were being personally managed, which would run the dispatchers ragged. A GPS tracker system was able to house the stats and figures of each member of the fleet and where they were at all times. They gave the dispatchers the freedom and flexibility to take on more projects of more value.

This HVAC company used GPS trackers to organize their day toward exponential growth that summer. Before a GPS tracker system, their disorganization led them to entering the slower months in the red. The year they implemented the GPS tracker system, they maintained plenty of cushion to supplement months of hibernation.

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