Reducing Your Vehicles’ Carbon Footprint With GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS tracker: An Earth Day edition

Today marks the anniversary of Earth Day and on this day, 45 years ago, the beginning of an environmental movement was born. A lot has changed from the original Earth Day that started in 1970, because that day wasn’t just about saving the planet, but also focused on anti-war campaigns. Now, when the calendar reaches the date of April 22, helping the environment is on the minds of most everyone. Did you know one way that you can decrease your carbon footprint is by implementing GPS trackers in your company vehicles? In part one of this Earth Day edition we provided you two ways that you can use GPS trackers to help your vehicles reduce their carbon footprint. In part two of this series we will give you two more reasons to use GPS trackers in your vehicles!

1.) Curb Speeding: Rapid acceleration and speeding burns fuel faster. Imagine the amount of chemical waste entering the air when your drivers speed and it isn’t great for the sustainability of your company vehicles. How do you stop speeding drivers? GPS trackers, of course. With the GPS tracker technology you can monitor and reduce aggressive driving behavior. GPS trackers send this type of data so that you can review who your best drivers are and which ones might need more instruction.

2.) Maintenance Reminders: Did you know that keeping up with routine maintenance makes your company vehicles perform better? Keeping the right amount of air in the tires, performing regular oil changes and tune-ups can improve gas mileage. GPS trackers help you to stay on top of necessary vehicle maintenance with reminder alerts.

GPS trackers help you to become more fuel-efficient and decreases the production of carbon dioxide, overall. Being fuel-efficient doesn’t only help your vehicles reduce their spread of harmful toxins that pollute the air, but also helps you to regulate your daily operations. In honor of Earth Day, we hope that our GPS tracker tips listed in the past two posts will help your company reduce its carbon footprint and protect the planet that best way that you can.

GPS Tracker Benefits For Limousine Services: Part 2

GPS tracker: Helping limo drivers

The time for proms and weddings is fast approaching, many of which jump start at the end of this month. In this season of fancy events, limousines are there to serve. In the last part of this series we discussed two benefits of GPS trackers for limousine services. There are many things limousine service drivers are able to accomplish with the use of GPS trackers. The limousine services that use GPS trackers are maintaining a high caliber work force and carrying out their duties in style. In part two of this series, we will explain two more benefits limousine services get from using GPS trackers.

1.) Promoting Safe Driving: Drivers that know when their driving techniques are being tracked are much less likely to take risks. The GPS trackers can allow mangers to monitor things like inconsistent driving, speeding, and other activities that leave the limousines, drivers and their passengers in danger. Safety is very important and should be something every limousine service considers. Anything that helps improve safety, saves the company money on paying out for accidents and saves the bottom line.

2.) Reducing Insurance Rates: Having auto insurance is a must for limousine services as they are responsible for carrying passengers. This means that the liability risks are larger and the costs of the vehicles are larger. GPS trackers prevent theft, because they provide managers with the ability to monitor where the vehicles are at, even outside of business hours. This permits drops in insurance rates. Also, as we mentioned already, GPS trackers help drivers be safer. When there are safer drivers, there are fewer tickets and that lowers insurance rates over time.

For a limousine service, the importance of promptness can hardly be overestimated. Even more importantly, GPS trackers helping with safe driving and reducing insurance rates are both perks that are unbeatable. It is remarkable how many ways GPS trackers can benefit limousine services.

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How GPS Trackers Will Improve The Trucking Industry

GPS tracker: Future changes for the better

GPS tracker systems have been through several changes in the last handful of years as occurrences have dragged the population down to a recession period and back up to the economic recovery. With things looking up, we have seen several advancements of GPS trackers that have changed the inner workings of trucking companies in many ways. Now, these company managers are looking ahead and wondering what the next few years will bring.

Trucking companies suffered during the recession period as they weren’t able to fill the demands of shipping freight. Luckily, this is no longer the case and the predictions being made are expecting shipping volume to increase over the next five years. This is fantastic for the trucking industry, but with more business, means more responsibility. With more runs being made, more driver and vehicle management is needed. For the best business savings, the future of fleet management revolves around fuel efficiency, regulations and smarter management.

With GPS trackers, management can monitor their vehicles more closely. The GPS tracker system can aid in decreasing fuel usage. Mangers can obtain reports of fuel efficiency. The reports can also be scheduled to determine areas that drivers may be wasting fuel. Fuel wasting might occur at times when there is needless idling, unapproved vehicle usage and speeding. Managers can eliminate irrelevant fuel expenses by using the GPS tracker system.

Some drivers may not like the idea of being monitored, but the overall savings to the trucking company will be worth potential grumblings. GPS trackers can help managers to regulate scheduled vehicle maintenance, monitoring drivers in real-time, logging actual work activity times of employees and billing accuracy. All of these aspects are important to saving the company time and money.

With all of the knowledge that GPS trackers award to managers, they will be able to complete their jobs more efficiently. If managers know exactly where their drivers are at, they’re able to keep customers happy by ensuring that delivery of freight is made timely and can provide accurate billing to decrease disputes. GPS trackers are the key to having smarter management.
Keep your minds open to the future of fleet management and the advances of GPS trackers as they improve fuel efficiency, regulations and smarter management.

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Advantages of Real-Time GPS Tracker Alerts

GPS tracker: Live alerts

GPS tracker systems offer fleets an abundance of data for managers to monitor and it is fantastic to be informed. US Fleet Tracking offers GPS tracker systems that send live alerts as they happen. This is a great way to stay on top of business needs and for managers to monitor fleets effectively. This is a huge advantage over some of the other systems that do not allow for updated alerts in real-time. With GPS trackers, you could change your working world by getting information to you that is most important to your business.

Receiving alerts in real-time means that you will never miss out on what your drivers are up to. If you want to be notified of how many stops a driver makes in between job-sites, you will be able to track that. Other types of alerts you would want to send to management would be things like speeding alerts. If you have drivers in your fleet well-known for speeding then setting a speeding alert to be notified when drivers are over the speed limit is the obvious choice for you. The drivers can then receive specific instructions from the you based on what you learned from monitoring the GPS tracker system. You can also set schedule reminders for vehicle maintenance. Some GPS trackers systems can even be customized to send alerts only to the individuals that the alert is intended for. The reality is sending the alert as it happens to the right person is what clients truly need.

If a vehicle is spending too much time in idle it can consume fuel. The rising costs of fuel make idling a serious problem. The more money wasted on excessive fuel costs, the more your business’ bottom line suffers. By monitoring the true idle time of drivers through GPS tracker alerts you can enhance daily routes and reduce miles driven. This could, in turn, increase your bottom line.

Let the advantages of real-time GPS tracker alerts work for you.

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Common Fears of Implementing a GPS Tracker: Part 1

GPS Tracker: Debunking Your Fears

So, you’ve heard that a GPS tracker could be a smart investment for your fleet drivers, but you’re still fearful of purchasing? Perhaps as a business owner, with fleets of drivers, all you worry about is keeping your head above water so you haven’t really taken the time to think about whether a GPS tracker really could be a great investment for your business. Maybe you haven’t been willing to hash out the budgeting details or research what a GPS tracker is all about due to fear that it isn’t worth it. In part one of this series we will give you little assurance about the benefit of GPS trackers.

Your Fear: I don’t think it can help.

Assurance: You can use a GPS tracker to know if your fleet drivers are speeding, obeying traffic laws, to see how many miles they drove and whether they are idling unnecessarily. You can easily see on a live access GPS tracker map where your vehicles are and what they are doing. You can also provide your drivers with turn-by-turn directions to avoid construction zones or high traffic areas, which gets your drivers to their destinations quicker and safer.  A GPS tracker can also be programmed to schedule reminders for you, informing you when vehicle maintenance is due. All of this knowledge is at your fingertips thanks to a GPS tracker. Having the ability to monitor fleets is a fantastic way to excel your business’ customer service, efficiency and productivity.

All of that sounds pretty good, right? Stayed tuned for part two of this series where we will debunk a few more fears you may have and outline more ways that GPS tracking is a smart investment for the future of your business.

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GPS Tracker Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

GPS Tracker: Obtain Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance is something everyone is required to have. It’s that pesky necessity that everyone hates due to added monthly expense, but what if there were a way your fleet could actually save money on auto insurance?

You might be thinking that simply informing the insurance company verbally about your safest drivers out in the field will get you somewhere, but all it will get you is, possibly, applause or a pat on the back. That’s nice, but what you really want is proof to show the insurance companies that you really do have safe drivers out there. A GPS tracker is your ticket to obtaining auto insurance discounts. With a GPS tracker monitoring your fleets you will have evidence that your drivers are following driving laws and that they are in compliance with speed limits.

Having unsafe drivers can raise insurance rates by an average of 12.5 percent. Realistically, there is no sure-fire way to know if you are hiring only safe drivers. Your solution to that would be to use GPS trackers in your fleet vehicles to help boost driver performance. When people know they are being observed, they tend to operate more efficiently. One great thing about a GPS tracker is that it can record harsh breaking, acceleration levels, and ongoing driving speed. By auditing drivers you can maintain evidence that your drivers really are the safest drivers out on the road. In this way, you can save your company from being slapped with higher insurance rates.

As an added bonus, many insurance companies will even give businesses that utilize a GPS tracker system in their vehicles a discount. Not only do GPS trackers improve safety, they also decreases the chance of theft. With a live access GPS tracker map you can pinpoint where fleets are at and receive alerts about unauthorized vehicle movement. If something saves an insurance company from having to work a claim, they tend to appreciate it, because they can save money and time. GPS tracker is like the insurance company’s best friend in that regard.

So, just because you have to have auto insurance doesn’t mean it needs to be a pain the neck. Leave it to a GPS tracker to help you lower your auto insurance rates by being able to provide you with the proof you need to show that your drivers are safe and that your business is a low risk client to insurance companies.

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Attention Small Business Owners, GPS Trackers Benefit You Too!

GPS Tracker: A powerful tool for any size business.

Many small businesses have the misconception that a GPS Tracker system is only for large scale companies with tons of vehicles in their fleet, but this could not be further from the truth. While we do have our larger clients, we also know the value that GPS trackers adds to the small business. Whether you are managing 200 vehicles or managing 2, a GPS tracker system is the solution for you.

You might ask yourself how the same GPS tracker software that is used on fleets in the hundreds could be relevant to your fleet of a few and we understand your concern. At US Fleet Tracking, we understand that a small business encounters a unique set of challenges which is why our GPS tracker software is designed to cater to all sizes.

Discounting the addition of a GPS tracker system to your business because of size, could really be holding you back. We understand that one of the biggest challenges you face as a small business is that you have to wear so many hats. Where a large company employs hundreds of professionals to keep each department running efficiently, to cut costs, you are managing these departments on your own. The problem we see with this type of system is that you are not only taking away time from other time-sensitive tasks, your burning of the midnight oil leaves you open for more errors.

We give you access to many items that will simplify the way you do business, which intern offers you the commodity of time. Some of these items include:

Maintenance reminders
A user-friendly system interface with 24/7 access
Live traffic and weather reports
Turn-by-turn directions
Geofenses that notify you if a vehicle has left a set perimeter
Employee reports
Timesheet and payroll
Gas mileage/speed/idling reports
Driver behavior reports
Interactive maps that grant you a snapshot of your business in real-time

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The GPS Tracker Tool Belt: Part 2

GPS Tracker: The right tools for the job!

GPS trackers offer companies everywhere a robust collection of reporting tools that really come in handy for those looking to eliminate unnecessary expenses and beef up their bottom line.

If a driver report card and Geofence technology were not enough to convince you of how beneficial GPS a tracker can be, here are a few more ways that GPS trackers will revolutionize the way you do business.

Multiple state reports: If you are a nationwide company and require your employees to keep track of information from each state, a GPS tracker system will make your jobs so much easier. We offer reports that will give you a breakdown of all the information you will need without room for error that occurs through guess work. State miles report will save you so much time and offer you better accuracy across the board.

Mileage: Upon accessing your mileage report, you will notice gas mileage, maintenance schedules, vehicle reports, and much more. At one glance, you will have the GPS tracker tools and info that could potentially keep you from liabilities down the road.

Driver speed behavior: When this report is opened, the GPS tracker system will display charts that highlight by color, your driver’s speed habits. If you see certain drivers are continuously going too fast, you can proactively mitigate the problem before it causes too much wear and tear on your vehicle, or even worse, causes and accident. By creating a safer driver, you are also less of a liability to your insurance company. If you notice that your drivers are continueing to go lower than the speed limit, you have the opportunity to look into the possibility of a better route to and from that destination.

Nip excessive idling in the bud: Idling is one of the biggest ways to watch your money go out the window. Many people have a misconceptions about the waste of fuel involved in idling. We have heard, “If I’m not driving, I am not wasting gas,” or, “stopping and then restarting the engine wastes more gas than if I just leave the engine running.” These falsehoods lead to more money loss than we care to discuss. A GPS tracker, will provide the proof you need to those stuck in this incorrect mentality.

Believe it or not, this is not the end of the list of features and reports we offer at US Fleet Tracking. Our GPS tracker systems offer our clients many more tools for their tool belts. We would love the opportunity to visit with you about your business goals for the upcoming quarter, and how implement a GPS tracker system can help you get there.

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GPS Tracker Stops Aggressive Drivers In Their Tracks.

GPS Tracker: Seeing the warning signs.

Driving down the highway on a normal day involves risk, even for the best of drivers; Add bad weather, road construction, and traffic to the mix, and you have a greater potential for danger. This threat is magnified when an aggressive driver enters the scene.

How many news reports do we hear involving wrecks with a semi truck? How many times have we been scared out of our mind on the highway when an aggressive trucker is on our tail? If you own a fleet, finding out that a member of your fleet was responsible for a wreck involving injury or death is the last thing you want to hear.A GPS tracker cannot give you a 100-percent guarantee to always keep your drivers and business name safe, but it sure can help.

Your vehicles are an advertisement to your business. If your driver is the one on the road who is weaving in and out of the lanes, driving too close to other drivers, not using proper turn signals, or honking at drivers who are going the speed limit, they are not going to be the one who looks bad. It will be you the other drivers see.

A GPS tracker can help you identify these problem individuals who would rather risk the safety of others to carelessly get the job done. These are not the kind of people you want representing you on the road. With a GPS tracker you will able to:

1. See what speed your drivers are going and if it is above or below the required speed. Speed limits are set for a reason, drivers not following these guidelines become a liability.
2. Pinpoint consistencies in abrupt or extreme braking. If you start to see a pattern in braking, you will more than likely find an aggressive driver.
3. See hours that a vehicle is in use. Sleepy drivers are also dangerous drivers. If you find someone exceeding drive time limits, you can take action to eliminate this hazard to the highways and the lives of others.

As a business owner, you understand that the decisions your drivers make, can put a life-long red mark not only on your business name, but also your personal life. Do not allow a driver’s road-rage to leave you feeling your business was responsible for taking the life of another. Stop bad drivers in their tracks with a GPS tracker.

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Avoid Tow Truck Break-downs with GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Don’t be your competitor’s commercial!

At 11pm, you get a call that one of your vehicles is stranded on the side of the highway with a broken-down truck that needs to be towed. To the average business owner, this call would be frustrating, but not as frustrating as that of a tow truck company owner. As hesitant as you would be to hire a nutritionist eating an extra large plate of fries, your customers would be just as hesitant to hire you if they say your tow truck being towed away. Broken-down tow trucks don’t bring in the business.

Towing companies must be ready at all hours of the day and night to respond to calls about jobs around the city. Many times, these companies will work with law enforcement and road-side assistance companies to line up work. Efficiency in operations is vital to managing this type of business with success.

As a towing company, you know that money is time and no matter what size your current structure is, those vehicles in your fleet need to be properly maintained and the fuel conserved.

A company without a GPS tracker system will find themselves sending tow trucks across town when a closer vehicle may be accessible. These mishap wastes fuel, increases the need for repairs, adds unneeded man hours, and wastes valuable time that could be sent on other clients.

A towing company who employs a GPS tracker will find themselves saving money in several of these key areas.

Fuel Costs: A GPS tracker system allows a towing company’s dispatcher to make the best decision on who should go to which jobs. Since GPS trackers grant the dispatcher access to a real-time map of each driver’s current location, he or she can pin-point who is closest to the job. This saves time and money on fuel costs.
Maintenance: Over time, towing vehicles experience a variety of wear and tear while commuting across town. When a GPS tracker is in use, your vehicles will spend less time pointlessly driving around allowing you to make the best use of time and mileage which in turn extends the life of your vehicles.

Don’t be your competitor’s commercial! As funny as it sounds, who wants to be towed by a company who is having to tow their own vehicle? With maintenance alerts installed in your vehicle, you jump ahead of needed repairs by properly maintaining the needs of your vehicles so they do not end up broken down on the highway.

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