How GPS Trackers Provide Protection For Fleet Drivers

GPS trackers: Safety while on the road

According to a report from the National Safety Council, a nonprofit devoted to using research and data to prevent deaths, fatalities from traffic incidents were 9% higher through the first six months of 2016 than during the same time period last year. Achieving safety while on the road seems to be even more important as a record 2.2 million people have been recorded as injured while nearly 19,100 people have been reported dead. With traffic accidents on the rise anything fleet drivers can do to protect themselves should be worth considering. Thankfully, GPS trackers are able to provide some protection for fleet drivers and today we’ll talk a bit about how that’s possible.

First of all, GPS trackers can help drivers be less distracted with digital devices while driving as they can either be programmed before the driver leaves the office or dispatching can control all of the route updates for the driver. These verbal updates could include ways to avoid traffic, construction, and other road hazards such as pre-existing accidents.

Aside from the safety of the hands-free options, the GPS trackers in each vehicle will record data like driver speeds and aggressive driving behaviors. This isn’t a way to simply punish drivers for disobeying the traffic laws, but instead to help ensure that drivers are staying safe! In fact, the data about the drivers’ performances can be pulled up on speeding reports and aggressive driving reports to be used for a reward system if management wanted to use it in that way.

The fact is that many drivers believe they only need to slow down when heavy rain or snow is in the works. Truthfully, drivers just need to be aware of surroundings and while they’re all on a deadline to get to the next job-site it would be worth it to slow it down.

Maintaining safety is a top priority with any fleet business and GPS trackers have many ways to provide protection. They can reduce the dangers of distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving and help drivers avoid accidents, traffic, and construction. If you’re looking for a way to increase safety for your fleets, consider GPS trackers.

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GPS Tracker Units For Aggressive Driving Deterrence

GPS tracker: Reduce dangerous driving habits

Paying traffic tickets isn’t any business owner’s idea of a good time and neither is gaining a bad reputation due to their fleets’ dangerous driving habits. As more drivers enter the roadway ever year there is even more reason to be alert, keep calm, and avoid aggressive driving. All it takes is one accident to ruin a lot of lives. With information provided by GPS tracker units you can do your part to deter aggressive driving, even if only by monitoring your own fleet drivers.

GPS tracker devices allow for various driving behaviors to be recorded and generated into reports or alerts. The GPS tracker Aggressive Driving report is one of the most important tools that fleet managers can utilize. By checking in on things like sudden increases or decreases in speed you can help kick dangerous habits like speeding. The report gets so detailed that you will be able to deduce whether your drivers are accelerating normally in high traffic areas, on highway onramps, or even just down a simple city street.

As we mentioned, alerts are also a great way to make use of GPS tracker units for deterring aggressive driving. Speed alerts are the most logical notification for keeping tabs on the daily driving statistics of your drivers. Simply set up a standard speed you don’t want your drivers to exceed and the speed alert will send out a notification when that speed is exceeded. It’s as simple as that to find out if your drivers are obeying traffic laws.

You may not, otherwise, have any idea what your drivers are doing on the road unless you’ve had the disadvantage of paying a traffic ticket (or worse). It may seem too simple to say that Aggressive Driving reports and Speed alerts can make your job that much easier, but it’s the truth. Aggressive driving is a dangerous equation and if you want to take your drivers out of the mix, consider GPS tracker devices.

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GPS Tracker Devices To Provide Safety For Teen Drivers

GPS tracker: Putting parents at ease

You know something is deemed important when there is a day, week or month dedicated to awareness for it. With that being said, it just so happens that January is teen driving awareness month. The National Safety Council and the Center For Disease Control And Prevention both state that the risk for fatal car crashes is higher among drivers between 16-19 years old. Inexperience and distracted driving are two of the top contributing factors to teen car accidents. Perhaps, a hands-free system such as GPS tracker devices, could provide safety for teen drivers and put a lot of parents at ease.

Let’s take a quick look at some GPS tracker safety benefits for teen drivers and their parents! GPS tracker devices have a lot of functions that would be helpful for parents to hold their teen drivers accountable. Some of them include:

  • Aggressive Driving Reports
  • Mileage reports
  • Weather updates
  • Traffic alerts
  • Hands-free communication
  • Fuel usage reports
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders

With the above mentioned functions, parents would know when their teen drivers were braking harshly, speeding or suddenly stopping. In addition, there would never be a question about what teen drivers were up to, because the GPS tracker would store data on all routes driven, mileage and fuel percentage used.

For added safety, the Weather Overlay feature would alert drivers of hazardous weather rolling in, traffic alerts would keep teens from heading into heavily congested areas and hands-free communication would allow parents to guide their teen drivers if they ever felt the need to do so. Vehicle maintenance reminders are just an awesome feature, because new drivers have enough to worry about. Imagine taking the guesswork out of when to change the oil.

The GPS tracker system creates many opportunities for parents to feel better about letting their teenager take a spin while also allowing teens to have a safe trip whenever, wherever.

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3 Reasons To Be Thankful For GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Optimal for fleets

During Thanksgiving week or even during the whole month, people from all around the United States express gratitude for things in their lives that they consider to be gifts. The thanks doesn’t have to stop at just home life, it can extend into work life, as well. We’re proud to say that many fleet managers have found bounty in the ability to deliver great service to their customers thanks to GPS tracking. If you’re one of the many companies thankful for GPS tracking then the following list will probably resonate with you. If you’re a fleet company that hasn’t discovered the benefits, feel free to stick around and learn 3 reasons to be thankful for GPS tracking.

1.) Decreased Risk: GPS tracking provides alerts for company vehicles to tell managers when vehicles are being moved out of a designated geofence. This helps to decrease theft risk. There are tons of helpful pieces of information such as speeding and aggressive driving reports which can be used to ensure your fleet drivers are being safe out there. Doing so is a great way to decrease risk of traffic accidents and keep your insurance rates lower.

2.) Increased Productivity: Just as GPS tracking can help with safety, the analytics and reporting can also be used to see trends and improve efficiencies. More specifically, monitoring employee work patterns helps managers to coach them into continuing great work habits or eliminating the questionable work ethics.

3.) Happier Customers: GPS tracking helps dispatchers set up the safest, quickest route for drivers to get to customers more timely. Customers can also be told a more accurate time frame as to when a service provider will be at their location.

GPS tracking is wonderful for ensuring your fleet is running optimally which is key to delivering great service. It’s great to be aware of the fact that work life can be better. Decreasing risks, increasing productivity and having happier customers are all things to be thankful for on a regular basis. We hope you have many more things to be grateful for as the rest of the year plays out.

Why Fleets Should Be Using GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Ways to be a better fleet

Whether you’re an “old dog” seeking to learn new tricks or a brand new fleet business owner, you know that running a business of operating fleets is a large financial investment. Any way that a fleet manager can help things run more smoothly is a bonus to having a fleet business either starting off in the right direction or changing gears to reinvent themselves. GPS trackers being implemented by any fleet business is a major return on investment opportunity. A business with GPS trackers can utilize them for improved safety. Here is a list of ways that GPS trackers have been known to help fleet businesses:

  • GPS trackers allow for monitoring employees which increases safety by fleet managers being able to know their exact location. If pit stops occur more regularly than they should, managers will know about it right away thanks to the live map.
  • Generate reports on driver speed, braking, idling and other aggressive driving behaviors which can help managers to cut down on expenses paid to high maintenance repairs and speeding tickets.
  • With the push of a button, the panic alert feature can be utilized by drivers if they happen to find themselves in a dangerous situation and need to inform someone back at the office.
  • Tracking inventory keeps company assets safe. GPS trackers make it possible for fleet managers to know when inventory moved from site to site.
  • GPS trackers keeping tabs on your vehicles means a quicker way to provide police with exact location of any stolen vehicles.

Using GPS trackers might seem like a tough decision until you know how many benefits are at your finger tips. Increased safety is something many fleet businesses strive for and without GPS trackers they’d have a hard time achieving that goal. If you need help deciding which device is right for you business, US Fleet Tracking’s support group is available to answer your questions.

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The Top 3 GPS Tracker Reports To Check

GPS tracker: Helps you manage your data

Often times the amount of information that fleet managers need to keep track of can seem a bit overwhelming. If you feel this way, as a fleet manager, then just know that GPS trackers are some of the best devices for providing you with data you want in an easy to comprehend format. GPS trackers are very user-friendly and make it a breeze to receive various, customized reports. We know you’re busy and you may feel as though you don’t have time to check every little detail on a regular basis. So, until you become a master at handling your email inbox and/or text messages we will tell you the top 3 GPS tracker reports that you should check and the reasons why they are helpful.

1.) The Standard Report: The reason this GPS tracker report is worth a check is because it gives you all the basic information your device generates. For example, you can see the latitude, longitude, time of day and speed your vehicles drove throughout the day.

2.) The Start/Stop Report: This GPS tracker report will show you all the stops that your vehicles made which were greater than a designated time frame of your choosing. So, if you set it to one hour, then you will only see the stops where the chosen vehicle spent an hour or more.

3.) The Aggressive Driving Report: This GPS tracker report allows you to check on any aggressive driving your vehicles may be doing by reporting an increase or decrease in speed. It will allow you to see if a driver is accelerating normally to get on the interstate or is driving dangerously down a city street.

From the Standard Report you gain important information in order to help you maintain that drivers are sticking to their schedules and driving within the speed limit. Having the data from the Start/Stop Report will help you determine if drivers are spending too long at a work location based on the job that needs to be completed. Finally, the Aggressive Driving Report displays activity such as harsh braking or excessive lane changes which burn fuel faster. Being able to stop this behavior would save your fleet business money in the long run. You can have your data and read it too with GPS tracker reports.

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Receive Important GPS Tracker Updates Via Mobile Phone

GPS tracker: Mobile-friendly for convenience

Thinking about the way Americans operate today makes it pretty easy to say that a large number of people couldn’t even go one day without their cell phone. The use of mobile devices has escalated over the years to the point that they are used for numerous, important life activities. Many people even rely solely on their Smartphone for access to online services and information. Fleet managers are among the population of busy workers who feel the need to constantly check their phones. For those individuals that feel like reviewing GPS tracker updates would be too much of a hassle, yet they are always on their phones, here’s a surprise. GPS tracker updates can be viewed via mobile phone!

Think about how easy obtaining reminders of scheduled vehicle maintenance could be. Having the information sent directly to managers empowers them to maintain that drivers are working efficiently with fewer breakdowns, accidents, and high-dollar repair bills. In addition, GPS tracker alerts can do much more for a fleet. For example, the panic button provides a level of safety for drivers as well, because like other alerts, when the button is pushed the warning is sent directly via text. The GPS tracker alert system enables you to create an endless number of alerts and the most convenient part is that the alerts can be set to send a text message and/or an email anytime the programmed event takes place.

Not only are alerts helpful, but you can also chose to run reports about various driver analytics including speed, idling, aggressive driving and mileage. Even though some reports are available to be sent via email only, that’s not a problem for the GPS tracker software that’s mobile-friendly! We all know email is accessible on a Smartphone, too. If your fleets are utilizing the GPS tracker software, there is no reason why cell phones couldn’t be used, even for work.

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Types Of GPS Tracker Reports: Part 1

GPS tracker: A better understanding

With GPS trackers, fleet managers from all around have improved monitoring and security for their employees and company equipment. Our GPS trackers provide powerful 3G network connectivity and many automated reporting features that will guarantee you always have information on hand. Not only does having information matter, but having it immediately in emergency situations is also a bonus. In part one of this series, we will break down a few types of GPS tracker reports.

GPS Tracker Driver Behavior Reports: Speeding, Idling and Aggressive Driving

1.) Speeding Reports: This GPS tracker report shows you all the times that any of your vehicles exceeded the maximum speed that you set. By default the report is set to any speed greater than 65 MPH. You can change this to whatever speed you want. All speeding incidents will be listed with date, time, location and speed.

2.) Idling Reports: When your trucks are idling excessively, they are wasting fuel and costing you money. This GPS tracker report gives you a list of all incidents of vehicles idling for longer than the minimum time you specify.

3.) Aggressive Driving Reports: This GPS tracker report allows you to check on any aggressive driving by recording an increase or decrease in speed of 35 miles per hour to 95 miles per hour within a 10 second span. This will allow you to see if a driver is accelerating normally to get on the interstate or is driving dangerously down a city street.

With these GPS tracker reports, you can cut down on speeding which will reduce your risk of having to pay out on speeding tickets. You will also be able to crack down on drivers leaving company vehicles idling which makes them run inefficiently. In addition, you will know when drivers are being aggressive on the road and this type of information helps you to coach drivers about driving properly. Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will talk about GPS trackers and their travel reports.

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